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Shane Discord chat (28th Jan)

Updated: Jan 30, 2022

Announcing the 2nd #Earth2EggHunt Shane appeared in the Earth 2 discord to interact with users, and stayed back to discuss a variety of things to come. Key take-aways and the full transcript below:-

Shane NFT (Courtesy Earth2.Cards)

Key Take-aways

  • Whitepaper still aimed at February but subject to team approvals

  • Shane hints a low-poly 3D world to start off

  • Eggs can be posted anytime anywhere (read rules in the press release)

  • Updates being worked on for Market-Place, Bazaar and bidding system

  • Resources announcement soon

  • Drone integration may take a while as multiple priorities being worked on, however a model being worked on to integrate it with the EcoSim and optional play2earn

  • Advertising platform is under works

  • Focusing on building the right team

  • E2 working on merging/ splitting tiles

  • Shane reaffirmed his goal to enable BTC/crypto deposits

  • Eggs will be NFTs and tradeable on marketplaces

  • E2 team has met RP1 team (

Full Chat Transcript

Shane (S)- Hey Guys. The hunt is just for a little fun to add an additional layer of interest to updates and things we post. It's there for people who want to participate. We announced it to ensure people are aware it's started, participation is optional. Had we not announced it officially players would complain we didn't make it known.

Good to see you @Shane! "In line with the plan for later this year". Is this when we expect Essence float?

S- When we have deployment for NFTs ready so it will all work together. Makes sense to have them all on the same chain

We need a video

S- Everyone needs a lot of things but we can't post about everything each week. We have been making regular announcements and we're trying to keep that consistent

Are you still planning on releasing the Whitepaper in February?

S- We're still working toward that. It will be close but obviously we need to publish it when it has approval from a number of internal team members

Love a good hunt, can you give us a hint as to whether the eggs will be hidden moving forward, or added to existing documents/info

Mainly in posts, announcements, etc. Similar to last year. Hopefully the next one will be in an early / initial (lo-poly) version of our 3D world

2022 is going to be a breakout year for Earth2 - very exciting

S- I think the momentum is showing some what which is cool

Can you give us an update on the release of the API? Because the API will let users create and sell stuff in e2 and add value to the whole project

S- Yes it's coming together. We are working up some big updates to our Market-Place, Bazaar and especially our Bidding System .. this is to pave the way for something bigger comin

So just to confirm, no post prior to the egg hunt announcement has an egg, except for the test egg found by I don't remember who

S- Well that was the first egg. We have now announced it officially so the remaining could be posted anywhere at any time (read the rules when you have a chance please

Your team is moving fast with updates these days, as a very early adopter who sat tight during the ‘survival days’ when you went dark, I am very impressed with you and your team. Imagine what a big marketing campaign would do for Earth2 .. things would explode. Once you’re ready for that of course

S- Bigger things are coming .. we have massive opportunities with E2 and the overall direction things are moving into the metaverse / Web 3 etc. As I said, the foundations of the metaverse will be built in small steps. It's useless trying to build it all in one hit so we need to be smart about setting the right foundations for what the future will hold and need.

Will we use resources when they start? And when are they supposed to start?

S- We have an update on resources coming soon. Please wait for the details in that update

So this (Earth2) is THE metaverse? of all metaverses? The one?

S- I think we're making our part to play in the big scheme of things. I am not so bold as to make such claims

Any information on when we might see some sort of DRONE integration? I am itching to play DRONE with a larger player base and hopefully utilize E2 assets somehow in game

S- These things take time and we have a lot on our plate right now. We're still trying to expand with the right team members and we have higher priorities right now. We are working on getting parts into E2 but I can't give a date

Any update on the PvP ? Cant wait to interact with the environment

S- Trust me .. I want that too but there are so many things we're working on - it all takes time

Are there any eggs currently out there?

S- No hints sorry lol

Announcement to announce that resources are coming soon?

S- it's an update on resources to keep the community informed and to be transparent

Any chance you can provide a list of the things your working on?

S- do you watch a game of sports if you know the result? it's easier said than done .. I wish I could click my fingers. We have no issues with funding of course but finding the right talent is a process in itself .. we're making progress though and you can see we're releasing more updates on the web side. Things are coming together.

Any news on being able to sell blueprints or EPL's?

S- this IS coming. I am pushing for it and it plays a part in expanding user to user trading of digital assets inside E2

We should be able to let the companies advertise on T2 tiles, Shane. There's a high foot traffic and many shopping malls lying under those T2 tiles

S- This is also in the works. I have plans to release a platform that allows advertisers and land owners to connect. It will start small but will be organic and grow - I think we can build a really good foundation for this

Should I build holos. Mine look ugly

S- or wait and buy them like I will when they are user to user traded lol

I agree, but it says on the E2 website that we won't be able to advertize on T2 tiles. Will that change?

S- oh sorry, I missed the T2 part. Advertising is for T1 tiles

What are your thoughts on the Korean bank purchase and Korean ministry of science looking into E2?

S- amazing of course .. Korea is a very forward thinking country, very technological and massive gamers / internet users (netizens as they often refer it as). As we release more functionality and purpose / utility inside E2 more brands and governments will start looking at us

You said after EPLs we could subdivide properties but we still can't any news on this?

S- it's still on the table. We do have something else coming soon that might lead into subdivision but with all the Jewel / Essence / Resources (coming) I am not sure you'd want to sub divide

So 1 tile properties will be useless?

S- where did that come from? lol

From the fact that it's not good to subdivide?

S- and why, if subdivision is not good, does that make T1 tiles useless?

It would be nice to merge as well. Same land tiers obviously.

S- well that is something we're working on. At least the initial version. The thing is the progress we're making on building our own world means there is a change coming to the way to deploy E2 via web .. so we're trying to hold off on changes until we get that tech ready and understand it .. meaning we don't need to do things twice

Are you guys doing full blown marketing campaign or steady type of growth?

S- not yet

Shane there is not enough volume to sell very expensive land (or it takes ages to sell) tile splitting would solve this. Any plans for that

S- so would tokenizing .. and therefore the introduction of crypto

Shane, did you see my recent tweet where I ratioed Meta Quest (Facebook's Oculus) on their own Twitter Page? Over 1,000 likes, all having to do with one thing: freedom in the Metaverse. And what was the big thing people wanted to be free to do? The oldest human desire and behavior. Check off topic general for a Tiny URL to the post.

S- I didn't but if you give me your twitter ID I will make a record and add a note for it to be checked out

Will E2 launch a common virtual place (smaller than the Earth's size) to let us interact with avatars like in Decentraland or 2nd Life?

S- it will all come out - please have patience

When you’re ready to Turn on $BTC and Essence and the floodgates will open

S- I agree - just that alone

Can you add me on your LinkedIn. I tried to send you a contact at RP1 a month ago.

S- some of our team had meetings with RP1 (I did not meet them) - I think we're waiting on an update or something

Can you please let us know that we are not the pizza guys by using essence to craft luminous or brilliant jewels. At the moment it feels like the boost percentage doesn't justify the essence required.

S- sorry missed this. I cannot make that kind of prediction sorry .. who knows.. we have plans for all in game resources so

Will I be able to work full time in earth 2 next year?

S- that would be very cool

Can you get google pay implemented because you announced it before. And how about other crypto depositing/withdrawing?

S- I will have to check in on that. Let me make a note

Will the nft eggs be sellable like on open sea?

S- that's the idea

Will drone be play 2 earn?

S- I am working on a model that would allow it to be part of the EcoSim and link in with everything else. So yes, optional play 2 earn would be an ideal outcome for me

I always imagined Earth 2 would be mostly hanging out by Phase 3. At that point, I imagine the game will give you plenty of ways to play to earn just based off of what the players create themselves.

S- there is no reason we can't do things in steps and make it interesting / beneficial along the way. I mean look at the things we've created so far and the trade .. it's incredible .. once that translates into crypto / NFTs

(Shane wraps up his interaction)

sorry guys it's almost 4am and I have an early morning meeting (yes E2 meetings Saturday morning .. ) It's an important one so really want to catch some sleep before it

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