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Shane Discord Chat - Full Transcript

Post the Drone acquisition announcement, Shane made his way to the E2 Discord to chat with the users. Below are key take-aways

  • Earth2 Whitepaper in early 2022

  • Drone will be the first full 3D PvP on Earth2

  • Normal Ether production was supposed to come off post EDC (Essence Distribution Commitment)

  • The +2 Ether Jewel bug is being looked into; Jewels are intended to provide the said boost and will continue so

  • Megacities will be validated and could be listed on E2 site

  • Function of holo-buildings is tied to a particular property rather account-wide

  • Essence might be listed on multiple exchanges. Shane says they are thinking BIG!

  • There could be more benefits tied to land class in the Eco-sim and beyond

  • Announcement soon on the gifting feature

  • A major announcement is to come before end of the year

Shane NFT on Wax Blockchain (image courtesy Earth2.Cards)

Full transcript below (User queries in Blue, Shane responses in Black):-

Shane: Hey guys - I will be in here shortly. We knew the DRONE community may not be welcoming of E2 due to some of the incorrect covered of E2 publicly so I just need to spend a little time in there out of respect for their community. Look forward to chatting in here shortly

Well... the DRONE acquisition surprised nobody... but all that being said. I think it's exciting. I can't wait to see how they implement

Yes, we are super excited as well

Congratulations on the acquisition. We are definitely grateful and look forward to more exciting stuff from the earth2 team!!! I would like to know more on the white paper, general roadmap and how will this acquisition help Earth2 ? Will it be the PvP which was planned.

We will be releasing the whitepaper early next year and it will include extensive details about how Essence will work and function on various types of land. We hope we have a general road map to release around the same time. We have been working on this internally and it looks solid

Awesome news!!! But also people here got mad about +2 Jewels problems (no +2 E-ther produced anymore) and no information about it. Can you clarify it for us please?

Yes, I have heard about this issue and our devs have been working on a solution for Tier 1 properties that have 0 EDC so they will continue to receive Essence. We did mention previously that Essence distribution was boosted in the maiden year to reward those quietly playing the game and that production would drop on the EDC roll out and moving forward. We are testing a variety of updates linked to the whitepaper as this is a massive commitment from Earth 2 and we want to ensure the systems work correctly now and 10 years into the future so please bear with us during this phase

But jewels say they detect +2 e-ther. Is that no longer the case?

From what I understand that is correct. The devs are looking into the situation.

But we are all under the impression that it would continue to be the case, thats why we spend money on jewels to slot.,to grab more ether, And i got 4950 ether with 16 essence conversion. Normally i was 70-80%. This is like a kick in the you know where. just hoping it gets fixed. or its communicated to us what is happening?

The Jewels will always give benefit over no Jewels

You taking vacations we need you relaxed for next week?

I wish - I thought I might get a break this year but not looking like it ..

Thanks, Shane! Will we know more about the blockchain transition of E2 digital assets, in the January white paper publication?

We are aiming for Jan / Feb

How Drone interact with E2? Do I need a garage?

Actually .. you might need a spaceship .. or we might just give you one

Thank you for clarification! Please in the future let the community management communicate it better with us. Would help so much!!!

Yes, there was a lot of information in one hit. We realize that. Better to break it up where possible but we had a lot to convey end of year to share as much information as possible with you all

So you mentioned in the Drone server about having a standalone version for their community. Will there also be a version integrated with Earth2 that is separate? What kind of utility do you expect there to be with Drone - can you go into any more detail on how you are expecting it to play out?

If we do something separate for the DRONE community it will not be linked to E2. E2's version will be separate. Not sure if they realize what that might mean but at least they have their own standalone game

But in the video it says the drone game currently up will be updated with earth 2 stuff. I’m confused?

It will be. That is for E2

Shane what is your plan For Earth 2 City / Megacity

We want to build on this concept. It is community created and we see it as a massive part of E2 moving forward. I have had extensive discussions with our game design team on how we integrate this concept into E2 mainstream. First step will be allowing megacities to validate and be listed officially on the E2 website

Hi, S. Korean Communities are so much curious about the EARTH-2 of NVIDIA. Could you give a hint to the community?

I can't make any comment on this assumption I am sorry

Could you by chance clarify one thing for us regarding resources and holo-buildings Will the storage be property dependent or will all storage pool up to a global total. IE I have 1000 storage on 1 property, and 500 on another... will they be independent of each other, or will I have a collective storage space that all properties feed into totaling 1500 ? There's a little bit of confusion in some areas of the community.

Directly from game design : Physical Storage Space for resources and building blocks is tied to that property, but all storage buildings on that property feed into one property storage. If properties fed into one storage total, the location of resources would be meaningless

Will Ethereum’s beacon chain merger affect E2s transition onto polygon in any way? Or will fees not be affected?

I don't believe so but looking at how Polygon are going to handle that will give you a clearer indication

Can I shoot down drones flying over my property :P

That should be enshrined in the law

Will we be on exchanges on one of the swap Matic for it only things

Can't confirm exchanges but we are looking big and a number of exchanges have already been offering us incentives just to list with them .. so I think we will have a few good choices

Shane essence infinite, total supply?

You will need to see the whitepaper. What I can say is we have the right people working on this

Will there be a potential for Earth2 existing users to buy ICO before public?

We are in the rare position of not even needing to ICO / Presale. Land owners are playing the game right now to get Essence .. think about it

Is there a rough estimation as to whether we will see specific Land class benefits/differences moving forward into 2022?

There are already some benefits but more will be realized in the Eco-Sim and beyond

Serious question. Will we have highly customizable avatars?


Don't know if I can consider myself a whale. I am more of the creative type

I want E2 to be a place where creativity is rewarded

In this roadmap will you clarify how DRONE, Essence, Polygon and Phase 3 open world will link up

Yes, it will largely be around our Blockchain and token deployments but that involves PvP etc.

Since essence is the crypto and we already have essence, does this mean E2 has been creating wallets on behalf of each user? Will we have control of the wallet once essence trades on the open market?

Yes, all users will be able to take custody

Will there only be 1 token or several?

There is one central token for now but the EcoSim is a pretty expansive game so there will likely be other factors, I cannot say which just yet

You mentioned a social media platform being incorporated into E2. This has been my biggest concern and basic need since E2 started. I need to connect people building in my city. When do you think this will happen?

We are working on a partnership out of Singapore to fast track this - hoping Q1 2022

Will there be a DAO discussed in the whitepaper

It is on the table but not sure whether details will be ready for release around that by Jan / Feb

Do you really want some of the people in this community driving the direction of the game? I think DAO should be looked at, but that should be a low priority until we're much closer to Phase 3?

Of course I do. That creates less headaches for me .. right? haha .. but seriously, I want much more control back to the players and we have some really interesting ways of doing this

"If you are sitting on a literal gold mine surely that will come in handy soon" Does this quote still apply?


[From a user who had difficulty with support] : Are you familiar with the competition and consumer act 2010?

I find it hard to believe support has not been assisting you. Legally I cannot really help you outside of support due to privacy laws. I receive reports from support weekly and I am not aware of any backlogs and I know for a fact we instantly refund any purchases that failed (we have an automated system that does this)

Earth2s actions in response to my situation are clearly in violation of competition and consumer act 2010… illegal in Australia. If you’re unwilling to correct it, I will be going through the legal system… I can dm you all my contact w support

Please don't DM me personal information. Just send me the ticket number and I will forward to relevant employees for an explanation

Locked country tiles do not function as advertised, do you not agree?

If your complaint is about locked countries then maybe hang in there a bit longer. We always come through with something.. either way I will personally follow up if you sent me the support ticket to receive a report on what the issue is


So do I

I know it's asking a little too much but given that we've known that blockchain, p3, crypto is coming in 2022, could you give us a little hint as to whether there's anything else that we can look forward to in 2022 or the near future

Nothing I can say right now. But as you can see we've been working hard in the background and we do disclose information when it's ready to go public - we've shown that now

When will we see that game video that Nathaniel made 8 months ago?

We do have a video to release but it's been worked on by the extended P3 team. We don't have an exact release date right now

Some of us cant deposit any idea when will it be fixed ore we need to wait for blockchain and use crypto? actually i have this problem from august and i feel bad about it

You may want to check with your bank. We are not aware of wide spread issues here

All of India practically can’t… not E2’s fault but it’s banks stance… maybe crypto will help solve it

Yeah I am aware of a more widespread issue in India but as you say, this is not E2 related

OK I have to ask this @Shane so sorry for a little negativity in what is otherwise a positive moment that I'm happy to see. Why did you reach out to SidAlpha and ask him to do Earth2 content (and yes I know you reached out to others, and I appreciate that, just think that Sid was 1000% the wrong choice)

I wrote a long answer for this but decided not to respond. It will only feed them with more information. I think most people can see what is going on

Can we have colors for Holo-buildings

I have asked the same question and I think the answer is yes. It will come

How will players with large portfolios manage it all later down the line? Do we hire someone?

you know - this may not be too far from the truth. I want people collaborating for mutual benefit

Will the cost of upgrading T2 to T1 be both USD and essence?

we are thinking it will be only Essence or other in game currencies. We want people to play the game and work for those upgrades unless they buy Essence on the open market

Do you think earth 2 will be bigger than Axie infinity and Decentraland?

I don't think we progress forward putting other platforms down. Both are really cool - we just focus on E2 and move forward

You answering questions is really great. Thank You. Some of us spent 12+ hours a day on here and we have questions that needs answers. Most of them hinge on how we progress forward. Do I slot? or do i sell jewels and buy more land? Should i buy holo building on just a few large properties when i have 5,000. How does upgrading work? Actually i would love an approximation on how much upgrading will cost if you can give that to me. It has a semi major effect on my buying.

I think some people create video content for that type of thing

A question that many (not only scam-tubers) have asked: when withdrawing funds, why are these done as refunds? some people find it shady. i am not an expert myself, can you shed some light on this?

It might just be how it appears on the transfer. Funny people choose to focus on something like that instead of the fact the player was paid out. "You haven't paid out anyone!" "You paid out people and now we're going to pick on the text the bank provided!"

Compliments to this, I had a withdrawal within 4 hours this week. Things have changed (for the better) so much the last 6 months!!! And we always had faith it would

Glad to hear!

What about NFT eggs?

They will be coming as some of our first NFTs (to those who won them fair and square)

You’re not giving Saudi as a present using the new tool to Drone community, right?

No - I am not enticing anyone from the DRONE community to join E2.

You should have the latest video on your Instagram

true - let me ask about that

At Christmas, any surprises?

We have one more pretty big announcement to make this year .. then it's focus on next year

One thing in the video that I saw that was very interesting @Shane was terraforming of property similar to what you might see in Valheim. Are we going to be able to terraform our tiles/property?

That is what we are aiming toward. I want people to have access to 3D environments as soon as possible even if it means before the world scale open world is fully functional

Will you do an announcement about the gift cards? I think its a genius idea. Please explain your intentions for them and how we can help. Should everyone buy 5 properties and invite 5 people to join? If you recommend stuff like this, people will do it.

We will be publishing an announcement on that I believe. Just ensuring it's all working correctly first

How are you planning to get Earth 2 to run in Unity, especially since Unity's general performance is pure sh*t? Unity crashes with a small satellite made part of NYC, so how are you planning to run a whole earth?

This is a very subjective argument.

Was this the pvp beta you were talking about coming to E2 Shane or are we actually going to have a beta in the browser or something?

We are going full 3D action shooter for the PvP - but there may be more to it .. please stay tuned

Do I need a hatchet to chop trees down in earth 2?

you would already own one! But seriously, cannot say right now - it might be more technical than that

Google Pay option?

I think we are close to it, I have not received an update on that

Can we get a workshop or something to design our own stuff in the future of E2?

I don't have an answer for that right now, but might be a bit excessive

Shane will Drone have actual player avatars we can use? I know the original Drone game didn't but in the new video we saw a character walking around

we have plans for E2 avatars but I am not sure whether they will be ready by the time E2 DRONE PvP goes live


haha ok .. I need to sync with the team now and quite a few other partners on the announcement etc. Wanted to come in and chat with you guys first

My concern with a PvP shooter type game on Earth2 is that not all people like to play these types of games. So I'm curious what type of rewards/systems will be in place with DRONE that will both allow the players of the game to reap benefits for their wins and those that don't like to play these types of games to not be punished for their lack of participation in the game

I want people to collaborate - you will not need to play the game but you might collaborate with players who do to mutually benefit some how

Shane thanks everyone and leaves

Thanks everyone. Hope you all have a good day ahead and keep safe.

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