<![CDATA[clics]]>https://www.e2.news/latestRSS for NodeSun, 05 Dec 2021 21:11:22 GMT<![CDATA[Shane Earth 2 discord chat transcript (Dec 4)]]>https://www.e2.news/post/shane-earth-2-discord-chat61aa892feb8cea001607c030Fri, 03 Dec 2021 23:47:13 GMTE2.News Community ServiceBelow is the re-cap of interaction with Shane in the Earth 2 Official Discord.

Key Take-ways:-

  • Claimable Essence mentioned is MINIMUM for T1 (not the cap)
  • Partnership with a global blockchain to be announced soon
  • PvP will be a 2022 thing
  • Resources will come early 2022
  • Physical E2 Mastercard in production in Jan/Feb 2022 - limited to 10,000 1st edition copies (limited to 1 per user)
  • Jewels will be a very active part of the platform and will have utility in many different areas
  • Ads: 6-months for advertisers being connected to land owners
  • Would E2 look at BTC? (BTC agreements in place already!)
  • While crypto deposits could be accepted, withdrawals wont be supported currently
  • T2 Jewels is just a start, Jewels will keep getting upgraded
  • T2 land upgradeable to T1 through gameplay or spending of Essence

FULL Transcript below. ,Questions ,are in bold followed by Shane's response

New lead dev Tanner? (Shane enters chat responding to a comment about dev team) No no .. we've had a team of devs working full time for us for months on the P3 tech. We just didn't want to push them into the spotlight and they are just not on the team page. It will all be updated over the next week or so

Exactly. If Shane wanted to sail off with our cash he could have awhile ago, he could have taken investment offers from the big money people. What he is doing now is showing his commitment to us IMO Just an update guys. We are aware of connection issue to the servers. Unfortunately we need it to stay online to monitor server load and identify the bottleneck. Once we have enough data we will either lock servers down again or push the fix.

Bots win, again....

I will be asking for a review next week into potential bots - if there was mass buying from bots we'll look to fix that.

Couldnt have tested before launching Tier 2 tiles smh

We have QA teams and obviously developers checking commits and code, but sometimes things are missed then when it hits production with big data we find the issue. I agree the process needs to be more foolproof and trust me, I have already told senior staff I want a full review early next week

Why didn't you communicate all of this earlier ? What stopped you ?

There was an initial shut down on communication based on the advice from some sources. All good now

What is with land. I have buy it. Money is removed butt land is not in profile and 3x that

It will appear later - we have some issues with delays on the server right now

Assuming overlaps are on your all's radar as well. Don't say that .

Who is Jazmine and Chris and why did she delete her message she posted a few hours ago? Hi. Miss my questions?

I think we can cover that at a later time and place

Shane Why are some allowed to be logged in buying up thousands and thousands of tiles for hours while so many of us just get a "Sorry, Maintenance" message?

Because E2 is running monolithic docker containers. Some people were lucky enough to get a stable connection in containers that are not respawning. We're actively trying to resolve this right now. Just to be transparent, it seems there is an issue with db write speed which is frustrating the containers and making them think they need to respawn. We're working on it

@Shane Who is making your game? Your entire team is gone? Entire team?

Does this also impact on bank deposits? (Worked fine a few weeks ago)

There will just be a delay

Not many are buying

Or not successfully

I do not mean to be disrespectful, but we can see the News Feed. There are continuous sales.

Yes but see how slowly it's moving? If things were fully online it would be moving 100 times faster

So I didn't understand, it says I have X essence yet to be claimed from T1 tiles... and I already got 20% of them.... but when it reaches to 100% I won't receive any Essence anymore?

No, Minimum promise for tier 1 land

@Shane i hope e2 isn't on Ethereum blockchain. its like internet explorer. e2 should be future proof. i wish u were with Solana :c

We're officially partnering at the highest level with an incredible, well known global chain. You guys will find out over the next few days.

You mentioned a crypto for essence last time, can you told us which blockchain is working on it? Would you use a new one or an existent one?

Will be answered in due course

No rush !!!! no pressure!!! Make sure you get that vacation in, go somewhere nice with fam! you deserve the hell out of it!

Haha I wish .. I have not even had a chance to book anywhere. Will be in trouble again with fam .. I really don't think it's going to happen

Pow or Pos? (Proof-of-stake or Proof-of-Work) Might be too obvious if I answer that

You do feel like an entire team at times

There scores of people who work tirelessly on E2 in the background .. they just don't chase the limelight but they are amazing, intelligent people. One thing I have learned is building a good team not only requires talented individuals, it requires good people with good ethics who genuinely want to build something that is successful. They don't want mainstage, they don't want fame - they get down, focus and make things happen.

BRO RELAX. We are here in your boat. Don't worry. We are a team.

Yes, you guys are certainly part of that team and hence the purpose behind this recent reward. Those who are heads down and want to be involved long term in the project. We have some incredible team members inside E2 who are die hard E2 fans and dedicated to building E2, then we have what I would say is THE most resilient, passionate and incredible community any project could ever dream of having! Sure we are developing tech, we have plans to expand the platform but people underestimate the power of a community who has come together with a single dream and a common purpose - this being achieved from so many various demographics .. that is where E2 is born from and it will be forever amazing to look back at that beginning and know, this is how it all started.

Dude I worked for a gaming company that had 50 employees and there were TWO people who were in the limelight. What we need is coordinated communication between developers, not developers doing secret chats with various groups and leaking information left and right. They need to be ummmm... developing?

Wow .. very perceptive .. it really is incredible what goes on behind closed doors, I kid you not.

Hi Shane. Nice intervention in ETM. What are your views on cooperation between Metaverse projects?

I think we are building a platform and I love the thought of collaboration. I think a big part of what we have planned will open up the door for collaboration with other projects or creativity within our own

You can learn from people those who are in it for themselves and those who are in it for the team. Sometimes you have to make difficult decisions because while the pursuit of one's best interest is always understandable, to do so at the detriment of a unified goal is something that should not be tolerated. when interview

Couldn't have said it better myself. Can I at least have a little holiday first? I am still getting over my last interview, I don't even remember talking in it .. it was that surreal.

Maybe don't collaborate with Earthium. They don't really have a concrete plan and just steal users from E2

I mean how many people try to raid E2's community .. I just take it as a compliment now lol

I think your doing an amazing job. My question is in your interview you said you thought PVP would be out already…any idea when that is dropping?

Not out yet, just announced. It will be 2022 thing before it can be actively played but when it's ready will be a proper PvP game build into the E2 eco system

I hope one day you gonna buy /earth2 off me

You got that? HAHA .. I almost have to buy it

Will Jewels and Essence be used in DRONE? Would be so great to see it intertwined

Ahhhh .. yes almost got me there

What are your thoughts on the rarity of brilliant jewels ?

I think these will continue and are a great in game commodity! We are on Tier 2 at the moment, Tier 3 (coming soon) will have scores more possibilities which will then move to Tier 4 getting into thousands and beyond. Going to be some incredibly rare jewels in the future. . the interesting part will be whether the discoverer wants to share the recipe or not.

Can you let us know a little more about brilliant jewels and why they are so rare?

I cannot give further details right now, sorry. Game design need to release that info

Do we have any idea when will be able to get the Physical E2 Mastercard?

Production should be Jan / Feb

For everyone?

They are limited edition - first lot will be limited to 10,000

Pre-ordering mine now please Shane

There will be a page update on the website which will allow people to purchase. I think one per user will definitely need to be enforced by the sound of it

Can I have an E2News branded one for no reason whatsoever? (Toba asks)

I can write on it with a nikko for you? lol

Please confirm if people can use multiple accounts and transfer it after the rush? - Not discrediting anyone doing that before but I mean for clarity going forward. Will it be an IP restriction or account?

User to user trades requires KYC - so if anything fishy is going on, detected or reported we should be able to identify. That is one reason we built in KYC

Can we expect more communication/appearances from you here?

Yes, I will be trying to drop in more often now we are getting close to revealing partnerships which will in turn show the next direction E2 will take. As we start to nail down more specifics I will be more than happy to jump in more often. The problem is it's hard to jump in without any specifics or details to share as everything is some what confidential / in planning

Never ending jewel burn mechanics.. who dares put a real world $ value on jewels right now. Unless jewels only go up!

Not sure I would go that far. But Jewels will be a very active part of the platform and will have utility in many different areas

Just come here and have a drink with us. what‘s your favorite? i can offer /single malt

Lemon, lime and bitters? Gee .. I hope that doesn't make me some other kind of weirdo now .. don't drink alcohol often, pineapple pizza .. surely nothing wrong with LL&B ?

Do you think we will see Ad's and potential revenue for them from our properties within the next 3-6 months?

I am hoping by 6 months we will have our first platform to connect advertisers with land owners.

When mentioned advertisements and tile owners, could this apply to anyone who owns t1 tiles? Would this apply to big named brands like a commercial layer for E2? And does that allow us to host our own ads on our properties?

Yes, your own ads. You own the land. And you get to choose whose ads you want to show and at what price you'd accept

This, I think your team knows very well how to build a deflationary burning system also for essence right?

Wait until you see the partnership and you'll see we're in good hands .. and we were spoiled for choice. We picked the best option for E2 long term

Shane took Thomas position as CM nice Where there is a job to be done, I'm there We need a physical E2 challenge coin for collection! Maybe proceed to a charity to show What E2 can really accomplish in E1 and for something cool/ tangible for us to have

Love it!

What is your personal opinion on NSFW in earth2? Like everything ever created by man, there has been NSFW of some degree in everything. Asking for a friend.

Ok .. I had to google that... and I'm not closer to an answer for you

Screw partnership UPGRADE YOUR SERVERS !!

Its not servers this time. Is an issue in the code. We are fixing it right now. Sorry for the inconvenience

He said in the interview that we will have choice to sell unlimited or limited edition Holo-buildings

Yes, for content creators. I cannot wait until this marketplace goes live. I have been pushing design through and it's getting spec'd What happens with the properties that have over lapped with these new purchases

If that has occurred please contact support. It will be resolved

Yo Shane. Get BTC deposits and withdrawals. CTRL F "11BTC"

We could switch BTC on - should we?

wow .. that was a bigger reaction than expected. Maybe I have to look at switching that on .. we have the contracts in place already


we have agreements for BTC only right now but will look into it

You're starting to hype us

not intentional. I legit answers that question with innocence

The people who recently uploaded Money to the Wallet is not shown up yet. Are the Team working on it? (Its already gone from the credit card)

It should appear after some time. If it does not please contact support and they can process a refund for you

When Resources?

That is a long story and one that frustrates me when I see the question because it should have been ready a long time ago. We signed a partnership agreement with an incredibly talented Canadian software firm who are helping us finish that off. Sorry I don't have a better answer for you but I am pushing to have it ready early 2022

Resources eta timestamp: Q1 2021, April-may, first half of 2021, summer of 2021 (by august) definitely in 2021 - Now 2022?

Yeah .. there is a good 8 months in there I would really love to jump in an explain to you about .. it is back in my control now and it will be done correctly

Then stop promising what you cannot deliver

It should have been delivered .. that is my point.

On Refunds back-log

Ok - I am going to ask about that. I receive weekly reports from customer support and was not aware there is a backlog on refunds

Imagine if E2 somehow accepted all Crypto like the Coinbase or Binance of the metaverse.

Yeah imagine

1BTC = 1 Essence

Ok let's not get carried away here

So the upgrade means, the total essence amounts are limited? The generation ends if the T1 are all claimed?

All the details will be shared progressively.. and it works

100% I think you underestimate how much crypto people have that they would spend on E2 but don't want to go through fiat first, mainly for tax reasons

Yeah, we know ... trust me

What's the total supply of essence?

if you can sit tight a little longer or read the previous couple announcements you might be able to piece it together

If BTC means Bitcoin does that confirm that E2 will become an exchange?

Not confirming an exchange here! LOL Boy .. I can just imagine the headings

I tried to ask what it takes to upgrade t2 tile to t1 tile. Nothing

You will need to play the game OR purchase something like Essence for that. Time and effort or using something like Essence will be the core ways to get that upgraded

Hey when you said OMNI yesterday?

Omnipresence .. yes, that is one of the core reasons I came up with the E2 concept

So, for example - E2News could launch a campaign to show our adverts in major cities?

Yes, if the landowners agreed and you paid them what they wanted (or if you owned the land)

Why didn't you answer my question about the current earth 2 user count? i think many of us would like to know the growth

We're not disclosing that. But I can say it's more than what many think right now

Role of EPLs

Instant teleportation / link to that property from anywhere in the world

How are you doing with the health there? you've been working about 22h a day for about a year

Haha my sleep is a bit better these days. End of Nov got a bit crazy again and honestly, some curve balls thrown at me which I didn't see coming that just made it worse .. but all good. Sleeping better. Hopefully December is not what it was like last year though

So essence is limited per tiles?

We gave a bonus retrospective reward which now appears as promise now to all T1 founder property owners. It is a minimum, not a limit

Why is everyone so bothered by "Big names" being a part of everything new being built. New heads work harder to make a name for themselves and "Big names" can be toxic to new businesses throwing weight around and having paddy's about not getting there own way. Stop complaining and trust in who is creating this idea we are all interested in.

You know your stuff!

One more question about brilliant jewels. Will they be the rarest thing in this game?

Much too early to tell you that

When video?

After the partnership announcement we have a new hire announcement which will be followed by an acquisition announcement and THEN we can FINALLY start showing you guys some COOL VIDS on what our team has been working on !

Will you shave your mighty beard when phase 3 starts


Take a look to Nervos chain..also with Quantum Resistance

Ok - will take a note and team will check it out

How have you found working from Aus while more synchronized to US/Europe time zones? I imagine it's rough long term with trying to still find time with the fam etc.

Yeah .. up all night to keep across those zones. My sweet spot sleep is usually 9-10am to 3-4pm my time. But these days I'm around 5pm sleep 11pm wake up

Shane should check in at least once a week to talk in the chat

I will try to be in here more often, I just have so much on my plate I literally don't get much free time. I do enjoy coming in here so maybe I can count it as a recreational activity

Why anonymous in the game activity feed?

Anonymous means they have changed privacy on their profile so their username does not show in the feed. Each time you see anonymous it can be different players

Just tried to buy tiles and it processed for a while then just stopped and stayed on that screen. But it charged my CC.. nothing in transactions page

Can you send me your account URL (which is public, I am not asking for private info) and I will ask dev team to check directly because I see a few people are claiming something similar. I am guessing it's just lagging behind

When EPL market open?

Yes I want it to open

I have over 100000 essence and not gonna sell. Will i be able to buy Porsche?

firstly .. congrats! Secondly. . I have no idea!

You will only offer deposits right? If you do offer withdrawals then you are technically an exchange. (we may or may not be putting this in an article)

We are not offering withdrawals right now

What about Nvidia calling their weather simulator Earth-2

Yeah.. what a crazy world

I'm assuming the upgrade option and details were not released w/ this update to give more runway for planning so you don't end up with an arbitrage situation on the upgrades

The ever insightful @butt ! We don't want to overwhelm people !

But someday, all essence will be claimed

Too early for me to answer - you will need to see our plans

We've seen many Koreans believing in E2 project, mostly thanks to Dillon Seo probably. Do you think E2 will be able to attract another well known gaming public - the Japanese community?

I am not sure but what I am sure of that people who believe in our vision will follow along with E2. When we cover more languages that will also open up our vision to non-English speaking countries.. will be great when we get there.

Much less Japanese than Korean speak English...they should hire someone Japanese on the team or make adv in Japanese

Agree. We actually started translating in Japanese, Korean and Chinese late last year but then we grew too fast and lost focus

Can you explain how much our holo buildings have been storing? Is 1000m3 still max storage? And how long will it take to fill

I am not sure exactly but we need to release further details on HBs, I agree

Is something wrong with the credit card system? i cant seem to press the "force money into the game" button

I have asked whether there is an issue here but I am not aware of any

Can I link my Instagram on my own tiles

Yes you will be able to

Someone said that the earth 2 was made on unity and the cars were made by unity and anyone can use them, is this right

Those same people focus on the basic points and not the actual part of the tech we were demonstrating. You can look at a airplane and miss the fact that it flies, carries passengers etc... but say "oh - it's only got a nut bolt holding that wheel in place!" Stupid is, stupid does .. these guys just want to focus on something misleading to serve their own agenda.

Shane thanks everyone and leaves the chat

My apologies, I am never going to catch up with the chat lol

Have a great weekend guys. Look forward to the announcement early next week

<![CDATA[Shane at ETM 2021 - Key Take-aways and Transcript]]>https://www.e2.news/post/shane-at-etm-202161a9533163b89400171d7583Fri, 03 Dec 2021 20:02:34 GMTE2.News Community ServiceThe Day 1 of 'Enter The Metaverse' event saw several prominent business leaders from the Metaverse share their thoughts. One such hugely anticipated session was the chat with Earth2's CEO - Shane Isaac anchored by Tech Circus founder - Luke Reed.

Key things discussed were:-

  • Shane explaining the Earth 2 concept
  • Early challenges and dealing with hyper-growth (and resulting delays on a few things)
  • Rewarding retrospectively early believers
  • Decentralization is high on agenda
  • Thoughts on Metaverse and comparing it to early days of Internet
  • Various aspects of Earth 2 Gameplay
  • User generated content important in the long term for Earth 2
  • Earth2 building for the long term and will allow experiences as technology catches up
  • Q&A with Shane

Excerpts from full interview below:-

Introducing Earth-2

Shane: Earth 2 is the beginnings of a Metaverse of which core foundations are based on geo-location links between virtual and physical reality. We'd like to think of Earth 2 as a digital twin of Earth1 - say where you are standing in Earth 1 the corresponding location could be active on Earth 2. I personally like to think of this as a living Metaverse which is literally on your door-step anytime. We launched in Nov 2020 with Phase-1 which saw us release a digitized layer of virtual land segmented into approx. 10m x10m virtual tiles which users can buy/sell/trade over a marketplace.

Then in second-half of this year we started releasing elements of Phase-2, which would ultimately become a global economic simulation. This will be pivotal to how we create experiences inside the Earth 2 Metaverse. Although the full-blown Metaverse may not be available right away, we believe we could build the foundations today

Inspiration to create Earth-2

Shane: I've always been into gaming and also the concepts of a Metaverse. Particularly the idea of how you can immerse yourself into a game and into its environment. A while ago when I had still had some free time I would read up, particularly science fiction. In any fiction book, I guess they have the time to build up the narrative, you can visualize and even immerse yourself into the world that the book builds over successive chapters. A lot of time games don't have that time to build that narrative , so I thought for a Metaverse kind of concept to be successful, it may need to feel real like it exists. I came up with the idea of Earth 2 as people know their real world surroundings and therefore it made sense to build a digital layer around world that people can relate to and feel like it actually exists.

In the future I'd like to feel that when I'm on Earth 1 that some thing is happening around me in an alternate reality which is Earth 2. At some stage, I'd love to be able to hold up my phone and create a portal and see what's going on on Earth 2 and maybe a reverse portal from Earth 2 back to Earth 1, where someone in Earth 2 could see this portal appear - so just create this real connection.

Struggles and early challenges

Shane: We experienced hyper growth - we didn't expect so much attention so soon. We were hoping with the basic initial roadmap Phase 1, 2, and 3 we'd get about 18 months to build this up gradually. It just blew up in December 2020 and we found ourselves working 22 hours a day and just monitoring everything, trying to keep the service online and handle the traffic. We had to scale things back. Another challenge we had was someone reporting some security exploits, which we had to patch quickly.

All these challenges were one of the reasons I was nervous to add blockchain in the early phase of the project, We didn't want to be in a situation where we oversaw something and couldn't fix that. In hindsight we were lucky that we could look at more data, issues that hackers came in with. Then we needed to look at things like 2FA and KYC.

We had a number of issues like these when we were launching and 90% of the community has been very understanding of this, but you still get a minority of people who are very disgruntled - maybe since money it involved so it natural to expect people get emotional.

Scaling Back

Shane: We had hundreds of thousands of users in the first few months and we decided to scale that back. If we had been growing that rapidly we wouldn't have been able to keep up and maybe have resulted in some disaster or something. We had to implement mechanisms to slow us down. It may sound crazy since everyone goes like - growth growth growth, but we saw the situation and knew we wouldn't be able to keep up with it.

We launched with 2-3 people on the team in Nov 2020 and some part-timers. well leading up to Christmas things got beyond insane. We were pulling people off people from other businesses I have - lawyers, accountants and get us support. I remember my Christmas was 20+ hours working and very little time with family. This year we are better prepared.

Managing expectations and rewarding community

Shane: I do take responsibilities seriously and don't want to see anyone adversely affected. The one thing we have not done is trying to create hype or say that this going to make you rich or anything. We could have easily done something like this - now of course we have announced that we will be retrospectively reward our users who hold land, but we could have announced this when we launched saying there will be a reward one year down the line and create bigger hype. We chose not to do it - but we'd rather now reward users who believed in us and want Earth 2 to succeed.

It makes me happy to reward these type of persons not that type of person who would come in, maybe multiply their investment and then they are out, and then ridicule Earth 2 for everything they are trying to do. Yes there are different members in the community and its hard to manage varied expectations - I already mentioned how we tried to scale back. What's worked for me is to block the negativity and keep pressing forward.

Plans Ahead - Many possible directions, Blockchain, Decentralization :

Shane: From day 1 the message on the website hasn't changed. When we started not many people were talking about the Metaverse - very few were. Now over the last few months many have have come out, claiming they are a Metaverse. But right from the beginning we have kept the scope broad which is needed for it to be a Metaverse. Its hard to articulate that our Metaverse is one thing or something else. Our Metaverse is based on the real world, built on a digital layer on top of the real world geo-locations - which allows us to take various different directions.

From Day-1 we built-in a backend for blockchain, some people noticed it in the settings (referencing 'Etherscan'). Our plan is to decentralize Earth 2 at some point. Although we remain centralized today, decentralization is a direction we want to head towards and deliver to our community.

If you want to have a brief vision - I see Earth 2 as an evolving platform. We are working on available technologies, slowly creating foundations and all possible features we can implement that make sense in the broader Metaverse ideology.

Building the Metaverse as technology catches up

Shane: Although we have published videos explaining the open world terrain system, at present users can access the map on a web browser while we actively work on the next level access allowing a 3D environment. I first see our 3D world being initially accessible through everyday devices - PC, phones, maybe AR; and from there to expand to other devices as and when technology catches up.

I know some people criticize us that you don't have this 3D world yet, but I don't see any downside to creating an open world slowly, that will support a multitude of devices however starting with initial version that caters to everyday devices. There are a multitude of companies doing haptic suits etc., and many of them have approached us for collaborations. However the state of Metaverse today is similar to how we saw Internet in late 90s - you had command-line interfaces, which moved to basic web browser with HTML, and now we have other languages and web browser capabilities which are nothing compared to what they were even in the early-2000s. Its a similar approach to building a Metaverse.

We not saying we will come up with brain chips or plug you into the Matrix right away. Today we are building the foundations. So right now in Phase-2 we are releasing some key features which will be relevant in longevity of the project - like Essence, Jewels; but this not the real game-play. This was released earlier to reward our community and for them to have a head-start.

Different Areas of Play and Play-to-Earn

Shane: There are few different type of players in Earth - some sections own large land, some are in there for the eco-sim. The eco-sim I guess will be easy to play but difficult to master. There are PvP elements planned so players get to dive into active gameplay. So you may have someone who participate in all of these, but we think there will be players who'll have talents within a specific area while they collaborate with others who specialize in other areas, and then creating together. I guess we are touching upon the play-to-earn concept with these different areas. But we don't want to label it just 'play-to-earn'. We want people collaborating.

User Generated Content - Tile-art/ Mega-cities/ Holo-Buildings

Shane: The fourth area that's important to us is User Generated Content. One of the things that surprised me is the tile-art and the creativity that came up even in a very restricted environment. We had country flags with the thought that people could associate themselves with any country they want. What we didn't expect were these amazing tile-art and people coming together to build Megacities.

That opened our minds and we said whatever we do we need to allow people to be creative, to let them create experiences that other people can consume. That's something that led us then to the Holo-Building concept in collaboration with Mapbox. So while the base tech is from Mapbox our team created the editor for Earth 2 that allows people to create these amazing Holo Buildings. Its also something we are working right now and to allow players to trade blueprints of their holo-buildings. Players can decide to create limited edition holo buildings and trade on the open market. This can be extended to other items as we add more things. This is something important to me over the long-term.

Experiences within Earth 2

Shane: The VR experience is sometime away and mainly because I don't think that the virtual Reality industry is still nascent and not quite there yet in terms of mass adoption. Even if we released something like that it wont have a high uptake in a short period of time. In the short term I see Earth 2 being accessed on the PC, maybe Consoles or even hand devices. This is also why we chose Unity as its mobile friendly. On a high level you will have something like the Terrain video we showed, and users building within that environment and building various experiences within that.

Will Earth2 be a niche or a mass platform?

Shane: Obviously we want to have as many people as we can, and its very hard to put a number on it. But we are thinking big and we have the partnerships (to be announced shortly) leading towards that. We have partnership with other projects who like us are thinking long-term. We want to build foundations for something that will be around for 10-15-20 years. So of course we want every person to access Earth 2 and when will that happen is anyone's guess, however we want to create the foundations to enable that. We are also hiring experts from relevant fields to help us. Additionally, we are looking at green solutions and we are mindful of having sustainable ways to have this Metaverse.

Putting the hyper growth in perspective (Users and investors)

Shane: We had a crazy few months, we got called by big venture funds. There was a lot of temptation there early, but we played into the experience I built over time and tried to keep a level headedness about this and not make a rash decision. We wanted to build this more for the people than for the corporate space and what does that mean when making deals early on. We certainly got that validation from people in the space and that they have seen something like this for the first time and we've been getting that a lot.


Q: What do you think of Metaverse Tokens?

Shane: I think the Metaverse was a long time coming - we've been on Web 2.0 for too long so its about time to move to Web 3.0 and there are a lot of exciting projects out there. A lot of people are approaching the Metaverse from a different angle. I would imagine buying Metaverse tokens would be a great thing if you believe in open world 3D communities. Hopefully Earth 2 wont be too long away launching a token (Earth 2 recently announced Essence as their crypto)

Q: What is the current user-base of Earth2?

Shane: Well we are not disclosing that at the moment.

Q: Do you think the Metaverse is a temporary trend or the Future?

Shane: I think its the Future. Think back when the gaming technology was blossoming throughout the 90s, and if you imagined the world we live in today with people broadcasting themselves across the world via Twitch or Facebook, and you'd think that person was crazy. You can also look at these old interviews from technologists predicting things that would happened from the 90s and which have happened in 200s and 2010s. So I think we will have these 3D environments and I think everybody will see the recent acquisition we have made you'll see we want to move in that direction. People will be able to create these 3D experiences and they can invite their friends and experience this together.

Q: You mentioned about a partnership coming soon, Is there any information you can share what that might bring in to Earth 2

Shane: The announcement is focused on Earth2 moving from current centralized state into potentially a decentralized state in future, and ensuring that transition is smooth in the future for our community.

Final thoughts from Shane:

I don't claim to be the smartest person in the world, but I try and make decisions that are beneficial for people that have come together and who believe in the Earth 2 project. I am trying to ensure that the journey we have ahead is aiming decentralization and towards the goal of benefitting the community and players and I guess just build Earth2. I may not be the smartest person but I do want to do the right thing and want to ensure that its get delivered to our community over time.

<![CDATA[Nathaniel and Thomas leave Earth2 - Replacements found here ]]>https://www.e2.news/post/nathaniel-and-thomas-leave-earth261aa52cf4fb8ae00168a040cFri, 03 Dec 2021 18:18:48 GMTE2.News Community ServiceJust minutes ago, it became public that Thomas Marcon (E2 Lead Community Manager) and Nathaniel Doldersum (Lead 3D Artist) left Earth 2 after a year and two years at the company respectively.

As seen in the images below, they both recently left Earth 2 to join a new PlayToEarn game 'Disruption'

Thomas's LinkedIn (Click to expand images)

Nathaniel's LinkedIn (Click to expand images)

Disruption is a brand new Play2Earn game which is based around a treasure hunt (more info here), which rewards users for playing, rather than paying.

Ferran, another Earth2 dev is working on Disruption too.

Who will be replacing them?

CEO Shane Isaac mentioned that the 'team page [on the earth2.io website] will be updated over the next week or so', highlighting some previously hidden employees from the spotlight.

Thomas has been replaced by 'Jazmine', the new community manager alongside Kieran (K-Dizz) and Liz (MissTee).

Another new hire is Dr. Christopher Cartwright who holds a PhD in 'advanced computer science and cybersecurity' and a Master's in 'contact center management'. He will take a new role as the Chief Enterprise Artchitect for Earth2, helping bridge gaps in communications and reach new partnerships with companies.

He will also be leading the Community Management team, bringing in a new era of hopefully improved community relations and communication.

Here is Jazmine's full Discord message:

UPDATE 16:33 UTC: This message has just been deleted. More info soon.

Hey guys, we know this is all a little bit sudden and a lot of you feel blindsided but a few things happened that had to be acted on immediately. I know emotions are very high right now and by no means is this ever the way Chris or Myself ever wanted to be introduced to you guys but we acted on an immediate management directive. There are a lot of things moving very quickly as we roll out a multitude of Earth 2 updates as we continue to strive towards creating the best metaverse we possibly can.

We would like to properly introduce ourselves to you guys, Chris is the Chief Enterprise Architect for Earth 2 and while we are still in the build phase and with his experience setting up social media teams within major telecommunication companies across the globe including setting up the social media team for Singtel. The management of Earth 2 thought it was in the company's best interest to seat the Community Management team under the management of Dr. Christopher Cartwright. Chris holds a PHD in advanced computer science and cyber security and a masters degree in contact center management.

As for me, I have been extensively monitoring all the social media platforms for the past few months and have been here to help the team and you guys as much as possible from behind the scenes. We will both strive to keep you updated on as much as possible going forward.

One hour before the above message was sent, Jazmine banned Thomas and Nathaniel from the official Discord server - seems a little harsh.

Don't feel too bad as Nathaniel told users this:

Overall, faces change and people move around. As long as Earth2 stays true to their mission and promises, there is no reason to worry.

Article by Tobalobba.

<![CDATA[Breaking: Tier 1 Properties & Essence Distribution Commitment]]>https://www.e2.news/post/breaking-tier-1-properties-essence-distribution-commitment61aa4953eb8cea001607bfe5Fri, 03 Dec 2021 16:55:35 GMTEarth2 Press ReleaseThis was taken directly from the Earth 2 site.


Earth 2’s Essence Distribution Commitment is the promise and disclosure of the minimum number of Essence original Tier 1 Property Owners are entitled to. With this commitment, all tiles on Earth 2 have been split into 2 tiers. The distinction between Tier 1 vs. Tier 2 tiles will dictate their function in all future in-game and metaverse activities. Fundamentally, Tier 1 tiles have significantly more benefits than Tier 2 tiles, so it is extremely important to understand the differences and how these will affect your Earth 2 experience as a Tier 1 or Tier 2 Property Owner.

Tier 1 vs. Tier 2 Tiles:

1. Buying Tier 1 vs. Tier 2 Tiles: As of now, all player-owned properties will be classified by Earth 2 as Tier 1, and all unclaimed land on Earth 2 will be classified as Tier 2. With this change, only Tier 2 tiles will be available for purchase from Earth 2 and their prices will restart at E$0.10, increasing in value as more tiles are bought. Tier 2 tiles can also be traded in the Marketplace while Tier 1 tiles are acquired either by purchasing from a Tier 1 property owner or upgrading from Tier 2 tiles. However, original Tier 1 tiles assigned by Earth 2 are only obtainable through player-to-player trading with an original Tier 1 Property Owner. Only these original Tier 1 properties will have the promise of Essence from Earth 2. A player may upgrade their Tier 2 property to a Tier 1 property at any time. However, the cost of upgrading will vary as the Price-Per-Tile value of Tier 1 land tiles are dynamic and will continue to increase.

To protect all original Tier 1 Property Owners who currently have listings on the Marketplace, a freeze on the Earth 2 Marketplace until Dec 14 inclusive will be implemented. With the Essence promised to all original Tier 1 properties, as well as the additional bonuses tied to those properties, the current Marketplace prices are no longer accurate reflections of the value of these properties. The freeze will give new Tier 1 Property Owners ample opportunity to withdraw their properties from sale. This is highly recommended by Earth 2.

2. Functions of Tier 1 vs. Tier 2 Tiles: Tier 1 and Tier 2 tiles are further differentiated by their functions. Most significantly, Tier 1 tiles have guaranteed Ether to Essence conversion and Essence generation while for Tier 2, the conversion and generation is unpredictable. In addition to guaranteed Essence generation, Tier 1 tiles have other generative abilities that Tier 2 tiles do not. In the future, Tier 1 Property Owners will have full access to discoverable resources while for Tier 2 tiles, access would be restricted. Resource saturation for Tier 1 is also boosted compared to the standard saturation for Tier 2. Tier 1 tiles will also continue to generate LIT (Land Income Tax / Period Bonus) and have the ability to assign EPLs while Tier 2 tiles will not. Tier 1 tiles will retain their land classes under Tier 1, while Tier 2 tiles will be labelled generally and no longer be distinguished by classes.

3. Additional Benefits of Owning Tier 1 vs. Tier 2 Tiles: Along with the functional superiority of Tier 1 tiles, Tier 1 Property Owners will enjoy 7.5% referral code bonus with their unique and customisable referral codes. Tier 2 Property Owners will continue to receive 5% from their randomised referral codes. Finally, both Tier 1 and Tier 2 tiles will grant players access to the Earth 2 EcoSim, though there will be a building cap for Tier 2 tiles. Tier 1 Property Owners will be able to enjoy further benefits in-game and in the metaverse as Earth 2 plans to progressively release more bonuses for the future.

Essence Distribution Commitment:

Upon publication of the Essence Distribution Commitment, Tier 1 Property Owners will immediately receive 20% of their total promised Essence. They will be able to view this amount as well as the total Essence Awaiting Claim in their player profile. Only those Tier 1 properties automatically upgraded by Earth 2 upon publication of the Essence Distribution Commitment will receive this exclusive promise of Essence. Tier 1 properties manually upgraded from Tier 2 properties after this date will retain all other benefits, except for the promise of Essence which is a special gift to our early adopters. These Tier 1 Property Owners can view the Essence Awaiting Claim balance for each individual Tier 1 property in their portfolio. The promise of Essence to a Tier 1 Property Owner is only valid for as long as they own at least 1 Tier 1 tile. If a Tier 1 property or tile is sold to another player, all benefits and promised Essence tied to the property/tile sold will transfer over to the new owner (not including Essence already claimed). Note that the amount of promised Essence will not regenerate upon transfer of ownership and only the amount of unclaimed Essence/ Essence Awaiting Claim will be transferred. If a Tier 1 property/tile no longer has any Essence Awaiting Claim, only those other Tier 1 bonuses and benefits will be transferred.

Helpful Definitions:

Essence Awaiting Claim: The Essence promised by Earth 2 to a Tier 1 property. The Essence Awaiting Claim value will decrease as players collect their claimable Essence. E.g. a Tier 1 Property Owner has 1,234 Essence Awaiting Claim. They collect Ether which transforms into 12 Essence. The Essence Awaiting Claim value will automatically update to 1,222. Essence Distribution Commitment: Earth 2’s guaranteed promise to give a minimum allocated amount of Essence to a Tier 1 Property Owner. This offer is valid only for as long as the player owns the Tier 1 property the promised Essence is tied to. Tier 1 (original): Tiles owned before the publication of the Essence Distribution Commitment. See Tier 1 vs. Tier 2 Overview Table. Tier 1: Tiles upgraded from Tier 2 tiles. See Tier 1 vs. Tier 2 Overview Table. Tier 1 Property Owner: All benefits of Tier 1 properties are tied to the tiles themselves, not the player. In order to retain Tier 1 privileges and bonuses, a player must be the owner of at least 1 Tier 1 tile. Tier 2: All tiles purchased or available for purchase after the publication of Earth 2’s Essence Distribution Commitment. See Tier 1 vs. Tier 2 Overview Table.

<![CDATA['Base Tiles' may be just days away]]>https://www.e2.news/post/base-tiles-may-be-just-a-few-days-away61a9270b8b223500174f50a0Thu, 02 Dec 2021 21:35:30 GMTDarryl - EditorBuying tiles in London, Seoul or Manhattan for 10 cents in late 2021

Users on the Earth 2 test site have discovered a mysterious new 'T1' balance on their accounts. It seems all new land bought from e2's primary market will be classified as 'Tier 2' upon release to the main server. Preexisting land will be collectively known as Tier 1 and have significant benefits over Tier2. Tile classes (1-4) appear to remain in tact.

Although nothing has been announced officially yet, it appears T2 will be upgradable to T1 using essence. However, T2 land may not have slots, collect essence, receive land income tax or support electronic property locators.

The great news is, everything so far unsold is likely to be repriced to 10 cents, with the cost set to rise again in each respective country. Just think, you can finally buy that Scottish Castle that somehow got overlooked and seemed too expensive.

It is thought that the update may be just a few days away. The test site also hints at a blanket 2 week freeze from trading properties (in order to protect absent players from losing land that remains listed on the marketplace without under-standing the changes). The bazaar will likely continue to function as usual, assuming players trade Crystals on the test server.

The speculation and excitement brought on by this tantalizing test site activity has contributed to yet another massive buying frenzy as people rush to get 'T1' tiles.

Oh, and they changed the symbol for essence.

<![CDATA[$ESSENCE is the new Metaverse crypto]]>https://www.e2.news/post/essence-earth2-crypto61a7668ff1f891001669a098Wed, 01 Dec 2021 13:28:06 GMTE2.News Community ServiceShane Isaac, CEO - Earth2 rolled out the big announcements, just in time for the November end deadline he had set himself. Key take-aways:

  • Essence will be the Earth2 crypto token.
  • The big reward includes a free airdrop of Essence to existing account holders over next 7 days.
  • More announcements are to follow in December - partnerships, tech acquisition, new team hires and a dev blog video.

The full announcement read as below :-

Recap of Earth 2 progress so far

Essence - The BIG Reward and more announcements to follow soon

Shane later explicitly confirmed that Essence will be the Earth 2 crypto. This hardly comes a surprise though and we had already written about it earlier (see our earlier posts https://www.e2.news/post/more-essence-than-outstanding-earth2-tiles, esp. the section 'Why Essence is a great candidate for crypto' and the earlier https://www.e2.news/post/essence-edollar-pair-earth2)

Jewel buying Frenzy and surging land prices

As we have already discussed before, the pricing of various E2 assets is now somewhat linked - value of Land, Jewels, and even Essence, is connected. As soon as the news hit we saw an expected surge in Jewel buying and Land purchases, as users rushed to create more avenues to collect more Essence from land and jewel slotting.

Base floor price of Jewels jumped from 0.25/0.26 (incl. fees) prior to the announcement to over 0.36 and even reaching 0.40; the crafted Jewels price shot up as well. Land prices also surged sharply as users rushed to buy more land. We expect this higher activity to continue for some time.

Looking Ahead

We eagerly look forward to more exciting news coming over the next few days. regarding how Essence will work for Earth2 and its players. Through December we could expect more updates on Earth 2's tech acquisition and the big partnership that Shane mentioned. Additionally, we are also excited about the new Dev blog video. If you've followed @E2News twitter, we picked up a new upload on Earth 2's YouTube channel

Stay tuned and keep watching this space for more updates soon.

<![CDATA[Exclusive Interview with Luke Reed - View here]]>https://www.e2.news/post/exclusive-interview-with-luke-reed61a69f6c585f5a0016723fbaTue, 30 Nov 2021 22:10:55 GMTE2.News Community ServiceZeus and Luke chatted for an hour about the Metaverse, Blockchain, Upcoming announcements and more! Find the full interview below.


Time-stamps below to help find specific info within the interview

  • 00:00 - Introducing Luke and Tech Circus
  • 04:50 - EnterTheMetaverse 2021
  • 12:10 - Benchmarking Earth2, Adapting and the Long Road Ahead
  • 16:00 - A passive income potential
  • 17:50 - About Shane and how well researched he is
  • 23:50 - Perception of Earth2 in the Metaverse community
  • 25:18 - Shane spoke about Blockchain
  • 27:53 - Announcement about Blockchain and other bigger things to come
  • 29:08 - Shane didn't want to create hype till things were ready
  • 34:35 - The Announcements are coming!
  • 38:30 - Gaming versus Investment
  • 40:30 - Everyone is watching Earth2, everybody knows about Earth2, everyone wants a piece of Earth2
  • 44:30 - Earth2 is ahead on certain things, like fiat withdrawals
  • 48:30 - Investing what you can lose, managing your own risk appetite, avoiding eggs in same basket
  • 50:08 - Earth2 is par already, ahead of what other platforms achieved in similar timeline
  • 53:45 - Luke's Biggest take-away : They know what they are doing. Shane seems trustworthy. We need to show support and get behind them
  • 55:30 - Final comments, Educate yourself beyond Earth2 and explore what's happening in other platforms as well. Leverage ETM'21 to learn more!
Don't forget to join us at the EnterTheMetaverse event. For more info see :- https://enterthemetaverse.io
P.S.:- Shane speaks (pre-recorded) at 7 pm UTC on December 2 at the event
<![CDATA[Earth 2 to attend 'Enter the Metaverse' event]]>https://www.e2.news/post/enter-the-metaverse61a1f440e03fb70016105396Sat, 27 Nov 2021 18:30:00 GMTE2.News Community ServiceClaiming to be world's largest online Metaverse event, Enter the Metaverse - 2021 is scheduled for Dec 2 & 3, (see:-https://www.enterthemetaverse.io/)

The event spread over two days, includes a huge list of presenters and speakers from most of the leading platforms pursuing the Metaverse; and almost anyone and everyone connected to the industry. The event will mainly touch upon topics about how the Metaverse will be created - key components, standardization and interoperability, in addition to what will be the larger impact of the Metaverse on areas such as - gaming, social media, key industries, etc.

One of the E2News sources checked directly with ETM 2021, whether Earth 2 would be participating in this event, since the list of speakers on the site doesn't include anyone from the earth2.io team so far.

Myles, the co-founder of ETM confirmed that 'someone' may be representing Earth2 at the event.

We believe such engagements could be very positive for Earth 2 in getting the word out and provide more exposure to the platform within the Metaverse community. We also encourage Earth2 users to participate in the event and get informed about the exciting things happening in the Metaverse.

<![CDATA[E2 Releases 3 countries - One day on]]>https://www.e2.news/post/e2-releases-3-countries61a1f73d526f230016d1b315Sat, 27 Nov 2021 10:03:52 GMTTobalobbaYesterday, Earth 2 released Iraq, Iran and the Minor Outlying Islands.

This was met with confusion from the community as Iraq was only available to users who didn't buy tiles in the previous Israel release and/or the UAE release 9 months ago. Nevertheless, over 500,000 tiles were sold across the three countries on the day of release.

Many users felt the release was too random.

Bazinga, a community member, said 'Confusion is the one word I'd use to describe this release - we had no idea what was happening, not even an official acknowledgement... we had to figure it all out ourselves'

One player managed to buy 29 Class 1 properties of 750 tiles each, equating to 21,750 tiles - which is 1/5th of the total Class 1 supply per country. He did this by making use of alt accounts, a loophole not specified in any rules. Shane seems to think that these random releases are fairer, but they only appeal to the most active members of the community. This was Shane's goal, so congratulations for rewarding active users, but it really is not the best way.

What's the ideal release strategy?

  1. Release a countdown, rules and guidelines at least 15 days in advance. (Email, official announcements)
  2. Implement a cooldown on property buying per person to increase the number of satisfied customers. This cooldown would be linked to the device's IP address, to at least slow down the use of alt accounts.
  3. After 5 minutes, end the cooldown to allow users to buy as many properties as they want. This means that more buyers will get a Class 1 property, and that the secondary market continues to thrive as Tile Whales buy more Class 1 properties off the marketplace.

This method increases the profit for Earth2 itself as there is more publicity brought by a countdown, and gives the opportunity for players to prepare for the release, resulting in more enjoyable and engaging play.

Our Twitter poll showed users were split over a Random or Countdown release, but most favour a Countdown.

In conclusion, yesterday's release only benefited a small fraction of Earth2 players, left many users confused, and lacked the important factor of an official announcement.

Toba, out.

<![CDATA[The Dirty Side of Paid Reviews]]>https://www.e2.news/post/the-dirty-side-of-paid-reviews61a09a5a65e4ad001601bcc0Fri, 26 Nov 2021 08:30:49 GMTMoby Dick(The article reflects independent views of this author and not necessarily those of this publication)

It has recently come to light that Earth 2 founder and CEO, Shane Isaac, attempted to solicit paid reviews from a prominent YouTuber and one of Earth 2’s more vocal critics - SidAlpha.

A text exchange disclosed by SidAlpha in a recent video shows Mr. Isaac offering payment and early access to information in exchange for video reviews of upcoming releases. The offer was rejected by SidAlpha in a rather theatrical fashion which amounted to a declaration that his morals would never allow him to accept such an offer.

The fact that Mr. Isaac offered payment to an influencer in exchange for coverage of upcoming releases is not, in and of itself, morally objectionable. Influencers and content creators have been accepting payment for product placement since the advent of social media. It becomes much murkier when the financial relationship between the business and content creator is not expressly made clear.

Unfortunately, the digital asset space is rife with examples of this less than scrupulous behavior with influencers shilling projects in exchange for payment, or worse, when the influencer has an undisclosed stake in the project. It is not clear from the disclosed text exchange that Mr. Isaac was expecting the paid reviews to be positive or that he expected the financial relationship to remain confidential. In short, there is nothing wrong with contacting an influencer and offering payment for coverage of a project.

Where Mr. Isaac did fall short was in his choice of influencer to contact.

SidAlpha is a critic with the goal of serving the gaming community, not gaming companies. No critic should be offered payment, nor should they accept payment, in exchange for a review. As SidAlpha has pointed out himself, this would inevitably lead to a bias in their critique. It could also be perceived as payment in exchange for a good review. This was poor judgment on the part of Mr. Isaac and as the CEO of a company striving to be a leader in the metaverse space, he should have known better. There are plenty of celebrities willing to advertise or endorse products on social media - leave the gaming critics be.

It is also unclear whether paying a critic to review the Earth 2 project is even necessary.

The goal of paying an influencer is to get eyeballs on your project. Earth 2 already has several content creators with large subscriber bases making videos about it regularly. Therefore, the onus is on Earth 2 to deliver quality releases which change the narrative from negative to positive. Yes, there will surely continue to be critical takes on the Earth 2 project but positive reviews will come if deserved.

Finally, a word about SidAlpha -

The outrage displayed by him because he was offered payment in exchange for a review is perplexing. He is a content creator with 118,000 subscribers. It is doubtful this is the first time he has been offered payment and it likely won’t be the last. The fashion in which he declined the offer from Mr. Isaac was unnecessarily dramatic and reeked of being for the sole purpose of displaying it in a video.

While it is commendable that his moral compass is so strong that he was compelled to decline the offer with such force, it is unfortunate that the moral compass stopped working when it came time to decide whether to share a text conversation that Mr. Isaac clearly intended to be private. Yes, Mr. Isaac was naïve in communicating with SidAlpha in the fashion he did and by not clarifying that the conversation was off the record. SidAlpha was opportunistic in using that naivete to his own advantage and to his own benefit.

Unfortunately, nobody comes out of this looking good.

Update: SidAlpha posted another conversation with Shane. Find it here:


<![CDATA[Wolfgang Walks - Earth 2 CCO Leaves]]>https://www.e2.news/post/wolfgang-quits619bd3fe9ceed00017c4f5b2Mon, 22 Nov 2021 18:01:23 GMTE2.News Community ServiceToday, it was uncovered that the now-former Earth 2 Creative Director, Wolfgang Walk, is no longer part of the Earth2 Team.

Source: https://bit.ly/3l1WtBB

While we do not know the entire story behind his departure, his statement on Facebook says:- "The Difference between what I see in the project and what the company sees in it was just too big".

Some of these differences have been visible, for example Earth2 has announced that Essence will be tradeable between players and will carry a dollar value therefore. However Wolfgang may have been opposed to the idea. Below except from E2 Official discord shows this -

Wolfgang adds that he is still under NDA and cannot talk more on the subject, however he shares that most of what we see on the Earth2 platform is basis his design principles and also that he has done considerable work on yet to be released features on the platform.

Some people also have the theory that probably Earth-2 may have signed him for a time-limited contract, and now that contract seems to have not been renewed. However, we will know the complete story only if and when Earth2 comes out with an official statement. This comes not long after Ralf Adam quit Earth 2 for undisclosed reasons.

Wolfgang Walk's LinkedIn has been updated to a different position and he added an end date to his E2 position. His LinkedIn profile also features an #opentowork badge.

Source: https://www.linkedin.com/in/wolfgang-walk-211bb83/

E2 News wishes Wolfgang all the best in his future endeavors and we can say without a doubt that we will miss him. He adds that he is looking for interesting projects to join, however in the meantime he is happy to relish a stress-free pre-Christmas season.

What Lies Ahead?

Losing Wolfgang can be quite a shock, and his talents will definitely be missed by ,earth2.io, While we feel there is no immediate threat to the continuity of the Eath2 project - basis Wolfgang's own admission, that he already has done a lot of work which would be on the release pipeline a few months down the line, but it remains to be seen how Earth2 fills this void.

Having said that, Earth2 may already be looking for his successor. In the meanwhile, we notice that Wolfgang's prodigee Marco, who until now assisted Wolfgang on the Earth2 project, has now been promoted, and potentially will be taking on more responsibility within the game design vertical - especially after Wolfgang has left.

The hunt for the new CCO may be on, however, given the stature and seniority that Wolfgang had within the Earth2 team, we feel ,earth2.io may want to be proactive in addressing and updating the userbase around this development before any potential FUD.
<![CDATA[Earth 2 Jewel market sentiment positive]]>https://www.e2.news/post/jewel-sentiment-remains-high619a30f9e0a4bf0017d2a701Sun, 21 Nov 2021 13:41:24 GMTE2.News Community ServiceJewels are clearly going to play an important role in the Earth2 EcoSim.

To quote the Jewel crafting press release, "Jewels will become a central part of the planned Earth 2 Eco-Sim and will be able to boost, control and specialize the resource production on a Player’s property" (see: https://www.e2.news/post/press-release-jewel-crafting)

Jewel prices have been on a roller-coaster trajectory

On their day of their release, several weeks ago in mid-July, Jewels were just over $1. Gradually, as the supply rose, the dumping began and they hit a bottom around $0.05.

(see: https://www.e2.news/post/jewel-bears)

However, the moment crafting went live in early November (on the test site to begin with) the prices began to rise rapidly. Not long after crafting went live on the main site, base Jewels climbed 400% from the (recent) all time low. They continued to climb all the way to $0.35+ for the cheapest Jewels before settling at a floor price, so far remaining above $0.30.

As of late November, the general sentiment is bullish, which is echoed in the on-going E2.News (@E2News) Twitter poll. More than 60% of participants feel the Jewel prices will keep going up due to continued demand.

What is Driving the Demand?

It seems certain that Jewel crafting on Earth2 has a long run-way. For one thing, many users are yet to slot jewels on all of their properties. We know that the Sunrise, Jamaica and Sunset Jewels increase Ether production by +2 per day, a clear incentive for players to prioritize slotting.

There are at least 2 new triggers for Jewel pricing:

  • New crafting recipes will be coming soon. To quote Earth2.io, "A further level of Jewel Crafting is scheduled to be released over coming weeks with each future release unlocking scores of more potential crafting results, a number that will continue to grow on each new release. Crafting will inherently have a deflationary effect on Jewel supply and increase their scarcity which will become more apparent as we continue to officialize our long term plans"
  • The Jewel Crafting press release also states that Jewels will be used in the upcoming PvP game inside Earth2. This has led some in the community to speculate that Jewels may be used as prizes.

This assures healthy demand for Jewels in the near term, potentially interspersed with periods of consolidation, that being stated, a correction cannot be entirely ruled out.

Current Market Status

As of writing, the Jewel market is experiencing a mild downward pressure. Only time will tell whether this is a logical consolidation or the start of further decline. The base Jewel floor price has only corrected 8-10% (from 0.32 to 0.30 incl. fees), with similar discounts in the crafted jewel market (Jamaica, Sunrise, Sunset). Of course, the volatility of market fees makes the analysis more complex. Many users have sold properties in order to set up 'Jewel farms', in the hopes of generating more Jewels to sell in the Bazaar. As the supply is increased there will likely be more competition between traders, this could be a contributing factor towards Jewel prices achieving equilibrium.

The Eco Sim is underway

The current boom in Jewel prices has already increased the demand for Land, especially single tiles which have been selling fast. Another popular strategy has been selling Jewels in the Bazaar and using the proceeds to buy more land. It is easy to observe that both Jewel and Land Prices have established some loose connection, however it remains to be seen whether this is a permanent relationship or just a temporary phenomenon. It will be interesting to see how this evolves in the future as more complex dependencies (including new items) are introduced in Earth 2.

There are additional announcements scheduled to be released by Earth2 team in November. It would be interesting to see how these affect the Marketplace and the Bazaar. Make sure to bookmark E2.News!

P.S. As we celebrate our first1000+ followers on Twitter (@E2News), we are doing a special 100-tile land giveaway for our Twitter followers. Visit @E2News Twitter handle, follow us, and check the pinned tweet for details on how to participate in the give-away. We thank the Earth 2 community for helping us grow.

<![CDATA[Academics fired up about the Metaverse]]>https://www.e2.news/post/academics-fired-up-about-the-metaverse61938fe1635a850016eb3e02Tue, 16 Nov 2021 14:43:15 GMTDarryl - EditorPhysical real-estate data informing the virtual, modeling the world after virtual development and creating new genomes

If you are on the Earth2 platform already it will not surprise you to learn that being close to the central business district of a city is for many, a priority. What may be less obvious is the amount of academic attention being applied to the topic. Digging around on JSTOR and other sites that host academic journals revealed a treasure trove of analytical resources, more are being added all the time. For example: Goldberg, Kugler and Schär have written a remarkably rigorous paper about virtual 'hedonic regression', specific characteristics of digital real-estate that contribute to demand and price determination. The analysis uses established (physical) real estate data to address parallel trends in the spatial web. The paper also covers key foundational ideas about the metaverse, NFTs and cryptocurrency in a succinct and accessible manner, presumably because they expect real estate agents with no clue about digital worlds to be reading and taking notes.

Sometimes life imitates art, and/or vice versa. In other online environments and metaverses users try to recreate places that exist already in the real world. The things we do in the metaverse are a form of manifestation, a literal birthplace of ideas. Imam and Lahoud have written (for United Nations project UN Habitat) about using the block building game, Minecraft as an urban design tool to enable public involvement in shaping city spaces.

“A Minecraft Model is like an architectural model but in a 3D virtual environment. It must show the right dimensions, points of interest and the correct scale so that the users can fully understand the public space and the relations of the different services in the space. The model must contain all the features of the public space, such as walkways, small bridges, shades, vegetation, and street furniture. It is also advised that the model includes some of the surrounding buildings”. Clearly a lot of development will be based on places and objects in the real world, but could the same be said in the reverse? Might blueprints and megacities in Earth2 end up being physically created as a result of their being manifested in the digital realm? I for one would love to see our 'megacity' built one day.

AI can be used to give non-player characters (NPC’s), or indeed players, unique behaviors and create more diverse outcomes and variables. AI can emulate attributes of living creatures, such as breeding and giving birth to 'offspring' with congenital traits. “the metaverse could become a self-sustaining and persistent virtual world that co-exists and interoperates with the physical world, with a high level of independence.

"[...] the avatars, representing human users in the physical world, can experience heterogeneous activities in real-time characterized by unlimited numbers of concurrent users theoretically in multiple virtual worlds” (Lee et al.). An existing example of this is 'Derace', a virtual horse racing simulator where owners of Digital-Horses (NFTs) can breed, trade, race and of course gamble. Generally speaking, altered state machines may function interoperably, visually changing depending on the platform, like universal emojis. Early adopters secured pedigree horses that are used to breed and win races. It seems likely Earth2 may take a similar path. Some people think horse racing is cruel and that it will be heavily restricted, perhaps even banned in the future. If this happens racing will only take place on platforms like Earth2. How many other activities are too dangerous, costly or immoral (in the real world) to continue taking place physically?

It has been reported that Earth2 will release avatars in a not-too-distant update but how many players are thinking about the autonomous creatures that will inhabit the many ecosystems? The Galapagos Islands spring to mind, just please refrain from building a McDonald's there, even if your property is near the town square. The giant tortoise's are busy trying to get freaky, they will not thank you for it. It is hard enough being a land-dwelling testudinidae, let alone an AI.

It seems likely that thousands of major academic papers on these topics, and other varying aspects of the metaverse will be written and referenced in the coming years. Earth2 is ripe for analysis and with (reportedly) 400,000 users there are surely an abundance of students and educators who will take up the challenge. They look for the most exciting and interesting subjects to research in order to remain mentally stimulated, for me the metaverse is a fertile ground for discovery and evolution. The rigors of study can be tiring and dull, trust me I recently wrapped up 5 years of tertiary study, I never want to see a packet of instant noodles ever again. The good news is, more time for Earth2. Post a comment. What do you think?


Cited Works:

Goldberg, Mitchell, et al. “The Economics of Blockchain-Based Virtual Worlds: A Hedonic

Regression Model for Virtual Land.” SSRN Electronic Journal, 2021, https://doi.org/10.2139/ssrn.3932189.

Imam, Amna, and Christelle Lahoud. “The Block by Block Playbook: Using Minecraft as a

Participatory Design Tool in Urban Design and Governance: UN-HABITAT.” UN, https://unhabitat.org/the-block-by-block-playbook-using-minecraft-as-a-participatory-des ign-tool-in-urban-design-and.

Lee, Lik Hang et al. “All One Needs to Know about Metaverse: A Complete Survey on

Technological Singularity, Virtual Ecosystem, and Research Agenda.” Journal of Latex Class Files, vol. 14, no. 8, 2021, https://doi.org/ https://www.researchgate.net/publication/355172308.

<![CDATA[The Philosophy Of A Metaverse]]>https://www.e2.news/post/the-philosophy-of-a-metaverse619290fd7e95360016087430Mon, 15 Nov 2021 13:43:18 GMTThe Metaverse MystererIn the beginning; there was code.

print("Hello, World!")

What is a metaverse but another world, an interesting concept that we are yet to discover and explore? Besides terrains and the technicalities that surround the whole idea of a metaverse, we both know that the main factor is the community, meaning the people. The human experience in the metaverse is the most important aspect that should be present in the metaverse. The whole inclusion of the human experience considering that a metaverse is a digital world; means that there are a lot of abstract ideas and constructs that need to be implemented even within that metaverse.

Will we have grouped societies in the metaverse?

Concerning Earth2, we already have guilds and megacities. The interesting part is that having these miniature societies or guilds builds up a collaborative sense of contribution to projects. Is it a necessity though? Considering that in a lot of Games, communities are the main aspects of the experience, from Fortnite to World of Warcraft and Clash of Clans. Therefore, having communities was inevitable since online gaming is a major boom. The essence of a metaverse is being surrounded by those who are unreachable in terms of distance; essentially being close.

Is it a dystopia?

Seeing videos popping up on various social media platforms on the topic of the 'metaverse', a lot of comments are mostly focused on it being a dystopia (a future Cyberpunk/Ready Player One/Matrix). However, from a critical thinker's perspective, is that the case? Are we close to that so-called feared dystopia from Ready Player One or Cyberpunk 2077 or are people just afraid of radical change? The latter is more rational considering that we are not dystopic in our actual societies, we tend to forget that these metaverses are being built by humans for humans.

What is usually the reason behind the belief that the metaverse will be a dystopia? This thinking can be fueled by various misunderstandings; ranging from not knowing that these projects are community-driven, meaning the communities are also involved in these projects, not some big bad corporation. Ahem, Meta. A lot of dedication goes into the building of these projects. Also, to add, the metaverse doesn't mean there would no longer be a human connection with other humans or the idea that we won't be able to appreciate nature. The irony is that the whole idea of a metaverse is human interaction, also, why would you limit yourself to connecting with nature in your backyard only when you can get to marvel at a palm tree in the Himalayas right from your living room.

Are there Ethics/Morals in the metaverse?

Firstly, the true question would be; what are morals in our reality; what is morality? This as much as it seems like a deeply philosophical question that requires 200-page theses is a rather simple one. Morality is agreed upon rules and regulations; meaning agreeing on a set of rules and regulations as a community, for example; no trading items to each other when in a certain location in the metaverse. Rules then come with consequences if broken; for example; if found trading items within a designated area that doesn't allow trading, that user will be banned for a certain period. Lastly, despite rules, having certain consequences, they would need to be enforced, how then does one enforce rules and regulations within the metaverse? Easy, have certain privileges within the metaverse that allow you to enforce them in a specific area; for example; having administrative privileges that allow for someone to be banned from the actual metaverse maybe forever or for a certain time (therefore, owning parts of the metaverse allows us to do such).

Who is Who in the metaverse?

Who are we in the real world, and whom do we want to be? In the metaverse there is a lot of talk about avatars, representations of ourselves, for example, you can already see this in VRchat, where you'll find an anime teenage looking female avatar that has a voice of an old guy. Some might see this as part of the contributing factor to why the metaverse is considered a dystopia; however, in the real world, we already have people having a problem with how people choose to present themselves, so not something new. However, the question still stands, who is who in the metaverse? Well, the answer is quite simple, we are whom we choose to be!

Is the metaverse ideal?

We are creative beings, so why not create our ideal world even though it's merely digital.

<![CDATA[Crafting is live on Earth2. Spoiler : all 12 Recipes are here]]>https://www.e2.news/post/crafting-is-live-on-earth2-spoiler-all-12-recipes-are-here619290fd7e953600160873d3Thu, 11 Nov 2021 11:54:59 GMTE2.News Community ServiceThe Jewel crafting module just went live on Earth2 main site. Hopefully all Earth2 users have had fun crafting and discovering recipes on the Test site earlier (see: https://www.e2.news/post/crafting-live-on-earth2-test-site)

However all users may not have been able to do it. Therefore, just as we promised on our Twitter earlier - to ensure ALL of you have the same head-start, we are sharing all the recipes E2 News discovered on the test site.

Below is a comprehensive handy sheet with all the details (#NoOneGetsLeftBehind)

Note: Some of the numbers may have minor variations due to their random nature

Edit : Instead of Cloudy one can even use 3x cracked T1 to generate a cracked Tier-2 Jewel. Sheet updated

As we can observe, there are also new Jewels that can be only generated via crafting and which require more crafting resources, but offer higher benefits as well. Some of these benefits may help in the upcoming PvP games as Earth 2 mentioned in its recent Press release (see: https://www.e2.news/post/press-release-jewel-crafting)

Edit : Instead of Cloudy one can even use 3x cracked T2 to generate the exclusive cracked Tier-2 Jewel. Sheet updated

Happy Crafting E2!
<![CDATA[Press Release : Jewel Crafting]]>https://www.e2.news/post/press-release-jewel-crafting619290fd7e9536001608742cThu, 11 Nov 2021 11:11:13 GMTEarth2 Press Release

November 11, 2021 – Earth 2 is excited to announce the upcoming release of Jewel Crafting. Jewels will become a central part of the planned Earth 2 EcoSim and will be able to boost, control and specialise the resource production on a Player’s property. Over coming days, Earth 2 will introduce an additional layer to Jewels called Jewel Crafting. Jewel Crafting is a new feature which provides the ability for players to craft their existing Jewels into superior second tier level Jewels that can be tailored toward a market’s needs.

Players will be able to craft stronger Jewels by combining multiple ones together, or shatter them, which generates something called Shards. Shards can then be combined into smaller Jewels of a chosen colour, or, together with Essence, crafted with Jewels you already own to further improve their quality and effect.

In addition to their key part of the EcoSim, Jewels will provide multiple levels of utility in other areas of Earth 2, including the first, soon to be announced, official PvP game. In such games, it will be optional for game creators to set the benefits Jewels release during game play and even whether the Jewel then becomes a consumable, or not.

“In a traditional game such commodities would be sold and distributed directly from the game creator to the player and would not be tradeable between other players on an open market for their value”, said Shane Isaac, founder of Earth 2. “Earth 2 believes in breaking this trend as one of our core long term beliefs is to include players in the entire ecosystem allowing for player involvement and participation in the distribution of game play assets, user generated content and in the future player experiences. Our approach with Jewels feeds into our overall desire to create a player governed, geolocational metaverse and the idea of introducing Jewel spawning on existing Earth 2 properties at an early stage is an initiative to reward our early supporters and land owners”.

A further level of Jewel Crafting is scheduled to be released over coming weeks with each future release unlocking scores of more potential crafting results, a number that will continue to grow on each new release. Crafting will inherently have a deflationary effect on Jewel supply and increase their scarcity which will become more apparent as we continue to officialise our long term plans.

This announcement and release is part of our Earth 2 Anniversary month celebration with more scheduled announcements, surprises and news to come over the duration of November, 2021!

Game Activity

3 weeks ago the first version of the Earth 2 Game Activity feed went live. This feature displays some of the activity occurring on the Earth 2 network at any given time and importantly provides an indication on what players are presently doing on Earth 2. It was created to provide a level of togetherness and transparency. We intend to expand the Game Activity feed with additional types of data as more Earth 2 products are released, including potential filter options.

Players may visit their settings page to activate anonymity if they do not wish to have their public username shown on the Game Activity feed.

Since the September 24 announcement, there have been 5 updates released on Earth 2, the soon to be Jewel Crafting update will make 6. Our October 20 release included some community requested updates and though most of those updates were minor, we received good positive feedback from the community, thank you.

Moving forward, we plan to create a community forum where Players can officially lodge bugs, suggest features and vote on level of importance, and our development team will attempt to integrate more community fixes and improvements where and when possible. This aligns with our long term goal of Earth 2 being a platform that is gradually run by the players.

For your convenience, please see a list of the updated changes approved to be public since our previous September announcement.

5 November 2021


  • Added description search option for the HoloBuilding Editor


  • Fixed an issue in the HoloBuilding Editor making it impossible to place HoloBuildings on small properties
  • Fixed an issue not allowing users to buy in Bolivia with the credit card

20 October 2021


  • Added News-Ticker widget displaying website activities
  • Added News-Ticker settings in the Profile settings page to manage visibility of player’s activity
  • Properties owned by users are now highlighted with a user-specific colour to further distinguish one property from another
  • Portfolio UI reworked with more filters
  • Selling, Editing and Sorting features reworked with new UI
  • Added “Featured Property” function, users can now highlight properties on their profile page
  • The “For Sale” button on the property card now directly leads to the Marketplace with set filters displaying the selected property
  • Property deed UI page reworked, matching Portfolio update
  • Marketplace UI page reworked, matching Portfolio and Property deed update


  • Fixed Withdrawal message displaying out-of-date information
  • Fixed white login screen occurring with specific language setting
  • Fixed an issue with Credit Card payment process not resetting when creating a new tile selection
  • Fixed an error happening when placing HoloBuildings on properties located in specific locations
  • Fixed an error happening when saving a Blueprint on properties located in specific locations
  • Fixed “unowned” property issue

7 October 2021


  • Search results number increased from 20 to 50 when operating in the HoloBuildings Editor


  • Fixed error “Something went wrong” previously appearing for Resource Page and Notification Hub
  • Fixed an issue not showing more than 100 items for the Notification Hub widget
  • Fixed an issue which was causing the 3D view to freeze when tilted to the maximum value
  • Optimized landing page

1 October 2021


  • Added alphabet-filter for Jewels Slotting Tab
  • Added EPL Admin Management for Projects/Megacities
  • Heatmap Update
  • How-To Update (New section: The Bazaar)


  • Fixed an issue causing the message when changing the price for jewels to appear multiple times
  • Fixed Transaction page not correctly working when selecting filters
  • Fixed an issue for the Notifications HUB sometimes not displaying the date properly

28 September 2021


  • Updated MapBox version to 2.4.1
  • Increased Holobuilding Vertex limit from 10 to 20 per tile


  • Fixed an issue with HoloBuilding placement
  • Fixed an issue not displaying some of the country flags in the profile banner
  • Fixed zoom-control buttons not properly working when in 3D-view mode
  • Fixed an issue allowing users to place HoloBuildings within specific volume parameters for free
<![CDATA[Shane appears in Chat! [Full transcript]]]>https://www.e2.news/post/shane-appears-in-chat-full-transcript619290fd7e953600160873fcThu, 11 Nov 2021 07:00:33 GMTTobalobbaJust a few hours ago, CEO Shane Isaac appeared in the discord chat. Shane’s answers are in bold.

Here it is guys, Jewels were the early benefits all this time (dont tell kira).

it’s not the reward I alluded to for the end of the month. I gotta crash guys – hope you’re all doing well!

Axie Infinity released their P2E system with a game ready to go. Decentraland released their metaverse with a game ready for use. Same with the Sandbox. When a project focuses on the money side of thing first and foremost, then looks to implement the other more importantportion of that P2E system later, things are going to get messy from what we are seeing. You cannot say that isn’t the case here.

Decentraland raised $24M in 2017, had a closed BETA in 2019 and introduced first game play Feb 2020 .. that’s what .. 3 years? We have allowed as much interaction from day one as we build Earth 2, have shown the first parts of in game footage (within 2 months from launching, more to come)..gotta love this misinformation being sold as the truth. I know everyone wants E2 tomorrow, I do too, but you have to give us some breathing space sometimes. We’re working hard and there is a chance for everyone to be involved and take some form of ownership. Support us and let us build this right, we’re doing this for you all just as much as for ourselves because we’re unsure the same opportunity is going to come from some of the others out there playing in this field. Keep safe

What is misinformation? They do have a playable state of their game, and it’s no longer in closed beta stage. So let’s clear the record then. What state is Earth2 in?

only you’re missing the fact E2 launched in Nov 2020 and Decentraland (which I think is cool btw) launched in 2017. My point was the timeline it took for them to deliver something remotely playable. Anyway, we are pushing along in here, will keep moving internally.

gameplay within 2 months of release? This keeps getting better and better. Check your dates. You promised it within 2 months and delayed it another 2. Wow. Is this an intentional lie or just sleep deprived confusion?

I wrote in game footage, not gameplay. Not sure why people skip over what others write

Here’s the founder in the gen chat able to confirm or clarify resources for 2021… Come on, @Shane. You can do it, buddy. Manage the expectations…

we are actually working on a general road map. To give something to those patiently waiting something to look forward to, but the flip side is others will use it to criticise. I have learned you cannot win, you just need to keep moving forward toward the end goal

@Shane you said on twitter a few days ago we could sleep this week-end and not jeopardize our health… should I sleep well tonight or not?

yes, please sleep

No. My initial point was the way in which Decentraland was implemented in comparison to Earth2, which was a way up before you jumped in. Game first, before the whole P2E system. If you’re saying that your team needs more time to develop your game that’s perfectly understandable, it’s just a bit confounding as to why there’s the new to drop all these P2E feature ahead when you know it’s going to be a while. Questions surrounding sustainability and all that.

your initial point was that Decentraland launched with a game .. which was incorrect, it took them 3 years. Big difference

We need e2 avatars


@Shane is there a new terrain video to showcase more of Nathaniel work.

yes, we need to wait for some other things to happen before it’s released

@Shane play valhiem yet ?

I think my daughter plays that. Unfortunately I don’t have time

I think you’re missing the point. Delays are normal, as I have stated dozens of times. Failing to manage customer expectations is one of your biggest opportunities. For example, if resources are at risk of not making 2021, the sooner you set that expectation the better.

I have made it clear there are multiple announcements coming this month. Let’s look forward to those and see what information they contain.

plus when they did launch their platform the community turned on them because it didn’t meet expectations it crashed on the first week and they couldn’t work out how to put it back online. I spoke to Sam their community manager and he was going through the hell they went through and how e2 would need to go through the same, was no smooth ride at all.

We have people talking the truth who were not even there. It’s like me using Microsoft as an example vs Android when Android was in v1.. or iPhone vs the first Samsung .. or Samsung vs the first Google Pixel etc.. Ignore the process the predecessor had to go through, look at the end result after years of of work to release then compare it to a hyper growth that is finally starting to catch up in it’s first year. Decentraland were not actively pushing updates, supporting a live product etc.

Thanks for sharing that important point

@Shane did you see the happy Birthday E2 video the community and I made for you guys?

100% I loved it!! Plan to repost on Twitter later this month. Thank you so much for that video .. brought a tear

I have 2 sets of axis, sooooooo boring. But it does pay they make $600 a month for me

Axie sky rocketed when the scholarship program came out. When I heard about I asked my team to review and I told them I bet that is when it skyrocketed .. interesting indeed. Great example of play to earn one must say though

Anything you can share in regards to progress of API or SDK?

nothing I can share now, but I can say the PvP we have planned will help us reactively build that API / SDK to allow other games to follow suit. I do want to run a competition at some stage with prize money for the best ideas in the community to build into Earth 2 once we have that foundation ready

@Shane can we expect any blockchain news this month?

why do people want to spoil the party?

Shane, how will jewels, HBs, resources integrate with the wider Metaverse? Eg. Jobs, Networking, online shopping

It depends how players want to integrate them. We will be showing examples with projects we’re building, the community / external developers can follow suit or come up with their own ideas. I cannot wait for the creativity

@Shane did you expect all this success when Earth2 was launched?

no! I expected it maybe one day, but not this fast.. it has turned my life upside down .. I was already busy enough as it were before E2

@Shane have you and the team reviewed the results of the Earth 2 community survey?

no – I just heard there were 300 or so participants. I have asked my team to review it still and appreciate your time trying to put something like that together

Thanks for the reply. So what you’re implying is that creators have freedom to tweak the features of e2 mechanics? Love it!

yeah, I guess I am

@Shane do you still work on the xyz app

yes, things are happening there

Is crafting the big announcement this month?


with great ideas, comes hard work

yeah I didn’t realise what that hard work actually meant ..

@Shane How’s the new office opening going? and is it related to E2?

oh yeah .. I took a photo the other day but thought it’s not a good time to post it. I will get shot for not announcing something more interesting then I will have people asking if that is the big announcement

Shane do you think some of the announcements this month will include information regarding countries such as Nauru and how the E2 team will approach them in a fair manor for users so they don’t suffer a loss? Or do you anticipate a longer runway on these items.

longer runway unfortunately .. sorry

ok I do have to sleep now. Nice chatting everyone and keep safe.

<![CDATA[New Jewel Types and Crafting now Live on Earth2 Stage-2 site]]>https://www.e2.news/post/crafting-live-on-earth2-test-site619290fd7e953600160873d2Mon, 08 Nov 2021 14:25:51 GMTE2.News Community ServiceThe much awaited crafting is here, E2.News offers you a sneak peek from the test site before the official guide is released by Earth2 which may contain things in more detail.

New Jewel Types

If we go by the test site, we are set to witness new Jewel colors corresponding to other resources very soon. This is what we saw:


Crafting seems to require knowledge of particular recipes, many of which are hidden and have to be discovered by users.

Recipes also require Jewel shards, which can be created by destroying Jewels.

We liked the ability to select Jewels in bulk, however we found no easy way to select a single Jewel - which can be done by splitting the grouped jewels in the 5 boxes above.

Discovering Recipes

Users can try to combine different Jewels to discover recipes but any failed attempts will destroy the Jewels and create more shards.

We ran a couple known recipes :-

Crafting a new Jewel type

We can create any Jewel type - a cracked Jewel which seems to be the least powerful Jewel type among Tier-1 Jewels, offering only a 0.3% boost versus a Common Jewel which we collect everyday and has a 0.5% boost rate. You can use 24 shards to conjure a 'Cracked Small Jewel' of any color.

Upgrading Jewels

You can upgrade this cracked Jewel to either a 'Clear Small Jewel' or a 'Luminous Small Jewel'. Upgradation require shards and similar amount of Essence.

Of course we are sure there are other hidden recipes. Also we did not have enough Jewels on our test site account to try more variations but we encourage other users to try if they want to. It will be interesting to see what is the recipe to craft a Tier-2 Jewel. If you discover something new please feel free to give a shoutout on our Twitter (@E2News).

What's Next?

With Jewel crafting coming the floor prices of 'Common Jewels' may inch up as demand for Jewels is expected to increase. The improved Jewels offer a higher boost to the resource production and thus we expect that users will slot improved Jewels. However its unclear what this means for the broader ecosim and whether consuming Essence makes up for the higher resource boost or not - we'll only know once Earth2 releases more information about resources and why should users choose to craft improved Jewels burning Essence in process. In any case, crafting has brought us an additional use case for Essence which adds to its utility.

<![CDATA[Theoretically, as of today, Earth2 has generated more Essence than Tiles outstanding]]>https://www.e2.news/post/more-essence-than-outstanding-earth2-tiles619290fc7e9536001608737eSun, 07 Nov 2021 23:37:41 GMTZEU$As mysterious is the case of Ether and Essence on Earth2, I decided to dig into this a bit. To recap, Earth2 tiles generate Ether which can be converted to Essence. While the Ether generation has more or less been stable versus the size of an account (# tiles), there is a certain mystery around the conversion rate from Ether to Essence - it fluctuates wildly and randomly between 30% - 100%; I haven't heard worse than 30% so far.

As of this writing, many users have already collected Essence which is almost close to the number of their total tiles, suggesting we are close to 1:1 ratio on Essence claimed versus Tiles outstanding. Of course this ratio could be lower for accounts who bought significant number of Tiles since Essence was released, and since they would have generated Essence on those tiles only after their purchase. Additionally the ratio will also be lower for people who spent a lot of Essence on EPLs. Below is the summary of data I could collect:-

Disclaimer: This is data collected on the fly on Twitter, so some of the data could be muddied - but drives the broader point that your account as of today likely has generated more Essence than Tiles in your account - after adjusting for any net tile purchases/ sales and Essence burned from EPL purchases. Also, big shoutout to below who replied @ZEUS_the_real on Twitter with their Essence and Tile-count.

The Big Picture about Essence value

Disclaimer: All of the below is my own math - not a financial advise. Also, very high level numbers and just meant to discuss rather a broader picture if the stated assumptions come true. Please use your own discretion when consuming the below section.

Earth2 has around between 45 - 50 million tiles outstanding, maybe around close to 46 million if I was to pick a number in that range basis an earlier data source. Theoretically, 45-50 million Essence would have been generated - but we are not sure how many have actively collected everyday. Assuming most big accounts did collect, and say 80% was collected - Essence outstanding would be close to 35 - 40 million. This is in 79 days when most users would likely have built their Free Mentars (Essence generated prior to free Mentars is negligible so ignored here). Therefore, as things stand annual Essence generation rate is about ~170 million.

Assuming 15 - 20k EPLs were sold say at an avg Essence of 150 (although 400 is the full cost, 100 was the promo cost for upto 2 EPLs), that puts the burn at about 2.5 million Essence. Assuming we have more burn use cases down the line (holos paid for with Essence, etc, etc. - conservatively we can estimate ~5-10 million Essence burned in the first year if not more. However there maybe additional land sales and say more 5-10 million Essence is generated along nullifying the burn.

Therefore net net we have about 170k avg. essence outstanding in year 1 (by Aug 2022). If Essence market-cap is valued a tenth of Decentraland's ~$5Bn worth $MANA (given E2's infancy etc. etc.) - Essence would have a market cap of ~$500 million. This puts the value of Essence at - 500/160 = About ~$3 per Essence! Even if we do half as bad - still $1 is not beyond imagination. Basis current implied Essence pegged value ($5 EPL = 400 Essence EPL) of $0.0125, that's a ~80x growth potential in less than year from now!

Also bear in mind, if Essence trades above $1, the land value at the lower end (cheapest countries) will have to rise too to avoid arbitrage. So land holders may get rewarded twice!

Why Essence is a great candidate for crypto

Essence generation depends on tiles outstanding, so its supply function is already defined. Its supply rate only grows if more land is purchased (potentially as E2 ecosystem grows). On Earth2 land value increases exponentially as more tiles get bought, therefore the supply rate of Essence doesn't increase linearly but rather incrementally - thus this serves as an anti-inflationary measure (good store of value).

Secondly, you need to hold land to generate Essence - which is a great model and supports the land value on E2. Holding land can be thought akin to staking - many crypto/NFT models already allow staking assets to generate crypto income.

Therefore, Essence being so closely connected to land makes it a great potential primary currency within E2. Land holds a special meaning in economics. In Marshall’s (economics legend) words, “Earth’s surface is a primary condition of anything that a man can do, it gives him room for his action".

Essence is Liquid - we can freely transact using Essence. We have already bought EPLs and soon holo buildings. This can be extended to almost any asset on Earth2. I wont rule out at some point you can pretty much purchase anything within Earth2 using Essence - Avatars, NFTs, 3D objects, etc.

All of the above makes is a great candidate to be the main currency within Earth2.

Closing Thoughts

Again, all of this holds only if Essence is released as a crypto and if market ascribes these values to the Earth2 token. It will depend on what you can do with Essence and how limited/ unlimited is its utility. Mind you - with $MANA you can also purchase LAND in Decentraland - so that's a big dependency to any future values of Essence discussed above.

Finally and more importantly, which will make or break this - whether the perceived overall utility of Earth2 itself rises and what people can do within it. A solid road-map with defined milestones could help achieve that along with some delineation of what is the ultimate vision.

ZEU$ out.

<![CDATA[Earth2 releases another prominent country. Is this the best way?]]>https://www.e2.news/post/earth2-releases-israel619290fc7e9536001608737dThu, 04 Nov 2021 23:44:55 GMTZEU$Just a few hours ago Earth2 released Israel - without any real announcement. This was almost a déjà vu of the accidental release of 5 countries that Earth2 had made some months ago. But whilst that release was because of a mistake, the Israel release was probably intentional. Apparently, there was a hint via a riddle tweet from Shane, immediately after which users supposedly were able to buy land in Israel.

A Random Reward?

Many interpret this as a random reward to users. However maybe a random reward should have -

a) A random chance

b) All users should have at least some chance.

However the said hint wasn't in advance, so people from all time-zones did not have any opportunity to get any low cost tiles, neither there was any time to plan as people were able to for releases with a countdown. Additionally, not all Earth2 users are on Twitter and many would have got access to the riddle much later. These 2 factors don't make this an equal opportunity

Is there a better way?

Some users argue that a Dubai (UAE) like announcement followed by a countdown would have only led to the same troubles everyone experienced back then. However, we all saw how EPL cooldowns worked so well in distributing the opportunity to a wider base. I am not sure what prevented Earth2 from using a similar mechanism. Having an advance announcement and adding a cooldown between purchases gives a fair opportunity to everyone - which I believe is the intention behind these rewards? Now before we judge, I would like to disclose that I have already benefited some from the accidental 5 country release as fortunately I was online at that time; and for the Israel release I had the fortune to know a friend who was kind enough to let me in on this one, who shared his exploits with me. So while I'm grateful for my good stars, I think these kind of opportunities can be exploited better by Earth2.

An opportunity lost!

Israel is a prominent country, and even if the anticipation wasn't as high as for UAE, Earth2 could have tactically used this as an opportunity to attract new users. This could have been achieved by announcing the release in advance to an already heated Metaverse community. It would have been great timing given 'Metaverse' has been the hottest thing past few weeks riding on the Facebook re-branding event. Combined with a cooldown mechanism this approach could have generated far greater dividends I feel. Coming to the argument that this a reward to existing users - there are several other ways to achieve this and even more equitably e.g.:- Higher one-time LIT or an Essence Bonus. However, a prominent country release like Israel could have been better used to generate a lot of conversation outside and attract new players to the platform. A growing user-base helps everyone and its benefits are persistent and long term.

Will Israel be the lucky country for resources?

Earlier Earth2 has hinted that they may release resources in just 1 country to test it out before releasing across the map (Read: https://www.e2.news/post/luckycountry). Many users are speculating that Israel will be that lucky country and whether this ties in to Shane's tweet referring to something happening at the end of November - will Earth2 be releasing resources near end of this month. However, I'm not sure if the point about the lucky country is relevant anymore since as per Earth2 holo-buildings would already have started accruing resources, therefore I'm not sure how this all comes together.

The road ahead:

Frankly, the Israel land release will relatively be a non-event in hindsight - especially if Earth2 makes any major announcements this month as they have hinted. Also it will be interesting to see what is the 'Big Reward' for existing properties - which as Shane indicates could be revealed by end of November.

I'm more excited about these things and whether we will have an insightful roadmap (bigger picture) soon. The other important thing to watch for is whether they tell us how much progress Earth2 has made in its blockchain plans/ execution and whether Earth2 will have its own crypto or not.

Still cautiously optimistic...

ZEU$ out.