<![CDATA[E2.News]]>https://www.e2.news/latestRSS for NodeTue, 05 Jul 2022 13:25:14 GMT<![CDATA[Shane's Candid Thoughts: Key take-aways]]>https://www.e2.news/post/shane-candid-thoughts-june2962bc3901532deaf7063e4640Wed, 29 Jun 2022 17:56:25 GMTE2.News Community ServiceIn his latest video, Shane Isaac (Founder, Earth 2) shared some important updates. Find the key take-aways below:

Essence Whitepaper Delayed

  • The whitepaper which was scheduled to be released in Q2'22 is delayed, and now will be released closer to the Essence launch, which according to Shane is being aimed in Q3 this year. Earth 2 was hoping to launch the Essence token in early Q3, however it has been pushed to late Q3 at the minimum.
  • Reasons outlined for the delay
    • Present uncertainty in crypto/web3/blockchain industry (reference to the on-going crypto winter). Earth 2 believes that timing the token release during a favorable macro environment is preferred.
    • Earth 2 wants to release the whitepaper in close proximity of the Essence launch. Shane has been advised by his advisors to not have too large a gap between the whitepaper release and the token launch, to ensure that potential investors do not have to be kept waiting for a long period post the whitepaper release.
  • Earth 2 highlights the positives of this delay in the form of an opportunity to build and get closer to launching E2V1, be able to add more utility features to Essence which include - upgrading Jewels (existing utility), upgrading Land Tiers, replicating Resources into raw materials for the EcoSim, power Buildings/Vehicles/Units and much more. Therefore, the more utility Essence can have near the point of launch the better.
E2.News comment: While it says late Q3, and even if it does spill into Q4, we don't view this as a negative as its important for Essence to launch in a stable market environment rather in times of high volatility, such as now.

Some points about the upcoming Whitepaper

  • Earth 2 team allocation:
    • Vesting period is 36 months.
    • Vesting period starts from the day of launch of the Essence token.
  • Non Custodial wallets:
    • Users will be able to create a wallet from inside Earth 2, which can be used to transact Essence back and forth between the wallet and Earth 2.
    • The wallets will be non-custodial, which means users will create and hold the private keys to the wallet, and will be solely responsible for the safety of those keys.
    • Earth 2 will have a detailed tutorial to help users learn how to operate non custodial wallets [E2.News has you covered as well :)]
    • Accounts will need to have 2FA activated and Earth 2 may also request accounts to be validated (for safety reasons) before users can transact Essence with their wallet.
  • Essence allocation:
  • Percentages will change a little in the whitepaper, different from what was mentioned in the Earth 2 draft paper (see graphic). The team allocation will likely be reduced, while the community will retain 51% or more.
  • More allocation for CEX listings.
E2.News comment: We are glad that Earth 2 chose the non-custodial path which allows better control and stays true to the decentralization principle. However it also means that Earth 2 will need to go out of its way to ensure that this doesn't become a hinderance to adoption by non savvy users. Ideally, we would have preferred both choices (custodial/non-custodial) being available to users, where a custodial wallet would have simplified things for new users in the initial period, and later as they get comfortable they could have been given a choice to migrate to a non-custodial wallet.

Roadmap Features and Timelines

  • 13 updates including the one upcoming have been released in Q2, however Earth 2 will miss the other planned Q2 updates as depicted on the roadmap in the draft paper. This is because of delays due to various reasons.
  • First release of Resource validation to be live within days.
  • Holo-building trading to go live by mid-July.
  • Earth 2 credits cards are almost ready, but Earth 2 will release them only after they verify the stability of the update involving resource validation and holo-building trading.

Expanding the Holo-building feature

  • Holo-buildings originally conceived to help express player creativity in Phase-2, to help beautify and personalize the properties. Later, it also carried an EcoSim benefit of providing storage space and retrospective access to Resources.
  • The holo-building editor has been updated a few times incorporating feedback from users.
  • Earth 2 plans to further improve the holo-building editor user experience and utility as below:-
    • Detailed Error messages about building issues .
    • Precise controls to make modifications.
    • Layout group system - ability to treat multiple polygons as one (easy dragging and duplication).
    • Making it easier to select exact polygons. Improved polygon operations such as unify, difference, intersect, and match borders such that they understand current selection better.
  • Benefits for holo-buildings placed on Tier-1 properties such as enabling taller buildings.
  • More customization - Different materials, colors, textures, control over emissiveness and reflections.
  • Ability to download holo-building creations into a file format compatible with 3D printers!
  • While its not clear how holo-buildings will appear in Phase-3, however holo-buildings will at least live in their own filtered version. Earth 2 also wants to build games that will include holo-buildings in that layer
  • Ability for players to use holo-buildings or blueprints as accessories and items, and be able to holographically display their buildings by devices carried by their avatars. Be also able to display mini-models in their virtual personal spaces.
  • Ability to use holo-buildings as interactive 3D structures inside Earth 2 holo-decks
  • Further, Earth 2 will continue to add to the above list

D.R.O.N.E. updates

  • Earth 2 is planning to continue the development of the game, and also been sourcing a team to finish some of the remaining promises by the original devs.
  • The game will be continued to be developed as a standalone game, while there will be a separate identical project branded under Earth 2 towards the E2 PvP.
E2.News comment: This is a positive update for the Drone community since many of the current users of the game wanted an option to be able to play Drone outside Earth2.

Coming Soon

  • Country Release countdowns.
  • Mentar Gifting promotions.

The full video can be accessed here:

<![CDATA[Earth 2 Vlog#8: Key take-aways]]>https://www.e2.news/post/earth-2-vlog-862b9f0a70c2db557c9af27e4Mon, 27 Jun 2022 20:25:02 GMTE2.News Community ServiceThis is the final Vlog in the first series of Vlogs by Earth 2. It covers several things such as:-

  • Comparison of tile sizes from the Earth 2 website and E2V1 (the digital Earth we are creating)
  • Displaying various locations on map or satellite view and directly comparing to the same locations inside E2V1
  • Introduction of 2 more Layer 1 EcoSim buildings
  • Introduction of 5 more residential and commercial buildings
  • Showcasing the above buildings in a larger city environment
  • Displaying inter-building road system
  • Showcasing a number of new vehicles, ships, droids and more
  • Introduction to "E-ther is Life"

Key take-aways of the Vlog captured below:-


  • Each Earth 2 land tile is of same size irrespective of where the tile is on the globe. Each tile in Earth2's 3D representation of the Earth measures 19.08 meters x 19.08 meters.
  • E2V1 render exactly matches 1:1 with real world locations and Earth 2 has focused on precision.
  • The map and satellite overlays will help compare how the same real world location looks in comparison to what players have built at the same location inside Earth 2.

EcoSim building: Petrifier

  • The Petrifier is a Layer-1 building of the Cements Branch. It occupies 2x1 tile foot-print.
  • Requirements to build:-
    • Blueprints: To be researched via Research lab.
    • Previously Woven resources: Limestone, Sand and Fresh Water.
  • What it produces: Concrete - a key building block of Cements branch using Limestone, Sand and Fresh Water.

EcoSim building: Steel Mill

  • The Steel Mill is a Layer-1 building, and marks the beginning of the Steels Branch. It occupies 2x1 tile foot-print.
  • Requirements to build:-
    • Blueprints: To be researched via Research lab.
    • Previously Woven resources: Iron Ore, Wood and Industrial Water.
  • What it produces: Rolled Steel - a core building block of the Steels branch using Iron Ore, Wood and Industrial Water.

All the above EcoSim buildings, once researched, follow the standard process of construction - being placed as a holo-building and requiring the construction droids to commence construction. Like in all cases, the construction droids must have access to the relevant building blocks and materials in order to complete the construction.

Residential and commercial building options

  • A medium sized residential building (here shown as spread over 4 tiles), can support small gardens, parking spaces and more.
  • Ideal to set-up virtual personal space for the occupier which other players could visit.
  • Can be tailored to reproduce civilians such as sycophants, proteges or votaries depending on property affiliate factions.
  • Larger residential buildings could provide more utility.
  • They could support more internal space usable by the owner for personal use, to house more faction civilians, or even to lease out to other players.
  • Some buildings will support multi-purpose zones.
  • Their utility could go beyond personal spaces or housing civilians, such as to train or educate civilians or avatars to learn new skills.
  • Larger residential buildings will have specialized purposes supporting player's goals and strategies.
  • Each building will be customizable and support the ability to display advertising billboards.
  • Players will be able to own and build these buildings.
  • This will be possible by participating in the EcoSim where they can - buy, sell, transport, manage, intercept and perform similar activities, which will allow them to acquire key game assets and currencies. These provide them means to own an build themselves.
  • Players, if they wish to, will be able to sell properties along with the buildings they have constructed over time.
  • Players looking to play the EcoSim and earn inside Earth 2 will require personal virtual spaces for their avatars to reside.
  • These players can lease spaces from building owners or otherwise choose to lease spaces based on an EcoSim contract with other players, who can provide these virtual spaces in return for services. Once those services are completed by the leasing player, that player may conduct their own business to earn more within the EcoSim.
  • Players will be able to earn Essence, Resources, Building blocks and similar digital items.

Inter-building road system & construction support

  • The actual size of tiles (19mx19m), allows Earth 2 enough space to develop the inter-building road system, even in heavily purchased areas.
  • This additional space can be viewed as a community area for infrastructure that supports transportation and access.
  • As cities grow, new types of road infrastructure and traffic systems will be available.
  • In a later vlog, Earth 2 will demonstrate construction of buildings on a non-flat terrain such as mountains or hilly areas.
  • Population settlements outside cities, such as low population density rural areas will be enabled as well. They can be connected with city centers using 'hover-roads'
  • More than one building will be able to occupy parts of the same tile. Multiple options will be available when placing certain groups of buildings.
  • Players can merge their structures into different layouts for varying benefits such as saving tile space when constructing buildings together in a group. For example - Two medium sized houses could be placed over 6 tiles rather than use 8 tiles, since individually each medium sized house otherwise occupies a footprint of 4 tiles as seen previously
  • City scenes are dynamic - lighting, shadows and reflections are calculated and updated in real time and can represent day or night, and will support various weather conditions in future

Ether is Life, Essence is Power

  • Ether will have the ability to create and support life on Earth 2.
  • Most living things on Earth 2 will have some form of connection to Ether.
  • For example, Ether would allow a player to begin their civilian workforce. Ether will also support other biological life forms planned for future release inside Earth 2.
  • However, players who create more life than they can house or support will run the risk of having their civilians lured and converted to serve other players.
Vlog#8 marks the end of the first vlog series by Earth 2 consisting of Vlogs 1 through 8 (you can find key take-aways of them all on E2 News).
There should be a gap expected before the next vlog series and the next significant footage is expected closer to the release of the Essence token.

Vlog#8 full video here

<![CDATA[Korean opens physical Earth 2 area!]]>https://www.e2.news/post/korean-opens-physical-earth-2-area-earth2mania62b6caf888b2152e83092a87Sat, 25 Jun 2022 09:08:10 GMTtobaA popular Korean Earth 2 user by the name of 'earth2korean' has opened a public 'virtual property community' named Earth2Mania in downtown Seoul for the public.

I talked to earth2korean about his venture, him telling me that:

'The purpose of Earth2Mania is for those who know virtual property, but have never heard of Earth 2 - we are teaching them how to operate Earth 2'

The user also said that 'existing Earth 2 users will be provided with space for communication related to Earth 2... please look forward to our future activities'

The space offers a virtual property wall, a conference area, and devices to introduce Earth 2 to new players. It is located in Gangnam-Apgujeong-dong, Seoul - one of the wealthiest neighborhoods in the entire city.

An Earth2Mania member by the name of 'Keep Going' highlighted that 'this place is sure to be a hit. After listing, I think we should prepare a waiting ticket machine!'

If you live in Seoul and require any real life 1:1 coaching on Earth 2, click here to join their group chat, or show up to their address at: 326, Apgujeong-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul

Here is the official tour of the area:


A Discord server for Earth2Mania is being created for easier interaction between users.

<![CDATA[The Economics of Essence - Part 3]]>https://www.e2.news/post/the-economics-of-essence-part-362b61966174255b7d5ac7e45Fri, 24 Jun 2022 20:38:40 GMTFrazierDangerConfused? Read parts 1 and 2 here

This is part of a series, which discusses the fundamentals of Essence. The full series takes 10-15 minutes to read and digest fully. Please enjoy!

Make sure to answer the poll at the end.

Solutions to this problem are not hard to nail down: E2 will have to engage in Utility Cost and Supply manipulation to make the token liquid again.

If an increase in Supply occurs, it will lower prices in the exchanges as people will opt to pay lower prices, and if an increase in Demand occurs, it will increase Supply as people opt to pay higher and higher amounts to achieve the perceived value of the token. Both concepts can be flipped to achieve an opposite result.

There are several vehicles to do this, the first of which is something akin to Quantitative Easing or Helicopter Money as a practice, but not quite the same:

Adjusting Distribution to meet Demand

Scholars are going to be producing Essence by engaging with the game, and E2 controls how much Essence is produced by their activities; how this affects price is by increasing Supply. If Supply reaches equilibrium with Demand, the price of Essence will stabilize, and if Supply is more than Demand, prices will fall.

The second is by adjusting Utility Cost to manipulate Demand, or Fixed USD Pricing.

Scholars and Land Owners will both need to engage in transactional activities. If the cost to upgrade a Jewel is (€)0.10, the price of Essence itself is $10.00, E2 can increase the rate of transactions by re-denominalizing the cost of upgrading a jewel to (€)0.01, which would lower Demand.

This could happen in real time to reflect a target price such as $0.10, however there would be other issues, such as system overload as people could be waiting for the price of Essence to increase in the nominal sense, allowing them to effectively spend less money (after Essence rebounds normally) by spending during short stints of upward market turbulence.

Real time cost reflections of Essence Utility transactions are therefore not desirable; however, a similar effect could be achieved with sensible and timely changes in the Utility Cost of Essence controlled more closely by E2, or at semi-regular intervals, thus disincentivizing exploitation in game.

Expanding on transactional problems, the issues caused by a real-time change in the price of Essence reflected in game are that if the price of a given transaction is tied to the real-time ticker price of Essence, people will engage in gamification of transaction costs. Negative effects of such things will include at best, queues for a transaction to be performed, and at worst, total server crashes as 2,000 people simultaneously teleport as the price of Essence rises for a split second—to say nothing of scripted transaction bots or other exploitation tactics yet to be created.

Complex Solutions

So, we have two methods of price regulation so far: Increasing or decreasing Essence Supply through distribution as a result of platform engagement, and changing Utility Cost so that price in the cost of Essence is adjusted to fit a target price and therefore Demand.

Of the others, there are methods of increasing prices which do not work to decrease price. Staking, for instance, is one such method.

Staking is similar to purchasing a bond or CD, but in this case, the intended purpose is to lower Supply by rewarding players for, in most cases, locking their tokens in an unusable state, usually via contract. Staking can increase the price by decreasing Supply, while paying out individuals an agreed upon amount of a certain commodity or Essence for removing their tokens from the pool.

The problem with Staking, of course, is that while it is capable of removing liquidity from a market, it can also cause the reverse problem when staking a particular token results in tokens which

were not at risk being in velocity being locked up and then rewarded for not being used, which was already the case. If the reward for staking is more of the staked token or fiat, or a commodity which can be easily converted into the fiat, the intended behavior modification is not only not being created, but is being rewarded for whatever portion of that token which was never at risk of going into Supply to begin with, to say nothing of the markets you’re interacting with if the reward isn’t monetary or easily converted into money.

Additionally, and furthermore, the amount being staked can and eventually will re-enter Supply, causing market turbulence if the amount is great enough at the end of a staking period—this can create perfect storm inflationary cycles when done at scale.

Finally, we come to Quantitative Easing, a latter stage Eco-Sim possibility which requires the Eco-Sim to achieve a stage of complexity similar to our own monetary system today.

Quantitative Easing, true Quantitative Easing, requires that a centralized monetary authority create or re-enter into Supply money stock which is then used to purchase assets or bonds for the purpose of creating market liquidity. While it is hard to imagine E2 repurchasing land with Essence, or purchasing contracts, bonds, or certificates, I assure you, if E2 is the game that Shane has made it out to be, these things will not only be likely to exist, but will be some of the most exciting aspects of the machinery of gameplay. But, if the time comes that a major Sim-Wide economic downturn occurs, E2 might well start playing the role of the Central economic authority, and in turn, opt to carry out means of maintaining the perceived value of these monetary devices by holding them themselves. Demand for money, after all, is an article of faith, and E2 must maintain faith in its enterprise, even if that means buying up Essence to create Demand. They will be the central Economic authority, and it is in their interest as a company to maintain interest in their token, as well as interest in the player base to use the token, as the value of the token comes from the utility of the token within the game, not only to give it stability, but to give it recognizable value as a commodity to the world at large. All money is ultimately a display of the belief that someone else will believe it has value.

If there are any questions, please leave a comment.

Signing off,


<![CDATA[The Economics of Essence - Part 2]]>https://www.e2.news/post/the-economics-of-essence-part-262b208f12c6d1ac262f6c411Tue, 21 Jun 2022 19:54:17 GMTFrazierDangerConfused? Read parts 1 and 3 here

This is part of a series, which discusses the fundamentals of Essence. The full series takes 10-15 minutes to read and digest fully. Please enjoy!

The envisaged economy of E2 will significantly depend on the supply and demand of its utility token known as Essence.

At its core, Essence exists to create a reason for people to engage with E2. As landowners, we often engage with the platform understanding our value is largely tied up with the land itself, and not to anything as liquid as a token; that is to say that so far, there hasn’t been much need to consider how Essence is spent and on what, or the supply of Essence.

As soon as tomorrow, or as late as next year—whenever it happens, we will eventually need to worry about the fluctuation of Essence prices on the exchanges in order to keep certain parties employed in our interests.

We have interests: We are land owners. Land owners, having interests, of course, have to be interested in paying people a proper wage in order to keep them engaged in our economic system. Whether or not the contracts that E2 eventually builds automatically dictate terms relative to value is irrelevant—people must be able to get paid, and paid enough to keep them engaged on our terms.

Now, consider this: If Essence costs $1.00, and it costs 0.10 Essence to teleport to Singapore, it costs $0.10 to teleport to Singapore. If the value of Essence goes up to $2.00, that same 0.10 Essence is now equivalent to $0.20. Naturally, this means that since the cost of Essence has gone up, it now costs more to travel to Singapore. If travelling to Singapore to complete a transaction or do work costs more, it is now less economically beneficial to travel to Singapore than it was before. Less people will be traveling to Singapore, necessarily, especially once that same value is expanded to $10.00.

If each transaction on the platform is tied directly to the price of Essence on an exchange, rather than to a pegged value, then Essence is going to be transacted at a lower and lower rate as the value goes up. If Essence was a purely rational token, it would remain at a place where the supply was always equal to demand, such that teleporting to Singapore would remain optimally cheap, while still causing demand to exist relative to the optimal value necessary to cause in-game activity among the “Scholars”.

Essence cannot be a rational token because it has value which can be tied explicitly to real world currencies and can be traded for whatever value people perceive that value to be outside of the context of use in E2 as a utility token at any point in time.

What does this mean for Essence?

It means that if 0.10 Essence is the permanent and flat value for a given transaction in E2, when economic pressure is sufficient to drive the price up, 1/10th of the value of Essence (in dollars) will be the cost of any transaction which costs 0.10 Essence. People won’t be so interested in spending Essence if every transaction costs as much as an hourly wage in their country, and this cannot be a long-term value in that case, as we are relying on people to come in and make the platform sustainable for our investments.

Part 3 will follow soon with Frazier suggesting ways to address this

<![CDATA[The Economics of Essence - Part 1]]>https://www.e2.news/post/the-economics-of-essence-part-162b0754f3205056c1a9d0df1Mon, 20 Jun 2022 13:36:08 GMTFrazierDangerPreamble

Not many people have broad experience with economics, as economies are generally run behind the scenes. It’s difficult to understand the rationality behind systems of economics as complex as the USD or Crypto without years of education, as well as a historical notion of the value of the Dollar.

In fact, it would be fair to say that if people understood the economy too well, it wouldn’t run as efficiently, because what we see as irrational economics are actually, in many cases, what allows the economy to run in the first place. Investing wouldn’t be quite so enticing if people could foresee the future, and it’s only thanks to the complexity of the market that makes the future so opaque.

Part 1 – An Introduction to Monetary Concepts

As Earth 2 comes closer to releasing its token for trade on the marketplace, we are on the precipice of a great many people learning what it means to interact with monetary policy, including our CEO, Shane.

The value of money is simple for the average person. What costs $1.00 today will likely cost $1.00 next week as well. Outside of periods of inflation brought about through increasing the amount of money in circulating supply, inflation is generally low with most currencies in stable economies. For those of us unfamiliar, inflation is the process which causes the value of something to decrease because there is more of it relative to Demand, and so in a trade, you will be expected to offer more of that good or currency (increasing prices) for a product than you would have before supply and demand changes caused that good/ currency to be considered worth less.

Similarly, deflation is the mirror image of inflation, characterized by increasing value of currency (reducing prices), and less money supply relative to demand, thus causing it to have a higher value relative to other goods and services in general, when the process occurs in a vacuum. Deflation is an undesirable scenario since it subdues economic activity as people try to hold onto the money they have. Therefore, sometimes there is also the need for increasing money supply in order to allow people to spend freely again. These processes include “Helicopter Money,” a process which distributes money directly to individuals, and “Quantitative Easing,” which is a complex monetary process involving governments and banks. They are most often the result of a currency or good being seen as too scarce or valuable to be able to be spent or used, but can also be the result of monetary forces which caused that money or those goods to be busy doing other things, such as propping up certain portions of an economy.

Regardless, many Governments’ central banks have often had to rely on processes such as quantitative easing to cause liquidity to return to the market, and while it almost always has the effect of causing inflation later on down the line, in the short term, it causes money to circulate again, which is often considered a good thing.

The sequences of events here are actually more complicated, as Quantitative easing has an entire process which involves purchasing Government bonds and assets so that the money can then be distributed to banks for loans, however, what’s important here is the concept: Increasing supply of money so that the economy can continue circulating. So, how does this relate to E2?

Find out more in the next article coming on the 22nd June.

To be continued....

Please leave a comment with any ideas/clarification. Register as a site member to be reminded of the next part

<![CDATA[Earth 2 Vlog#7: Key take-aways]]>https://www.e2.news/post/earth-2-vlog-7-key-take-aways62a8591a8e469aaee1ba70d0Tue, 14 Jun 2022 10:48:28 GMTE2.News Community ServiceEarth 2 introduced two new Eco-Sim buildings and introduced the concept of Essence staking in its latest Vlog. Find key details below:-

EcoSim building: Petro-processor

  • The Petro-processor is a Layer-2 building, and marks the beginning of the Coating Technology Branch (presumably within the Earth 2 tech-tree).
  • Requirements to build:
    • Blueprints: Available via Research lab, once its upgraded to Layer-2 on that specific property.
    • Pre-Requisite EcoSim buildings: The Lignator, The Petrifier and The Water Processor. Each of these three have to be in an active state, however need not exist on the same property, but on any of the plots owned by the same user.
    • Building Blocks: Construction Wood, Concrete, Rolled Steel, Industrial Water and Oil.
  • What it produces: Lacquer coatings and paint including self-luminous paints using wood, limestone, industrial water and refined oil.

EcoSim building: Gold-polymerizer

  • The Gold-polymerizer is also a Layer-2 building, and marks the beginning of the Metallurgic Chemistry Branch.
  • Requirements to build:
    • Blueprints: Available via Research lab, once its upgraded to Layer-2 on that specific property.
    • Pre-requisite EcoSim buildings: The Water Processor, which has to be in active state, however need not exist on the same property.
    • Building Blocks: Construction Wood, Concrete, Rolled Steel, Industrial Water and Gold.
  • What it produces: Gold bars using industrial water and gold.

If a user deconstructs or deletes an EcoSim building which is currently supporting another EcoSim building, the supported buildings will cease to operate until the player rebuilds the required EcoSim building(s).

Both the above EcoSim buildings, once researched, follow the standard process of construction - being placed as a holo-building and requiring the construction droids to commence construction. Like in all cases, the construction droids must have access to the relevant building blocks and materials in order to complete the construction.

To remind, some EcoSim buildings will be able to store limited amount of the produce locally on-site, but once the production crosses a certain limit, building blocks or raw materials will need to be relocated via transportation to storage areas properties, construction sites or trading hubs. Holo-buildings will provide for expansion of storage space at the particular property they have been placed on.

Customization of objects within Earth 2, including buildings and vehicles, will support guild association, neighborhood synchronization or simply allow personal preferences of users.

E2V1 will gradually transform to first-person view and beyond, as the development advances over time

E-ther is Life, Essence is Power

  • Essence will help power multiple things inside Earth 2. Players would be able to power their Mentars at an adjustable rate, to suit a particular player's strategy - such as deciding between the rate of raw material replication, or focus more on E-ther to Essence transformation
  • Essence will be stakeable by players in special ways, such as - provide power support for other players or megacities at a mutually agreeable reward, allowing such essence to be utilized for various purposes. Details of Essence staking will be available closer to the launch of the Essence token.
<![CDATA[Earth 2 Vlog#6: Key take-aways]]>https://www.e2.news/post/earth-2-vlog-6-key-take-aways6294f5d5e2adc12b93333530Mon, 30 May 2022 17:56:37 GMTE2.News Community ServiceThis Vlog talks about Residential and Commercial buildings, utilizing handpicked building types and demonstrates how a user may potentially customize them. It also talks about additional utility for Residential/ Commercial buildings beyond the obvious.

Key take-aways

  • Earth 2 plans to release several building models with different art types to support player expression, affiliation and creativity.
  • Earth 2 has implemented Interior mapping which could help render building interiors at scale at a reduced cost. This technology is used by many other applications such as Forza Horizon, Spiderman, Sim City 5, Assassins Creed to name a few.
  • Most commercial and residential buildings will be constructed using building blocks manufactured by player operated EcoSim buildings.
  • Players will need building blocks, materials and the blue-print of the building at the plot location where they wish to construct. Following this, they will need to place a holo-building at the construction site, and take the help of correct type of construction droids to finish the construction.
  • A residential building could serve as a personal space for players in the Earth 2 Metaverse. They could customize this virtual environment to their desire, and could also store, host, interact and display various digital goods that belong to them.
  • Earth 2 aims to develop more utility for buildings, developing use-cases for them beyond their typical use. For example, a residential building could take part in the EcoSim by allowing the buildings to produce sycophants (potentially a basic game unit) which will be needed to operate EcoSim buildings, drive transportation, navigate ships, battle and so forth.
  • Commercial buildings primarily could link real-world commercial experiences for Earth 2 players, but their in-game utility could further extend to training or educating sycophants to determine their career pathways, towards improving their efficiency and usefulness across the EcoSim.
  • Sycophants will be released as an additional dynamic to the EcoSim after the initial release, testing and balancing.
  • Different types of commercial and residential buildings will require players to achieve different levels of research technology. As players progress, they could unlock more advanced blueprints, construction droids and structures.
  • Different level of structures will be able to do different things. For example, a low-tier structure maybe able to host a small and simple billboard, while larger and more advanced buildings could host larger/ advanced billboards.
  • Players with billboards on their buildings will be able to control the type of ads/ messages shown on their building or their extensive network should they own multiple buildings. If a player doesn't want to customize ads/ messages they will have the option of permitting generics ads/ messages subject to supply/ demand.
  • Building types and technology tier levels will not be limited to influencing billboard numbers/ sizes, it will also deliver other types of utility to their owners.
"The Earth 2 EcoSim will become a real-time, logistical, player-driven economic simulation creating a unique interesting and dynamic trading environment, that spans across a 1:1 scale digital replication of planet Earth. The players will determine what/where/how to trade and their prices. This is expected to result in an exciting, engaging and unpredictable economic simulated environment; also involving the potential for conflict"

Further, its possible that Earth 2 may never release a tech-tree and instead choose to release details in a series of Vlogs such as the current ones. Or they may let the players discover and learn for themselves, or rely on the researched content released by Earth 2 content creators - so stay tuned to E2.News

Full Earth 2 Vlog#6 here:

<![CDATA[Earth 2 Resource Validation mechanism explained]]>https://www.e2.news/post/resource-validation6294d66d111879df11ec91d8Mon, 30 May 2022 15:42:33 GMTE2.News Community ServiceIn his recent candid video, Shane Isaac (Founder CEO, Earth 2) talks about resource validation and reacts to user comments from Earth 2 Official discord.

Resource Validation

  • If a potential resource plot is not already validated, users can raise a validation request if they believe (and hopefully can prove) they have the corresponding resource on their plot
  • When raising a request, a user will have to stake Essence against each validation request
  • If the request is successful, the user gets back the original essence plus a % bonus on their staked essence. Unsuccessful/ Frivolous requests could potentially lose their staked Essence
  • Multiple users can contribute towards a resource validation request, thus on successful validation, all users who have staked their essence will receive a bonus.
  • Automatic Validations:
    • There is an expected scenario where some users put up a validation resource around the same area, say for example multiple users who have a plot within the same mine.
    • If a resource validation request in such an area gets approved by Earth 2, it could potentially trigger an automatic validation for nearby plots (in that direct area) to confirm the presence of the said resource.
    • Such automatic validations could stretch in any direction and for any length, since the first plot to validate may not necessarily be at the epicenter. The automatic validation mechanism greatly reduces the time and process towards the entire resources validation exercise.
    • In such a scenario, and for plots in such an area, users will still have the opportunity to earn the Essence bonus by submitting a validation request as soon as possible. Once resource validation goes live, Earth 2 will allow up to a week (at least) to give such users the opportunity to submit resource validation requests for earning that Essence bonus.
    • Users whose plots get automatically validated for a resource, and who do not have an open resource validation request against that plot, will still receive access to the said resource; they will only lose the chance to earn an Essence bonus via the validation process.

Discord User questions

Shane also reacted to various user comments/ queries from Earth 2 official discord. You can find those in the video below. Specific comments/ questions can be found using the time stamps in the video (resources validation part is already covered in the section above)

06:57 - Tile limitations (by Jad)

09:08 - Merging tiles (by Futuristic)

11:08 - 750 tiles is a brig property! (by Ibby VK)

11:30 - Crypto has to be simple to understand (by MrGreen)

13:21 - Auto merging properties (by MrGreen)

15:08 - Single tile customization

16:05 - Jewel family and tile art (by Chris)

16:42 - Scholars and a new gameplay (by Drew)

19:16 - The VR experience (by ZackFreiday)

21:10 - Phase 2.5 in relation to Phase 3 (by SimoneS)

23:16 - Earth 2 as "The Metaverrse" (by Eugene Boondock)

25:53 - The Weaver part of a Mentar (by AussiOne)

26:23 - Trading HUBs and Megacities

27:41 - Transportation Theory

29:25 - Day Night Cycle (by ZEU$)

31:25 - Increasing the player base (by Pacey)

34:48 - Building types and players' creativity

37:03 - Style variations for buildings

37:58 - Museums, concerts and AR promoting signs

40:10 - Transportation in relation to the Marketplace (by CrushCity)

41:26 - What happens if something goes wrong? (by Dairk)

42:55 - Leaderboard: the long-term vision

44:33 - The platform as something completely new (by AussiOne)

48:05 - More clarifications about the resources validation system (by Jab)

49:41 - Transparency as the key for success (by Virtual Tycoon)

53:21 - Outro

54:19 - About the next Earth 2 Official Vlog

<![CDATA[Resource heatmaps release confounds users; Shane clarifies]]>https://www.e2.news/post/resource-heatmaps-release-confounds-users-shane-clarifies6288b16a416a07f9799c4dc7Sat, 21 May 2022 10:16:57 GMTE2.News Community ServiceEarth 2 has released the heatmaps for Oil and Gold on its website. The heatmaps correspond to confirmed resource (Oil/ Gold) presence on existing player owned plots on the map.

According to Earth 2, Oil and Gold are rare but important resources for its EcoSim. However, some of the locations of these resources according to the heatmap has surprised Earth 2 users. For instance, certain cities like Tokyo, Nairobi and others show a high concentration of either Oil or Gold, on the other hand some known large mines do not show up in the current heatmap.

Nevertheless, the original announcement and subsequent clarifications given by Shane (Founder CEO, Earth 2) may offer some hints. Here are the take-aways:-

What do the current heatmaps show?

The current heatmap represents just the binary data, i.e. whether the said resource exists at a given plot or not. It does not yet display the frequency or amount of that resource in that location. However, if a property is shown in the current heatmap it represents one of the highest group of resource concentration / density for Gold or Oil. Earth 2 says it has refrained from releasing areas that still have Gold / Oil but in lower frequency as Players would not yet have any way of distinguishing between the various densities. For the currently released heatmaps, Earth 2 will monitor results over 2 weeks, checking it live on the production server, monitor feedback etc.

New Purchases: Should I buy close to the properties showing up on the resource heatmaps?

Players should be careful when purchasing adjacent properties to the ones showing on the heat-map, because it does not mean adjacent tiles will return the same result after purchase. Although Earth 2 has said that they are working with 'proximity radius datasets'. Even then, the new property could take 24 hours or longer to show up on the resources heatmap and if it has that particular resource.

What do I do if I think my property has Oil/ Gold but it is not showing up on the heatmap?

Earth 2 says that may not necessarily be a bad thing. Below are some key points to keep in mind

  • The resource presence can be challenged via the Resource validation system coming up in the next 5-6 weeks
  • Players who believe they have a confirmed resource have the opportunity to collaborate with other players to validate the resource presence, using the resource validation system, and earn a nice bonus (likely to be Essence)
  • Earth 2 suggests to begin collecting evidence such as official URLs, PDFs, papers, images and other material you may have to support your claim
  • The current heatmaps are only the first version and certainly not exhaustive; more locations for Oil and Gold will be added over the next few days/ weeks
  • In the end, all properties will have some kind of resources and not necessarily Oil or Gold. Each resource will have a purpose within the EcoSim and thus the current heatmaps are just a start.
Shane says - "I knew that irrelevant of what we released, some would be upset, which is understandable, so we planned for this. You need to remember, the EcoSim is a game, there will be ways to strategize but there will also be times some Players get lucky in different ways. In this case, some Players got lucky having their resource validated early and not needing to submit a validation request, yet they lose a chance to collaborate with other players and receive bonuses in doing so later."
<![CDATA[Earth 2 Vlog#5 : Key take-aways]]>https://www.e2.news/post/earth-2-vlog-5-key-take-aways6281375f10b72655bd1934b1Sun, 15 May 2022 17:56:04 GMTE2.News Community ServiceEarth 2 has just released its 5th Vlog covering the 'Research Lab', some more details on transportation and the EcoSim. We look at some key take-aways

  • The Research Lab
    • Earth 2 introduced its third EcoSim building which requires 1x1 tile space to be placed on.
    • The Research Lab sits just after the Mentar in the Tech tree and therefore is a very basic EcoSim building and is required to research blueprints for the construction of other basic EcoSim buildings.
    • Creates contour survey report for each researched blueprint it generates. This report in addition to the researched blueprint is required to construct EcoSim buildings on the property the Research Lab is located on.
    • Research Lab blueprints will be acquirable by players when first-tier EcoSim buildings are released. The Mentar will be a pre-requisite to acquiring the blueprint for the Research Lab.
    • Just like the other Phase-2 EcoSim buildings, the Research Lab is to be activated as a holo-building including the need to command the construction droids to use previously woven resources to complete the construction of the Research Lab.
  • Merging Properties
    • Earth 2 is exploring ways to allow users to merge properties of the same land Tier. Until such time the size of the original property will determine how many EcoSim buildings it can support.
  • Transportation
    • Many EcoSim buildings will be able to process raw materials into building blocks which in-turn can be used to create final products inside Earth 2. Each EcoSim building can only store a limited amount of building blocks while the excess production needs to be moved to local storage or transported away to be traded at a different location
    • There will be different types of vehicles for transportation. For example, smaller vehicles could be more economical to transport smaller cargo on shorter trips, while larger vehicles are more suited for larger cargo and to transport over medium to longer trips
    • While some vehicles can be multi-purpose vehicles, many will be suited for specific purposes or cargo types
    • Vehicles will have various attributes such as - acceleration, top speed, reachability, cargo weight ratio, etc. Such attributes will feed into the strategic considerations required by players taking part in the EcoSim.
<![CDATA[Digital assets in Earth 2, Resource Heatmap]]>https://www.e2.news/post/digital-assets-resource-heatmap6280c8698a4d5da2c4d9cbedSun, 15 May 2022 10:02:40 GMTE2.News Community ServiceShane released a candid video few hours ago on his personal YouTube handle. Find key take-aways below


Key take-aways from the video

  • He discussed about the evolution of various business models in gaming and how it has shaped his thinking around the model adopted for Earth 2
  • Shane aspires to build the Earth 2 platform where users can truly own and trade several digital assets. Most of these assets will either be created by players themselves or generated on player owned land (eg Jewels, Resources)
  • Earth 2 doesn't want players to keep spending fiat on every new feature or update (typical in-game purchase model), rather work off the land they already own to acquire, trade (player-to-player) and build on top of it. Most value is thus centered around the land that the players will hold.
  • Essence is easy to collect now, however it will gradually become difficult to claim it. Essence will be the key currency needed to build on Earth 2.
  • Earth 2 has the option to raise capital (at least $100 million) if they need to, however if that ever happens it will be strategic capital and on Earth 2's own terms.
  • Resources:
    • Earth 2 will start showing binary data on existing properties, i.e. whether a particular resource exists there or not (rather showing how much of it is there)
    • Plan to start with Gold and Oil heatmaps on the test-server (within next few days) for a few weeks, before adding more resource types
    • Subsequently the resource validation process will be launched where players will be incentivized to correctly validate (E2 team will confirm the presence). Incorrect/ malicious validations will invite penalties to ensure minimal wastage of effort and time towards validation.
  • Shane emphasized the importance of the information carried within Earth 2 dev vlogs and asked users to pay close attention to them.
  • As Earth 2 keeps building the foundations of its Metaverse, it aims to keep things interesting along the way. Among other things being developed in the background, there is new PvP gameplay under development to make to upcoming EcoSim more interesting and add a risk/ reward element to it. Shane signed off by warning, "One day you'll be complaining about there being too many things to do on Earth 2 and not too little"
<![CDATA[Earth 2 Essence Conversion Explained]]>https://www.e2.news/post/earth-2-essence-conversion-explained6271547b6af115f2cc357a4aTue, 03 May 2022 16:20:08 GMTE2.News Community ServiceHere is a video by Pacey explaining the differing Essence conversion rates in honour of him reaching 100,000 views on his E2 Channel.


The difference in conversion can be found in this table:

Credits to E2Economist.

It shows a major disparity between T1 and T2 properties, as Tier 2 properties have a 10x lower conversion rate than T1 properties with promised Essence.

So don't worry if you're getting a lower conversion rate than other players - you just have a different ratio of T1 and T2 tiles.

<![CDATA[Shane discusses Earth 2 Phases, introduces Phase 2.5]]>https://www.e2.news/post/shane-earth2-phases6270ce94af9c6c3059cdcff4Tue, 03 May 2022 07:40:29 GMTE2.News Community ServiceThe Founder & CEO of Earth 2 released a new video earlier today via his personal YouTube handle. Shane discussed what various phases of Earth 2 entail, and how faster progress has enabled Earth 2 to bring in 3D gameplay earlier than originally planned.


Phase-1: Release of the Earth 2 MVP, allowing players to own and trade geo-locational virtual land tiles corresponding to real world locations. This phase also saw some player creativity in the form of tile-art and heat-map art.

Phase-2 (current phase): Release of the EcoSim and related features to build the economic foundation for Earth 2 gameplay. Features released till date include - Mentars (base level eco-sim building), Ether (detected by Mentars, produced off land), Essence (transformed from Ether, soon to be listed as a crypto token), EPL (provides a short address[URL] to properties), Jewels (boosts Resources and Essence, tradeable on Bazaar) and Holo-buildings (customizable 3D structures, help store Resources, blueprints soon tradeable on Bazaar). Resources (yet to be released) will be required to build almost anything inside Earth 2.

Phase 2.5: Initially much of Phase-3 was planned as 2D, while 3D gameplay was planned to be launched only nearer to Phase-3. However, due to the progress made by the Phase-2 team, Earth 2 is planning to introduce some 3D gameplay in Phase-2 itself via E2V1 (first version of 3D Earth 2). This is now called as Phase 2.5 (Phase-2 with 3D gameplay), allowing users to experience early visualization of the Earth 2 Metaverse.

Phase-3: Full blown 3D Earth 2 Metaverse. However, this is some time away and will be built over the next few years.

<![CDATA[Earth 2 Vlog#4: Meet the Lignator and the Hovercar! ]]>https://www.e2.news/post/meet-the-lignator-key-take-aways-of-vlog-4626eecc80f37fb2afb370a5aSun, 01 May 2022 21:03:32 GMTE2.News Community ServiceEarth 2 released its dev Vlog#4 earlier today, and introduced another EcoSim building called the 'Lignator', along with other important EcoSim updates. Find key take-aways below -


Key take-aways from Vlog#4:

  • The Lignator building:
    • Phase-2 building with a footprint of 2x1 tiles
    • Purpose: To create 'Construction Wood' building blocks - using wood and fresh water as input resources
    • 'Construction Wood' will be a key requirement to build almost any other EcoSim building, and thus will be required early in the Earth 2 Tech-tree
    • Needs to be researched in the Research Lab, and can be placed as a holo-building
    • Will need some resources, which the droids can use to build the Lignator
  • More EcoSim Vlogs to follow with important info: Over time Earth 2 will keep releasing such vlogs to show how the corresponding EcoSim buildings will look like in 3D, and their purpose within the EcoSim.
  • Accelerating into 3D: The EcoSim buildings shown till now and in near future are still Phase-2 buildings. Earlier Phase-2 was intended to be released in 2D, however Earth2 intends to introduce 3D gameplay much faster, and these structures will be available inside E2V1 (First version of the 3D Earth 2). This means that 3D gameplay will be available throughout phase 2.
  • Geo-location mapping of Resources:
    • For example, land located directly above a known real-world mine will generate that particular resource at a higher rate than compared to other tiles that do not have the direct geo-locational link to that particular resource.
    • While the Earth 2 EcoSim will start with the currently listed 8 resources , more will be added in future and with similar geo-location linkages.
    • Every player owned tile will have access to at least 1 resource, which can be copied and replicated into raw materials to be further used to create building blocks via eco-sim buildings
  • Building blocks:
    • They are processed raw materials, therefore connected to the EcoSim. For example, the Lignator introduced in this Vlog processes wood+freshwater into 'Construction Wood' building block.
    • In some cases building blocks need to be researched, and as the EcoSim enters higher tiers the building blocks will become more diversified, specialized and complex
    • Players will be able to transport and trade building blocks, using various transportation systems. This Vlog introduces the 'Hovercar'!

<![CDATA[Earth 2 partners with R/GA Singapore]]>https://www.e2.news/post/earth-2-partners-with-rga-singapore626d2f7c3e37ddf2c0fb831cSat, 30 Apr 2022 12:56:46 GMTE2.News Community ServiceR/GA Singapore announces strategic partnership with Metaverse platform Earth 2

R/GA Singapore has announced a strategic partnership with the leading metaverse platform Earth 2, a futuristic concept for a geolocational 1:1 scale second Earth. The strategic partnership will refine the brand expression to connect the broader public to the creative possibilities of the Earth 2 metaverse.

The partnership between R/GA Singapore and Earth 2 will integrate product strategy, experience design, product design, and web and mobile build. In addition, R/GA Singapore will work closely with Earth 2 in the coming months to refresh the brand’s website to help the wider public better understand the vision and mission of the company and provide a great user experience for the Earth 2 app.

The partnership with Earth 2 reflects the company’s [R/GA's] ongoing commitment to “Designing a More Human Future” and allowing R/GA to tackle challenges from multiple angles, leveraging the power of creativity and applying a human-centric approach to the Earth 2 platform.

R/GA represents many influential brands, such as:

- McDonalds

- Nike

- Shopify

- Samsung

- PepsiCo

- Reddit

Learn more about R/GA at their website here: https://www.rga.com/

<![CDATA[Shane appears as a panelist at the R/GA event: Key take-aways]]>https://www.e2.news/post/shane-panelist-rga-event-key-take-aways626ab5d8a2074e8bbf6f1a52Thu, 28 Apr 2022 18:20:10 GMTE2.News Community ServiceEarlier today, Shane Isaac (CEO, Earth2) participated in the R/GA panel at the 'Creating Metaverse Experiences in APAC' event. He discussed the Metaverse from Earth2's perspective.

Here are the key excerpts from his conversation in the panel that was hosted by Robert Sawatzky (Haymarket Media) and the participants also included - Dean Sciole (General Motors), Tuomas Peltonieme (R/GA), and Connie Ho (R/GA).

Main take-aways

The session opened with the panel discussing how the Metaverse and underlying tech are not new, however there is now a confluence of some key emerging trends that will define the Metaverse/Web3 experience, these are - Societal shift to Virtual (accelerated by Covid), Crypto and Blockchain, and Gaming & Virtual Worlds.

Below is from what Shane said during the panel discussion -

Describing what Earth2 is:

  • Shane:- We are 16/17 months into building Earth 2, and its really early days. There are other platforms in the metaverse space which took years to put together and their vision is probably not as grand scale as Earth 2. We are in this for the long run so we are committed to certain things now and some in the future.
  • Earth 2 means different things to different people but in a nutshell Earth 2 is a geo-locational Metaverse, with direct correlation between real-world locations and the digital representation of those locations inside Earth 2. This digital representation will expand and grow over time as we roll-out future technology
  • Launched the MVP of Earth 2 in Nov, 2020. Ironically I launched this as a side project, but people quickly fell in love with the concept and around December we hit hyper-growth with a range of statistics that would challenge almost any start-up in history.
  • We released a digital grid over land that spread across the planet Earth and we split that into what we advertise as 10x10 meter plots. However, the actual size of those plots maybe larger than 10x10 meters which the players will find out pretty soon when we release the 3D version of Earth 2.
  • People have been able to buy, trade and slightly customize their lands. This has been at a scale where player to player trading sales have run into tens of millions of dollars. This is all in Fiat, even as we are dedicated to moving to web3.

What inspired you to build Earth2?

  • Shane:- To answer this I'd probably cover what 'the Metaverse' should be
  • Top 5 things that a Metaverse should be -
    1. It should be big enough, you should be able to zoom out and it looks expansive.
    2. It should feel real as much as possible, as though it truly exists. So in case of Earth 2 you can access it from any Earth 1 location to see what's happening on Earth 2 at the corresponding location. Its more like alternate reality.
    3. Long term sustainable economy, which rewards those who are participating in it.
    4. Decentralized as much possible, providing irrefutable ownership on key digital assets. Earth 2 is currently centralized, but we are committed to decentralize it. 'The Metaverse' in the future will be too important to be run alone by a single corporation.
    5. Supports creativity - Means it never stops expanding. It never becomes stagnant as it supports creativity not just from players/individuals but also businesses who can can use those tools to create a presence inside the Metaverse. The platform should also reward those creations for what others need or derive happiness from.

On taking Earth 1 brands and products inside the Metaverse:

  • Shane:- Important to stick to your guns what you are creating and aligned with your product and brand.
  • There are massive opportunities for top brands to create digital assets. Brands will probably have to focus on building out teams of 3D model designers as opposed to team of people creating those goods in factories as they do on Earth 1. In the Metaverse people will have the ability to purchase these.
  • People are going to want to collect things, they will want rarity, things to beautify their avatars or their environment. And its important that people either purchase these or earn these items as opposed to just being given freely - so does actually have purpose inside of the platform.
  • On Earth 2, we'd like to create intrinsic value into everything that enters Earth 2. So there is a process to building things as opposed to just creating 3D assets themselves. There's actually an economy where you do need to mine resources you're going to be able to process into building blocks. So there's going to be players who will focus on this, much like in real world where we have factories and manufacturers that provide things for us to build real world objects.

On building inclusivity and safety inside the Metaverse:

  • Shane:- In any case, everyone on web3 will leave a digital footprint wherever they go or whatever they do. As such platforms can track these profiles and exercise some control or filtering. So for example, two different avatars in a particular virtual setting can potentially see different things basis their profile even at the same location - say one of them could see a beer stall while the other sees wine.
  • Its going to be a long term thing to build this a safe platform.

On interoperability between Metaverse platforms & NFTs:

  • Shane:- This is a good question, and its something people outside of the developer world don't understand, esp. in the ways NFTs have been rolled out over the past year. I don't think that most of the NFTs are going to have interoperability inside any given Metaverse.
  • A lot of people don't understand that to create foundations of a 3D environment/Metaverse there are different rules with different technology and different kinds of engines that are delivering different platforms.
  • We are not going interoperability for quite some time until either the hardware tech significantly catches up or the different metaverse platforms come together with a common consensus on this is how we are all going to build our models. However, i don't see this happening in the near future.
  • This is one of the reasons I did not follow through the NFT hype train inside Earth 2, that do not have any real purpose or interoperability. When we roll out our NFTs I want them to be something that you can feel and use inside the platform as opposed to something that might just sit on a wall.

We are still very early into the Metaverse:

  • Shane:- For example we tested who would want to advertise inside Earth 2, and we still have a database of about 10,000 people wanting to advertise. We had amazing response to this test, but we realized it was way too early for us to dive in and make a mistake, and facilitate advertising that didn't make sense or didn't properly represent what advertising should be inside of Metaverse.
  • I think a lot of the (Metaverse) platforms are way outside of being able to commit anything just yet.

What will accelerate the Metaverse development & experience?

  • Shane:- I think its obviously the progression of technology. From Earth 2's perspective, the long term goals of Earth 2 are going to be realized over several years, not the next year or even next few years, to the level we wanted to occur. There is the possibility to do this in steps and that's what we are doing here. We are being visionaries looking into the future and realizing that as the hardware and other technology catches up.
  • You have to just look at Nvidia, the tech they are building is absolutely amazing. There's lots of different companies around the world building different tech that is going to lead us, whether that's haptic suits or advanced VR sets, its all going to lead us into the Metaverse. At Earth 2 we are trying to create that software platform for it that will gradually expand over time and support all this upcoming technology. We are going to be partnering with and using technology as it becomes available in next couple of years and beyond.

Full video can be found at the R/GA website

<![CDATA[12 months have passed, riddle remains unsolved]]>https://www.e2.news/post/riddle-remains-unsolved6266cf844c89344dae1a6f5cMon, 25 Apr 2022 17:44:27 GMTE2.News Community ServiceExactly a year ago, Shane posted a riddle on his Twitter coinciding with the Anzac Day.

The Earth 2 community has since spent countless hours trying to decipher this in a bid to claim those 'plates of gold', even as the solution remains elusive. Several users even went and bought some tiles they thought were the location of the prize on the map, however Shane had mentioned that users need not purchase any tiles to solve the puzzle.

Players even wondered how would they know even if they successfully solved the riddle. To this Shane has repeatedly stated - "The one who solves it will know what to do"

Today, on the Anzac day, a year later Shane quote tweeted his original tweet. We are not sure whether it offers any further clues or not. Over the year, users have prodded Shane to provide at least a small hint. Shane has declined to provide any additional hints saying 'the prize is significant'

So, what is the likely solution you may ask? We are not sure, but we think this could be finding something on the website and could be literally anything - a hidden page, a hidden property, a hidden account or anything else. Either way we believe it may contain some instructions, as that's how the person who finds it will know what to do as Shane says.

If you are looking for anything more to cling on, we would like to point out that the original Earth 2 Egg Hunt video from 2021 is no longer publicly accessible (hidden) on Earth 2's Youtube channel, and we don't know whether that contains any clue or the solution itself. The 2021 Egg Hunt video premiered about 20 days prior to this riddle.

With a year gone and no solution in sight, it remains to be seen whether Shane will provide any clues or not. Happy hunting Earth 2!

<![CDATA[Earth2Day & Active Player Essence Rewards]]>https://www.e2.news/post/earth2day-active-player-essence-rewards6263dfb4c80de9acf5acb37fSat, 23 Apr 2022 11:19:46 GMTEarth2 Press ReleasePress Release by Earth 2 (sourced from earth2.io)

The Acknowledgement of Earth Day and the introduction of Earth 2 Day marked with Essence rewards for Active Players

We hope all is well and we’d like to wish everyone a Happy Earth Day, 2022.

Earth Day was first proposed as a day where we, as its inhabitants, would honour the Earth and the concept of peace. This notion was developed into a calendar event and duly named “Earth Day” by Gaylord Nelson and Denis Hayes, the latter being directly responsible for expanding the event beyond its original idea which would lead to the largest single day protest in human history involving over 20 million people on its inauguration.

52 years on and this day continues to serve as an annual reminder of our obligation to protect our environment, restore damaged ecosystems, live a more sustainable life and much more. Remaining vigilant across these objectives returns a positive outlook not only for humanity, but for all living inhabitants of our planet, Earth.

Earth 2 has long term goals to provide assistance back to Earth 1 across numerous noteworthy causes including humanitarian, environmental, educational and more. We often refer to this as our E24E1 initiative.

Our commitment to building our own 1:1 scale digital replication of the planet Earth provides Earth 2 with the opportunity to propagate visually influential 3D environments to create awareness on various issues, including those related to the environment. Over time we plan to leverage on this opportunity to drive awareness for important relevant global causes.

As a reminder of this goal our team would like to reserve a day each year for Earth 2 and its community to review the effectiveness of support we are directing back to help Earth 1, how we are utilizing our digital world to raise awareness for relevant issues and how we could improve all such initiatives moving forward.

The day following Earth Day makes the most sense for this day as Earth 2 was made in the image of Earth. Therefore we would like to reserve April 23rd for Earth2Day moving forward. By #Earth2Day 2023 we aim to have steady #E24E1 initiatives in place and in turn have something noteworthy to celebrate on this new day.

To mark the beginning of Earth2Day we will be rewarding all active Earth 2 Players with x3 the Essence they successfully transformed over the 22nd and the 23rd of April. The 22nd being more of a retroactive reward to those who are regularly transforming their Essence and the 23rd being for those who are keeping up to date with our announcements, such as this one.

For Players who transform 0-3 Essence over these two days, you will receive the balance to a total of 10 Essence as a bonus (i.e if you transform 3 Essence then your bonus will be 3×3= 9 + 1 extra to make 10. If you transform 0 then your bonus will be 0x0=0 + 10 to make 10) Thereby rewarding all who acknowledge the commencement of Earth2Day.

Rewards will be added to Player accounts on or before the 3rd of May, 2022 and we expect the bonus to be somewhere between 500,000 to 700,000 Essence in total.

As a final memento of the first Earth2Day and Earth Day alike, we thought it fitting to share the beauty of our planet Earth in the form of a short video using our digital Earth, the WIP E2V1, spinning 4 looped rotations.


Thank you for your ongoing support and please stay tuned for further updates including the next dev vlogs covering the Lignator followed by the Research Lab and more.

<![CDATA["We want to show something else impressive when Essence launches" (dev chat)]]>https://www.e2.news/post/11-apr-earth2-dev-chat625509f573cc91bab8bba6adTue, 12 Apr 2022 05:37:50 GMTE2.News Community ServiceShane came in to thank users for joining the premier of Earth 2's 'Distant Terrain Engine', and stayed back to answer a few questions

Shane(S)- hello all. Glad that many enjoyed the premier earlier today! I will drop in later today to read comments around that time but I heard that there was a lot of support and people enjoyed it. Thanks very much for your support.

Can you clarify for a non techy like me. What do you mean when you say the tool called Mapbox can do exactly what we've seen already in Unity? What is it doing?

S- We're not using Mapbox in any way, shape or form in the tech we've built and demoed (the Distant Terrain Shader). It has nothing to do with Mapbox technology. Our team built what you saw. Sorry to shut down this new attempt at misleading people into thinking we're not capable of building this tech. I thought this might be the latest focus from those who try to come up with ways to explain 'how we're misleading and tricking' everyone. Certainly sounds like something they would come up with but my apologies if I was wrong.

Imagine using a omnidirectional treadmill, a tesla suit and VR sets to play games or sports inside of it... players will have to be real athletes

S- love it - but let's build the foundations for it all first .. we're building that in a way where any future tech could come in and interact At some point will there be a grace period for us to shift epls amongst our own properties along with some mechanism to do that properly

S- I am not sure this is on the feature list just yet. I know I asked for no Players to be charged any ongoing EPL registration fees until they become more operational. So the initial fee was like a reserve fee I guess

How many active users is there on earth2.. Seem too not reach so many with those Videos.. I would think at least 50% of users would check them out?

S- there are many Players who want to avoid the drama. We have never emailed out to our hundreds of thousands of Players .. we will do that when bigger things come, so doesn't really surprise me. Many bought land in E2 for the long haul and just forget about it for a while and let us build our thing

The video was awesome @Shane , no words to describe it, it was hard to imagine that in such short time your team could do so much as the entire Earth in streaming and at the same time a platform where anyone can build, edit, create and interact with the terrain all in a blockchain ecosim

S- thank you. I'm glad some can appreciate how interesting this tech is

Shane no additional terrain footage till after essence, can we expect some more candid talks to fill the gap?

S- yes, there will be more candid talks for sure. And other things .. features, news etc. We want to show something else impressive when Essence launches

One small question, any hints regarding plates of gold in that video?

S- I can't sorry .. there is a big prize for that one and the player that solves it will know what to do

I wonder what happens to ether/essence when unclaimed

S- I have an interesting idea for that. Have been working on it with the team .. it's coming

if there is a gold mine, I will find resources only above the mine or maybe also in a limited area around of it?

S- it will be on that specific location. I can't promise for adjoining areas (if those do not have that resource)

I have a question/idea: can be a free advertising for earth2 adding hashtag #metaverse for each post for Eggs Hunt ? Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. What do you think ?

S- this is a brilliant idea. The E2 team are already overworked .. we have so much on our plate. Anything you guys in the community want to suggest and work on together, as a group, is greatly appreciated. It's nice to have you all more involved

I know you can´t say too much about Essence, but here there are to many people who think Essence will cost 0.1 ....just one question...is Essence design to be a multi-dollar Token?...since the beginning

S- we are focused on building products and adding utility and fun to E2.. we believe if we do that then the rest will fall into place and give more purpose to Essence

The tech demo was awesome last night! I was wondering how will building works on sloped terrains/cliffs? Will it be possible on those tiles?

S- trust me, this is something the team has been aware about for a long time and we're considering the best approach to this. We had to get the main tech working correctly first but we are aware and we want to find a good solution. That is all I can share for now

We've seen E2 untouched, when would we see it touched?

S- I can't give you an exact date sorry but we would like this to happen sooner than later obviously. I don't want to push my team too hard

Would Holo-building malfunctions hamper resources?

S- No

Any other resources we can expect? I already bought mines in the known ones

S- first 8 to start then more will be introduced later

When interview? Dan (Shane's assistant) has been slacking it

S- Dan is just about as busy as I am .. and I dump more on him every day lol

I have to get going guys, sorry, I know there are many questions. Would be good to have a list somewhere that I can look at and I'll try to make videos about one or a few questions when I have the chance. Keep safe guys and have a good day

Shane leaves the chat