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Shane Discord Chat - 18th Dec

Earlier today, Shane joined the official Discord channel to chat with users. Find the full transcript of his chat below. Shane in Bold, Questions in Regular.

Chat begins:

because the claim is that e2 is gonna use drones unique tech. which could have been freely obtained through unity plugins months ago.

Of course DRONE was built on the Unity game engine but the vast majority of it's systems were custom made. Good luck replicating things you find on DRONE simply out of the box with base unity plugins. Any game developer with even intermediate knowledge about Unity (or any game engine at that) would know that it's not possible to create something like DRONE without creating tons of custom technology as well. So I tell you what - you give us a list of the exact existing unity asset store plugins you claim we could have freely obtained and used out of the box to make DRONE and I will get a list back to you on 99% of the missing parts which constitute the game actually working .. why would Unity spend over $10K to fly the DRONE team to SF Unite / GDC in 2018 to officially showcase their achievements with DRONE? Because they unzipped a few free plugins? Give me a break .. shows how dangerous know-it-alls can be ..

plenty of room in earth2 for everyone, just wait a few years till we get artists, musicians, entrepreneurs, media, Earth2 has room for everyone exactly. Why would we limit it to just one thing? We are building a metaverse .. a platform ..

Could we expect some news or announcement in this December or not? @Shane yeah - one more this month

@Shane brave of you to enter the Drone discord the other day. I hope it cools off and they remain open minded I went in there to show my respect to their community .. not sure they appreciated that gesture but I can understand they are frustrated. Hopefully long term they will see the result is much better than the game just winding up

@Shane in this moment Drone doesn’t seem to be available for mac OS. Will this change when the game will be available on Earth2 platform?

yes, I would expect that to change but I need to validate that with our team moving forward first

@Shane new crafting recipes coming this month?

we are pushing for it .. or early next month. Is one of the numerous updates we're working on

I went in there cause I heard it was chaos, but talked to a few really nice people and ended up buying drone to play with em. I think there's just a bit of shock and wonder on their side

and this is what a normal, good person would do. Wish our world had more normal good people ..

They just want to be heard because they haven’t been in quite some time.

yeah I understand

@Shane can you confirm that 80s City is the best on Earth2 (little promotion won't hurt )

haha .. I can confirm I will definitely be visiting it

@Shane while you're still here can I ask why are the frozen account properties and locked countries still being displayed in the marketplace? its difficult to find where the real tile floor is with all the 99% discounts makes outsiders think there's no demand and makes the usage of the all filter difficult

I have asked for this to be looked into. Our devs can only do so much at once and we always have other priorities coming up

After playing, I'm even more excited for drone in E2. Hopefully we can use more area with the arena builder? and maybe bring in custom assets?

you can bet on that

@Shane im not talking any of their physics or anything behind their game really but just the voxel and terrain editors. those are nothing new and are seen in 100's of games. of course extra dev work went on top of that to get an actual game, but those editors are nothing unique.

but that's not what you wrote above. You wrote we could have just got it all for free months ago via Unity plugins - see a difference?

you then carried on with the point .. so I decided to respond

@Shane context matters and i was having a convo around the editors]

probably not good timing when we have YouTubers who have little knowledge about creating games yet are hell bent on attacking us / intentionally taking things out of context .. when I saw the comment in here I decided to respond .. that's all

Hey Shane can I use my drone to roam E2? we have some really interesting concepts around how parts of DRONE will be introduced to E2, especially for the first PvP play. But remember, E2 will also be it's own stand alone platform so while parts of DRONE will be evident, the over all feel won't be entirely DRONE

I would like to just say thank you for taking the time out of your super busy schedule to come in and talk with us from time to time. Means a lot. I have been with E2 for just over a month and have already seen many improvements and the excitement grow in the community. You are doing great work!

thank you and you're most welcome

thanks guys. Is almost 3 am here and I need to wrap a few things up. One other thing I just wanted to mention is that I am all for giving someone a chance, maybe even two chances and given the history of the situation I tried my best to protect someone I saw being attacked and bullied by a group online, but a number of new issues have come to light the past few days, issues we were not aware of, and I just wanted to let the community know that Tanner is no longer part of E2. He was on a test period working for us on 3D models alone and did not have access to any key repositories, but unfortunately it has not worked out. I hope he manages to pull things together for his own benefit

That's sad to hear I was rooting for him.

he had a massive opportunity .. I told him to let his work speak volume to people and he had the perfect opportunity to do that. I was hoping for the same thing as you but I cannot control the personal decisions people make in their life

@Shane we need mass control over properties. People have a lot at this point.

I want people working together moving forward .. if you have a lot of properties you may need to collaborate with other players who master the eco sim or spend a bit of time on it yourself ..

we want millions of people on the platform working together so while we're always looking to build tools to make things easier, we also want players to collaborate and work together so those that have a lot may need to work together with others to get the most out of what they own

You promised to reply to my messages. You didn’t yesterday

ok - I have already copied and sent to our team to review. They will hopefully get back over the next week or so and someone might reach out. I forgot to respond, sorry

I recall a certain theo that lost a free 10k from you because he was so sure he could turn around a video in what was it a week? Disappeared from the discord never to be heard of again :).

oh yeah - I remember that ! LOL What happened to that guy ..

Why don’t you create tags in-game for each megacities? Need more care for users! @Shane

we will be setting up a section for megacities to become officially verified. Don't worry, we know!

@Shane just wanted your opinion on the 10,000 e2 cards which are being planned. What will be the criteria for allotment ?

they are printing early Jan. More details will come but most likely will be verified users, first in

@Shane for all this time I’ve waited, I thought I would at least be treated with a little respect

I need to wait for a report. I wish I had time to stop and study it all myself. My apologies

Scolarship coming shoon

would make sense

Axie infinity is like that

I am very aware

Will Casino MegaCity in Belize be allowed to be verified? We've been around for a long time and are still growing quickly

I can't see why not

Can we build casinos in the future? @Shane

that is too broad a question for me to answer .. probably some legalities around that but we want to support as many different types of 'environments' that we can

I played drone. Love the game @Shane

I have been a big fan of the DRONE work for some time now and as an avid gamer, I don't think game play is there just yet but it is DEFINITELY on the cusp of something very big. What a dream come true to be able to influence game design and game play in a game like DRONE - I have some big plans for the PvP - should be interesting!

@Shane please fix the captchas. I cant buy many single tiles now :(

maybe you're not supposed to be buying too many single tiles then lol

Shane I’m stuck between a rock and a hard place…do I buy jewels or T1 land

I cannot advise you on that, sorry

are u familiar with "X-Com UFO the Enemy Unknown" game? It'd be cool do sth like that

no I'm not familiar with it. I got hooked on X2 - The Threat - not sure if that is from the same series (a long time ago)

Shane, will Drone be Play To Earn? That would draw a lot of new users, as the play to earn and Metaverse spaces are growing exponentially ..

of course we're looking at all of these type of things. I am not sure I would say "DRONE" but an updated version of DRONE for E2

Amazing! So Earth2’s version of Drone will be#PlayToEarn then correct?

wait for the game whitepaper please :) Sorry

can we expect a "capture the flag" similar game mode when its later released? things similar to how FPS games are i think can attract a lot of people! along with unique drone modes

probably even more than this

@Shane what are the plans with Epls ? This is the only feature which has been on the silent side. Can we expect them to have huge demand in the future? Is it domain names of the future ?

they will be a beacon for people to access areas directly. So if you have land in a popular place it may have more chance for organic visiting traffic, but a good EPL can draw crowds from anywhere in the world to one location .. so yeah


this month

Shane - is it fair to conclude that the EDC amount of roughly 250Million would represent roughly 10% to 20% of the future TOTAL Essence supply?

wait for whitepaper - sorry

hi is there any info when we gonna see an actual update for drone for new content? we are dying to hear after a year now

I can't give an exact date but we do plan to release dev blogs from time to time on little bits of tech we're working on

we have to be careful about showing final production stuff as people take it out of context and turn it back around on us

and an estimate time?

what I can say is that I am just as excited as you are and I will be pushing this harder that you would be lol

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your family Shane Thank you for all your hard work.

thank you - and to you too! I am sure I will be back in before Christmas though!

@Shane two days ago a guy came in here and out of the blue said he wanted to drink milk directly from cow's udder. What kind of channel should we open on E2 server for such a public?

haha .. I have no words

Some ppl want a minigame because theres not much to do on the webpage

once we have the foundations for our first PvP game we can release API where others can bring in a multitude of different games .. even games not necessarily built using our tech

Will e2 go public?

I doubt it at this stage .. I have already been down this route with at least one VC firm that gave me a runway to go public .. not what I am interested in unfortunately. I would prefer to ensure E2 is built in a way that gives control back to the players, not public shareholders of a company

@Shane will e2 go nft

we partnered with Polygon ..

@Shane alright last question for me, we have made a question list for the Q&A for drone that sergiu recieved from us when you expect we can have our Q&A and where will that be held?

I have not received it from him yet but I am sure he will pass it to me and it will likely end up on my desk through next week I imagine

Shane Shane, will the Shards from the Jewel crafting, become their own crypto or form of currency in-game?

wait for the white paper please

@Shane within the metaverse ecosystem at this rate E2 will be the first hyper-realistic one compared to others, not a competitive comparison just a cool observation

people don't realise the metaverse will be built on people and ownership spanning millions of users, not a few thousand .. so yeah, E2 is definitely heading in the right direction

@Shane After spending all of the promised EDC, T1 lands gonna keep produce the essence right? Many people so worried about to buying T1

wait for the whitepaper please. Will make more sense.

@Shane given the fact that price of the tiles are rising, especially in the US, will there be T3 tiles in the future?

did we ever broadcast T2 ?

I don’t think Facebook will even be a competitor to Earth2 .. they won’t be player owned - they’ll be akin to a VR chat in a cool location for Grandparents and their Grandkids - all owned by Facebook

I don't even have to answer these things

coming up to 3:30am now and I really need to get some things done. Was hoping not to see the sunrise before I sleep today lol

hope you all have a good day ahead and look forward to chatting more next time!

thanks for being here to talk to :)

This chat covers many important topics so make sure to share this around!

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