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Second Egg Hunt Live and Update

(Below is a press release issued by

Earth 2’s second Egg Hunt is underway, and it’s free for all Earth 2 Players to participate! All you need is a free Earth 2 account to play!

The Egg Hunt concept was created last year to provide rewards to those Players closely following Earth 2 related posts, videos, images and more. It takes no time away from our core development progress and is a fun way for our community to engage with such updates. It also rewards the most diligent, observant, and quick to react players with the potential to win one of the coveted Eggs and its prize.

Last year, Earth 2 officially announced its decentralization and upcoming blockchain deployment plan. This puts digital properties on-chain and converts certain in-game digital assets to crypto, effectively transferring them to the blockchain. In line with the plan for later this year, winners of this Egg hunt will receive an additional prize in the form of an official Earth 2 NFT Egg. If you were one of the lucky winners or runners-up from the Egg Hunt last year, you will also be awarded an NFT of your egg.

Eggs could be hidden inside anything officially Earth 2 related including posts on our website, social media accounts and possibly even from the E2 founder this time.

Before you get started, here are the rules for this year’s Egg Hunt:

  1. If you find an Egg you MUST SCREENSHOT, CROP and WRITE YOUR NAME on the image. DO NOT submit a screenshot of the full image or it will be disqualified.

  2. Post the image to your Twitter, Instagram or Facebook timeline with the hash tag #Earth2EggHunt2022 . The post privacy must be set to public in order to qualify (otherwise our team won’t be able to discover and validate it).

  3. Comment or Reply under this post with your Earth 2 Profile URL so that we can find and verify that you have a valid Earth 2 account.

  4. IMPORTANT : Winners will be announced on our Social Media accounts over the following week or once 10 people find an egg. The announcement will include a list of the date and time the egg was reported. Other Players will then have a period of 5 days to challenge any of the Winners by responding to that post with clear evidence showing they found and reported the egg first. Once that 5 day period has lapsed we will not be reviewing any further challenges and the winners at that point will stay.

  5. Once Winners pass the 5 day challenge period successfully they will receive their E$ prizes credited to their Earth 2 accounts. NFT eggs and Earth 2 Profile Eggs will be provided at a later date and in line with releases of relevant blockchain deployments.

  6. Any user caught sharing hints or clues for others on where to find an Egg before all Eggs have been claimed will be disqualified.

  7. The first person to find an Egg will receive the grand prize for that Egg, as well as the NFT of that Egg. The next 10 runners-up for each egg will also receive an NFT for that egg and E$150.

  8. For legal reasons, the E$ received from this challenge can only be spent on the purchasing of land or other in-game items.

Please do not report egg findings directly to Earth 2 Community Managers or ask for validation whether you’ve found an egg or not. It creates a significant amount of additional work for our Community Management team in particular and most team members are not aware of where the eggs are hidden until days after they are released.

Simply follow the rules and wait until the list of winners is released after which time you will be able to challenge any results you feel are inaccurate.


Hours ago the Earth 2 team also released some updates making it 3 updates and website releases now in 3 weeks. A brief summary of the latest updates include:

  • T1 tiles now appearing brighter verse T2 tiles

  • bidding events appearing on the game activity feed

  • backend restrictions to the bounding box of newly selected properties

  • gifted properties which remain unclaimed cannot receive bids or be bought, sold or edited until a claim on the property is finalized

  • optimization of property images

  • improved database performance for the Market Place

  • description for Bazaar sales being absent in the transaction history when the jewel in question was shattered

  • the difference between a bid and a second bid by the same user not being properly refunded, when the seller accepts a different bid at the same time

  • expanded access to the Bazaar via direct URL

  • implemented updated reporting mechanisms for in game distribution of resources such as Essence for internal team monitoring and balancing purposes

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Charles Hollenden
Charles Hollenden

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