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Shane Earth 2 discord chat transcript (Dec 4)

Updated: Dec 14, 2021

Below is the re-cap of interaction with Shane in the Earth 2 Official Discord.

Key Take-ways:-

  • Claimable Essence mentioned is MINIMUM for T1 (not the cap)

  • Partnership with a global blockchain to be announced soon

  • PvP will be a 2022 thing

  • Resources will come early 2022

  • Physical E2 Mastercard in production in Jan/Feb 2022 - limited to 10,000 1st edition copies (limited to 1 per user)

  • Jewels will be a very active part of the platform and will have utility in many different areas

  • Ads: 6-months for advertisers being connected to land owners

  • Would E2 look at BTC? (BTC agreements in place already!)

  • While crypto deposits could be accepted, withdrawals wont be supported currently

  • T2 Jewels is just a start, Jewels will keep getting upgraded

  • T2 land upgradeable to T1 through gameplay or spending of Essence

FULL Transcript below. Questions are in bold followed by Shane's response

New lead dev Tanner? (Shane enters chat responding to a comment about dev team) No no .. we've had a team of devs working full time for us for months on the P3 tech. We just didn't want to push them into the spotlight and they are just not on the team page. It will all be updated over the next week or so

Exactly. If Shane wanted to sail off with our cash he could have awhile ago, he could have taken investment offers from the big money people. What he is doing now is showing his commitment to us IMO Just an update guys. We are aware of connection issue to the servers. Unfortunately we need it to stay online to monitor server load and identify the bottleneck. Once we have enough data we will either lock servers down again or push the fix.

Bots win, again....

I will be asking for a review next week into potential bots - if there was mass buying from bots we'll look to fix that.

Couldnt have tested before launching Tier 2 tiles smh

We have QA teams and obviously developers checking commits and code, but sometimes things are missed then when it hits production with big data we find the issue. I agree the process needs to be more foolproof and trust me, I have already told senior staff I want a full review early next week

Why didn't you communicate all of this earlier ? What stopped you ?

There was an initial shut down on communication based on the advice from some sources. All good now

What is with land. I have buy it. Money is removed butt land is not in profile and 3x that

It will appear later - we have some issues with delays on the server right now

Assuming overlaps are on your all's radar as well. Don't say that .

Who is Jazmine and Chris and why did she delete her message she posted a few hours ago? Hi. Miss my questions?

I think we can cover that at a later time and place

Shane Why are some allowed to be logged in buying up thousands and thousands of tiles for hours while so many of us just get a "Sorry, Maintenance" message?

Because E2 is running monolithic docker containers. Some people were lucky enough to get a stable connection in containers that are not respawning. We're actively trying to resolve this right now. Just to be transparent, it seems there is an issue with db write speed which is frustrating the containers and making them think they need to respawn. We're working on it

@Shane Who is making your game? Your entire team is gone? Entire team?

Does this also impact on bank deposits? (Worked fine a few weeks ago)

There will just be a delay

Not many are buying

Or not successfully

I do not mean to be disrespectful, but we can see the News Feed. There are continuous sales.

Yes but see how slowly it's moving? If things were fully online it would be moving 100 times faster

So I didn't understand, it says I have X essence yet to be claimed from T1 tiles... and I already got 20% of them.... but when it reaches to 100% I won't receive any Essence anymore?

No, Minimum promise for tier 1 land

@Shane i hope e2 isn't on Ethereum blockchain. its like internet explorer. e2 should be future proof. i wish u were with Solana :c

We're officially partnering at the highest level with an incredible, well known global chain. You guys will find out over the next few days.

You mentioned a crypto for essence last time, can you told us which blockchain is working on it? Would you use a new one or an existent one?

Will be answered in due course

No rush !!!! no pressure!!! Make sure you get that vacation in, go somewhere nice with fam! you deserve the hell out of it!

Haha I wish .. I have not even had a chance to book anywhere. Will be in trouble again with fam .. I really don't think it's going to happen

Pow or Pos? (Proof-of-stake or Proof-of-Work) Might be too obvious if I answer that

You do feel like an entire team at times

There scores of people who work tirelessly on E2 in the background .. they just don't chase the limelight but they are amazing, intelligent people. One thing I have learned is building a good team not only requires talented individuals, it requires good people with good ethics who genuinely want to build something that is successful. They don't want mainstage, they don't want fame - they get down, focus and make things happen.

BRO RELAX. We are here in your boat. Don't worry. We are a team.

Yes, you guys are certainly part of that team and hence the purpose behind this recent reward. Those who are heads down and want to be involved long term in the project. We have some incredible team members inside E2 who are die hard E2 fans and dedicated to building E2, then we have what I would say is THE most resilient, passionate and incredible community any project could ever dream of having! Sure we are developing tech, we have plans to expand the platform but people underestimate the power of a community who has come together with a single dream and a common purpose - this being achieved from so many various demographics .. that is where E2 is born from and it will be forever amazing to look back at that beginning and know, this is how it all started.

Dude I worked for a gaming company that had 50 employees and there were TWO people who were in the limelight. What we need is coordinated communication between developers, not developers doing secret chats with various groups and leaking information left and right. They need to be ummmm... developing?

Wow .. very perceptive .. it really is incredible what goes on behind closed doors, I kid you not.

Hi Shane. Nice intervention in ETM. What are your views on cooperation between Metaverse projects?

I think we are building a platform and I love the thought of collaboration. I think a big part of what we have planned will open up the door for collaboration with other projects or creativity within our own

You can learn from people those who are in it for themselves and those who are in it for the team. Sometimes you have to make difficult decisions because while the pursuit of one's best interest is always understandable, to do so at the detriment of a unified goal is something that should not be tolerated. when interview

Couldn't have said it better myself. Can I at least have a little holiday first? I am still getting over my last interview, I don't even remember talking in it .. it was that surreal.

Maybe don't collaborate with Earthium. They don't really have a concrete plan and just steal users from E2

I mean how many people try to raid E2's community .. I just take it as a compliment now lol

I think your doing an amazing job. My question is in your interview you said you thought PVP would be out already…any idea when that is dropping?

Not out yet, just announced. It will be 2022 thing before it can be actively played but when it's ready will be a proper PvP game build into the E2 eco system

I hope one day you gonna buy /earth2 off me

You got that? HAHA .. I almost have to buy it

Will Jewels and Essence be used in DRONE? Would be so great to see it intertwined

Ahhhh .. yes almost got me there

What are your thoughts on the rarity of brilliant jewels ?

I think these will continue and are a great in game commodity! We are on Tier 2 at the moment, Tier 3 (coming soon) will have scores more possibilities which will then move to Tier 4 getting into thousands and beyond. Going to be some incredibly rare jewels in the future. . the interesting part will be whether the discoverer wants to share the recipe or not.

Can you let us know a little more about brilliant jewels and why they are so rare?

I cannot give further details right now, sorry. Game design need to release that info

Do we have any idea when will be able to get the Physical E2 Mastercard?

Production should be Jan / Feb

For everyone?

They are limited edition - first lot will be limited to 10,000

Pre-ordering mine now please Shane

There will be a page update on the website which will allow people to purchase. I think one per user will definitely need to be enforced by the sound of it

Can I have an E2News branded one for no reason whatsoever? (Toba asks)

I can write on it with a nikko for you? lol

Please confirm if people can use multiple accounts and transfer it after the rush? - Not discrediting anyone doing that before but I mean for clarity going forward. Will it be an IP restriction or account?

User to user trades requires KYC - so if anything fishy is going on, detected or reported we should be able to identify. That is one reason we built in KYC

Can we expect more communication/appearances from you here?

Yes, I will be trying to drop in more often now we are getting close to revealing partnerships which will in turn show the next direction E2 will take. As we start to nail down more specifics I will be more than happy to jump in more often. The problem is it's hard to jump in without any specifics or details to share as everything is some what confidential / in planning

Never ending jewel burn mechanics.. who dares put a real world $ value on jewels right now. Unless jewels only go up!

Not sure I would go that far. But Jewels will be a very active part of the platform and will have utility in many different areas

Just come here and have a drink with us. what‘s your favorite? i can offer /single malt

Lemon, lime and bitters? Gee .. I hope that doesn't make me some other kind of weirdo now .. don't drink alcohol often, pineapple pizza .. surely nothing wrong with LL&B ?

Do you think we will see Ad's and potential revenue for them from our properties within the next 3-6 months?

I am hoping by 6 months we will have our first platform to connect advertisers with land owners.

When mentioned advertisements and tile owners, could this apply to anyone who owns t1 tiles? Would this apply to big named brands like a commercial layer for E2? And does that allow us to host our own ads on our properties?

Yes, your own ads. You own the land. And you get to choose whose ads you want to show and at what price you'd accept

This, I think your team knows very well how to build a deflationary burning system also for essence right?

Wait until you see the partnership and you'll see we're in good hands .. and we were spoiled for choice. We picked the best option for E2 long term

Shane took Thomas position as CM nice Where there is a job to be done, I'm there We need a physical E2 challenge coin for collection! Maybe proceed to a charity to show What E2 can really accomplish in E1 and for something cool/ tangible for us to have

Love it!

What is your personal opinion on NSFW in earth2? Like everything ever created by man, there has been NSFW of some degree in everything. Asking for a friend.

Ok .. I had to google that... and I'm not closer to an answer for you

Screw partnership UPGRADE YOUR SERVERS !!

Its not servers this time. Is an issue in the code. We are fixing it right now. Sorry for the inconvenience

He said in the interview that we will have choice to sell unlimited or limited edition Holo-buildings

Yes, for content creators. I cannot wait until this marketplace goes live. I have been pushing design through and it's getting spec'd What happens with the properties that have over lapped with these new purchases

If that has occurred please contact support. It will be resolved

Yo Shane. Get BTC deposits and withdrawals. CTRL F "11BTC"

We could switch BTC on - should we?

wow .. that was a bigger reaction than expected. Maybe I have to look at switching that on .. we have the contracts in place already


we have agreements for BTC only right now but will look into it

You're starting to hype us

not intentional. I legit answers that question with innocence

The people who recently uploaded Money to the Wallet is not shown up yet. Are the Team working on it? (Its already gone from the credit card)

It should appear after some time. If it does not please contact support and they can process a refund for you

When Resources?

That is a long story and one that frustrates me when I see the question because it should have been ready a long time ago. We signed a partnership agreement with an incredibly talented Canadian software firm who are helping us finish that off. Sorry I don't have a better answer for you but I am pushing to have it ready early 2022

Resources eta timestamp: Q1 2021, April-may, first half of 2021, summer of 2021 (by august) definitely in 2021 - Now 2022?

Yeah .. there is a good 8 months in there I would really love to jump in an explain to you about .. it is back in my control now and it will be done correctly

Then stop promising what you cannot deliver

It should have been delivered .. that is my point.

On Refunds back-log

Ok - I am going to ask about that. I receive weekly reports from customer support and was not aware there is a backlog on refunds

Imagine if E2 somehow accepted all Crypto like the Coinbase or Binance of the metaverse.

Yeah imagine

1BTC = 1 Essence

Ok let's not get carried away here

So the upgrade means, the total essence amounts are limited? The generation ends if the T1 are all claimed?

All the details will be shared progressively.. and it works

100% I think you underestimate how much crypto people have that they would spend on E2 but don't want to go through fiat first, mainly for tax reasons

Yeah, we know ... trust me

What's the total supply of essence?

if you can sit tight a little longer or read the previous couple announcements you might be able to piece it together

If BTC means Bitcoin does that confirm that E2 will become an exchange?

Not confirming an exchange here! LOL Boy .. I can just imagine the headings

I tried to ask what it takes to upgrade t2 tile to t1 tile. Nothing

You will need to play the game OR purchase something like Essence for that. Time and effort or using something like Essence will be the core ways to get that upgraded

Hey when you said OMNI yesterday?

Omnipresence .. yes, that is one of the core reasons I came up with the E2 concept

So, for example - E2News could launch a campaign to show our adverts in major cities?

Yes, if the landowners agreed and you paid them what they wanted (or if you owned the land)

Why didn't you answer my question about the current earth 2 user count? i think many of us would like to know the growth

We're not disclosing that. But I can say it's more than what many think right now

Role of EPLs

Instant teleportation / link to that property from anywhere in the world

How are you doing with the health there? you've been working about 22h a day for about a year

Haha my sleep is a bit better these days. End of Nov got a bit crazy again and honestly, some curve balls thrown at me which I didn't see coming that just made it worse .. but all good. Sleeping better. Hopefully December is not what it was like last year though

So essence is limited per tiles?

We gave a bonus retrospective reward which now appears as promise now to all T1 founder property owners. It is a minimum, not a limit

Why is everyone so bothered by "Big names" being a part of everything new being built. New heads work harder to make a name for themselves and "Big names" can be toxic to new businesses throwing weight around and having paddy's about not getting there own way. Stop complaining and trust in who is creating this idea we are all interested in.

You know your stuff!

One more question about brilliant jewels. Will they be the rarest thing in this game?

Much too early to tell you that

When video?

After the partnership announcement we have a new hire announcement which will be followed by an acquisition announcement and THEN we can FINALLY start showing you guys some COOL VIDS on what our team has been working on !

Will you shave your mighty beard when phase 3 starts


Take a look to Nervos chain..also with Quantum Resistance

Ok - will take a note and team will check it out

How have you found working from Aus while more synchronized to US/Europe time zones? I imagine it's rough long term with trying to still find time with the fam etc.

Yeah .. up all night to keep across those zones. My sweet spot sleep is usually 9-10am to 3-4pm my time. But these days I'm around 5pm sleep 11pm wake up

Shane should check in at least once a week to talk in the chat

I will try to be in here more often, I just have so much on my plate I literally don't get much free time. I do enjoy coming in here so maybe I can count it as a recreational activity

Why anonymous in the game activity feed?

Anonymous means they have changed privacy on their profile so their username does not show in the feed. Each time you see anonymous it can be different players

Just tried to buy tiles and it processed for a while then just stopped and stayed on that screen. But it charged my CC.. nothing in transactions page

Can you send me your account URL (which is public, I am not asking for private info) and I will ask dev team to check directly because I see a few people are claiming something similar. I am guessing it's just lagging behind

When EPL market open?

Yes I want it to open

I have over 100000 essence and not gonna sell. Will i be able to buy Porsche?

firstly .. congrats! Secondly. . I have no idea!

You will only offer deposits right? If you do offer withdrawals then you are technically an exchange. (we may or may not be putting this in an article)

We are not offering withdrawals right now

What about Nvidia calling their weather simulator Earth-2

Yeah.. what a crazy world

I'm assuming the upgrade option and details were not released w/ this update to give more runway for planning so you don't end up with an arbitrage situation on the upgrades

The ever insightful @butt ! We don't want to overwhelm people !

But someday, all essence will be claimed

Too early for me to answer - you will need to see our plans

We've seen many Koreans believing in E2 project, mostly thanks to Dillon Seo probably. Do you think E2 will be able to attract another well known gaming public - the Japanese community?

I am not sure but what I am sure of that people who believe in our vision will follow along with E2. When we cover more languages that will also open up our vision to non-English speaking countries.. will be great when we get there.

Much less Japanese than Korean speak English...they should hire someone Japanese on the team or make adv in Japanese

Agree. We actually started translating in Japanese, Korean and Chinese late last year but then we grew too fast and lost focus

Can you explain how much our holo buildings have been storing? Is 1000m3 still max storage? And how long will it take to fill

I am not sure exactly but we need to release further details on HBs, I agree

Is something wrong with the credit card system? i cant seem to press the "force money into the game" button

I have asked whether there is an issue here but I am not aware of any

Can I link my Instagram on my own tiles

Yes you will be able to

Someone said that the earth 2 was made on unity and the cars were made by unity and anyone can use them, is this right

Those same people focus on the basic points and not the actual part of the tech we were demonstrating. You can look at a airplane and miss the fact that it flies, carries passengers etc... but say "oh - it's only got a nut bolt holding that wheel in place!" Stupid is, stupid does .. these guys just want to focus on something misleading to serve their own agenda.

Shane thanks everyone and leaves the chat

My apologies, I am never going to catch up with the chat lol

Have a great weekend guys. Look forward to the announcement early next week

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