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The Mirror Reality

This is part 4 of 6 of the Earth2 Envisioned Series

How an E2 Mirror Reality would be Key to Widespread Adoption

"Mirrored building" by lecasio is licensed with CC BY-NC-ND 2.0.

While gaming holds a promising future for, I believe a key to its future success lies in it becoming a global platform for all digital life and not mere virtual entertainment. It needs to be a platform, relevant for all parts of society in order to encompass all of society. But not just virtually, closing yourself off by wearing VR glasses but practically bridging the virtual with THE REAL through an tangible augmented mirror reality linking your real life up with the virtual.

Earth2 ("E2") currently has one reality where we the users are buying land, building megacities and forming new societies autonomously. I believe there are some aspects of prematurity to this setup, and in my former article I described how Earth 2 should be divided into 2 global realities. THE LINK (An E2 mirror reality of THE REAL - real life reality ) for augmented reality and THE AUTO (The official autonomous reality of E2) primarily for virtual reality. I envision being able to walk down the street of any major city in E1 and with a tap of a finger, access THE LINK and watch an augmented reality being imposed on my world, animating everything around me in sync with THE LINK in E2.

The past 20 years, the world has seen more technological advances than almost the rest of history combined. And things are just getting started! I envision with E2 that technological advances in THE REAL will quickly make life not mere interplanetary but “inter-realitary” as people in real life starts living their lives wearing tech/implants that gives them live access to THE LINK on E2, synchronizing real life society with its mirror reality on E2 and beyond.

Take for instance real world Rome. This city, like any major city, would be linked up to its mirror reality in THE LINK. THE LINK would align real world infrastructure and business with a virtual copy making live AR-sync possible for its citizens, enabling real and virtual Rome to uplink, trade and interact together. Maybe this means, when I enter a restaurant in THE REAL, I’d be presented with an augmented representation of their food on full display. Maybe walking down the streets of Rome, I can stop up and listen to a street artist performing from New York, who decided to virtually step into the streets of Rome that day and share his talent.

"Ancient Rome series" by Nick Kenrick.. is licensed with CC BY 2.0.

Having THE LINK in place, a first major use could be the beginning of a hologram-like communicative interaction between locations globally. I don’t talk to people on the phone anymore in 2028; I simply ping them on THE LINK and walk up to them as an augmented representation of myself and talk. That means a businessperson in Tokyo can access a physical conference room in New York instantly as an augmented representation, or politicians can meet live in an instance to discuss urgent matters at hand.

We all first started using Facebook by posting a simple selfie for our family or friends. There has to be a simple first use case for mainstream people to understand, adopt and incorporate E2 into their daily lives. Not all are gamers. Being able to interact virtually in real life through THE LINK could be an easy first practical use for our parents to appreciate E2 and propel all of society into adopting E2.

So what about all the Bubble realities for game world alteration? That I will discuss in my next post.

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