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Earth2 Envisioned - Facing the Hard Choices

The opinions of the author are his solely and do not necessarily reflect the views of E2.News.

Introduction has arrived and its future lies ahead of all of us. Whether that future is bright or gloomy depends on what direction the developers take the game from its cradle. What I am about to share, I believe, has the potential to make Earth2 so much more than a game and could change the world as we know it, while possibly making E2 into a billion-dollar business for both tile holders and developers alike. But I believe this requires some serious strategic planning in the very fabric of the platform.

I am THΞ_ARCHITΞCT and this is how I believe possibly might be facing an imminent threat of becoming a digital wasteland for lack of governance and planning. I envision Earth2 being able to overcome this dilemma and become a future powerhouse of innovation by introducing one simple concept - another layer if you will, to E2’s construct which would dramatically expand its use case, audience and ultimate value.



Imminent threat? Facing the hard choices ahead of us.

The following account is simply my five cents on how I believe could set itself on the trajectory to become a global, technological frontier. My hope is that this will inspire and challenge the E2 Community and maybe even make its way to E2’s developer team. Critical feedback is welcomed, as this is the only way we can make progress.

I believe E2 is facing an imminent threat. What if E2, like Real Earth, only had ONE REALITY where ‘first come first served’ dictated what it would look like and become? What if an influx of enthusiastic but unorganized users quickly chiseled a frantic and immature world into stone? would inevitably distance itself from real world cities as most E2 sites would quickly evolve very differently from real earth making a consistent real life augmented synchronization with E2 a near impossibility.

Imagine how this would quickly render E2 sites incompatible for augmented synchronization with real life business and society. Furthermore, because of no regulation or governance in E2, all beautiful sites generating genuine human traffic quickly turned into a goat market of quick-buck advertisement, random projects and unregulated sprawl of eclectic settlements. Not long after, most of these sites had been overrun and destroyed by greedy users and turned into abandoned wastelands completely void of life overrun by hideous advertisements. At this point, big parts of a rushed, unplanned E2 seem to almost die in its cocoon before it truly manages to spread its wings and fly.

If we only have one shot - one reality - with no proper organization or regulation, I fear we could possibly face a quick E2 downfall and watch so much potential being laid to waste.

Now, imagine an Earth2 where none of this is a problem because of the introduction of multiple realities, all playing out simultaneously on top of an official E2 Reality mimicking the E1 Reality for real world augmented synchronization. Users and creators alike participating in as many realities as they desire, buying, selling, building, playing, enjoying and growing their communities virtually. It would make E2 a digital frontier and truly connect the worlds of E1 with E2 and further increase the value of each tile in E2. Ultimately, this could bring the entire use case of E2 to new unimaginable heights as it wouldn’t just be for gamers but for all aspects of society.

This is big. E2 has the potential to become so much more than a game. And I believe it needs to! But how could this happen, if all we have is one reality left to chance?

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