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How E2 Could Redefine the Decade

Part 2 of 6 - read part 1 here.

We are at a pivotal time in history and the digital trajectory towards virtual and augmented reality is set to change our lives for good. What will this world be like? Today, seems for most users to be about buying big, ambiguous tiles from the sky, while understanding the bigger picture might seem somewhat vague. The truth is the future potentials of E2 are enormous, and understanding how this can play out will provide you with a tactical advantage and put you one step ahead of the game! One day it might change our lives beyond what we ever dared to imagine.

It is my firm belief, if E2 is done right, it will likely not remain a mere internet fad as little as Facebook remained a college fad back in 2004. At the beginning of SoMe, our parents didn’t get it. International brands didn’t notice it and politicians didn’t see much use to it. Today that’s a whole different story!

With the roll out of 5G networks, new technology has enabled people to access the virtual effortlessly everywhere and combined with our monetary systems being revolutionized by blockchain and decentralized currencies, can be the common denominator to propel the 21st century into its next digital revolution, where the internet as we know it will move from screens and into virtual 3D digital realities making life truly augmented.

E2 will become a game development platform for sure. But making good gameplay is the one area where E2 will face its fiercest competition as mere realistic graphics alone doesn't cut it in the world of gaming. Minecraft and Roblox taught us that. It’s about storytelling and gameplay.

On the contrary, where E2 doesn’t have much competition is in the magnitude of its use case as an actual 1:1 copy of our world. If Facebook changed our lives up until this day, Earth2 could be the next step in our digital revolution. Leaving the screen behind to be immersed into an augmented future, life could become very different, very global, very soon. E2 would become a platform that redefined how we conduct our lives entirely and would be involved in all aspects of our day to day business..

Earth 2 could become so much more than a platform for game development. It could become a platform… for everything.

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