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Alternate Realities

This is Part 3 of 6 of the Earth 2 Envisioned Series- to read the other parts click on the links at the bottom of this article.

How alternate realities would take E2 to “Next Level”

In order for to reach their full potential, it is my firm belief that the platform would need to introduce a virtual multiverse of realities enabling sparkling worlds in the multitudes to pop up all across the globe on top of an official reality. All people existing and going about living, gaming, and interacting simultaneously. I feel words are inadequate to stress how important this step would be for the platform of E2. I could be wrong, but let me try and flesh out one possible interpretation of how this could look like.

"Alternate Realities )" by Natalia Medd is licensed with CC BY-ND 2.0.

I imagine multiple realities to exist on THREE levels in E2.


With the arrival of Earth 2, our actual world should be defined as 3 realities on a global scale. The REAL WORLD reality (R1 - from now on referred to as THE REAL), and two global virtual realities in E2 constituting ONE LINKED reality and ONE OFFICIAL E2 reality. First, The LINKED reality (R2 - from now on referred to as THE LINK) is a mirror of THE REAL for virtual augmented synchronization with the real world. (I will go more in depth with this in E2 Envisioned part 4/6.) Second, the OFFICIAL E2 reality (R3 - from now on referred to as the autonomous reality - THE AUTO) would be the official autonomous reality of Earth2. This is basically where we are buying tiles today. Tiles are bought only once in THE AUTO and while its ownership transcends all realities, its content would be subject to and managed by the individual reality. From THE LINK governments, companies and corporations from the real world would be able to buy or rent your tiles to manage and sync THE LINK with the real world locations and society.


Based in THE AUTO, unlimited spatially defined realities could then be created on a local scale. Here local realities (From now on referred to as Bubble Realities) would spring up all over the globe to host locally altered worlds designed for specific gameplays, storylines and other use cases in all scales and sizes. This is discussed more in depth in E2 Envisioned Part 5/6.


Last, alternative realities should exist on a property scale, meaning I can decide what is the visual reality of the area surrounding my property in THE AUTO.

"Alternate Reality" by Steve Crane is licensed with CC BY-NC-ND 2.0.

Follow me here! There is a profound reason for this. Let me explain:

Say you buy an island in the Maldives. This means you are now the sole owner of this property in ANY reality taking place on your property. From here you can manage your site yourself in THE AUTO and build, play and rent out assets to other users. Second, you watch as Bubble Realities start forming around you, bringing your property into their alternate reality worlds. Lastly with “property reality” in THE AUTO, I can decide if other users' adjacent buildings are relevant to my property view and simply filter it out, shaping the view over the land from my property to my liking.

To recap, only in THE AUTO would I have full autonomy of my property. In THE LINK, my tiles would be subject to mirror THE REAL so I can monetize on that. In any Bubble Reality based on THE AUTO, my tiles would be subject to that alternate reality’s world and gameplay. But either way, as the owner of the property you own its full autonomy in THE AUTO itself and will make an income from renting and leasing out your tiles to any other reality wanting to use the location your tiles are a part of.

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