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Shane Discord Chat & Summary (29th Mar'22)

Some context: A certain Youtuber, who has been criticizing Earth 2 for a while now, dismissed the tech shown in Earth 2's Vlog#1, claiming that the tech shown is nothing new and the effort can be easily replicated in a very short time using off-shelf assets. Shane had then released a video challenging the said Youtuber for the tech/video to be rebuilt within 7 days, since the YouTuber claimed the task is easily achievable.

"We recently published a dev vlog showcasing some progress on our world rendering terrain system and we have more dev vlogs to follow. Callum Upton, who is a developer and one of many YouTubers that label Earth 2 a scam, jumped straight into creating a response video mocking our dev vlog and claiming he could replicate the showcased technology in 30 mins leading many people to then echo his accusations on various social media platforms and then into our community. I am publicly challenging this claim and giving Callum not the 30 minutes he said it would take him, but 7 days to prove he can in fact not only talk the talk, but can back up his claims and replicate the technology we demonstrated in our video."

The said Youtuber had accepted the challenge, and plans to release the video (titled Earth 3) today in a few hours.

As the timeline nears for completing the challenge, Shane interacted with users in discord. Both sides (Shane and Youtuber & his supporters) pulled no punches. Find below the key take-aways and full transcript of today's chat

Key Take-aways (the non-drama part)

  • Marketplace heatmaps are being worked upon

  • The bidding Hub is live on stage 2 site. Shane adds - "There is a lot more coming and that bidding hub is a test for something much larger later this year / early next year"

  • E2 guilds could potentially build alliances with each other

  • Essence benefits for locked countries to come before Essence starts trading, but the date is uncertain

  • Map-box partnership remains strong

  • We can expect some big news on (social media app founded by Shane), and whether that is integrated into E2

  • Early thoughts on an E2 DAO : "Earth 2 DAO will allow Players to have varying levels of control in different areas which would allow Players to 'be' in areas they feel their views have closer alignment with"

  • NPCs could have a large role on Earth 2 in the future

  • On VR goggles: "I am in contact with a few smaller projects who have interesting tech and who have NOT yet been scooped up by the bigger players"

  • New Community Manager(s) [CMs] may be some time away

  • Earth 2 may design a section for kids in the future

  • Shane is an avid gamer and in another life may have chosen a career of being a pro gamer for Starcraft. He also enjoyed CounterStrike, Diablo, Ultima, X2, Abe's Oddysee among others.

  • Shane may not shave the beard/cut hair until Phase 3 goes live!

Full Transcript (includes the drama part, and more)

For ease we have bunched the Callum (Youtuber) related thread while the E2 development thread follows it

User: Well as a Programme manager and consultancy owner I’m a stickler for requirements because if I eff up@or my team do, it’s costs my clients and us a lot of money.

Callum supporter: Understood, and if that’s the case you should have a bit of an issue with the vagueness that surrounds some of the stipulations made since some of the tech hasn’t been shown by Shane to begin with. Only stated

Shane(S): Irrespective of the fact we have not demonstrated this publicly, Callum still made a 30 min video stating that all of this was easy and that the Earth 2 devs are only just now discovering these things. Any reasonable person, watching that video, would come out believing what we showed is all out of the box and maybe using a few plugins at max. Any reasonable person would interpret Callum's video to mean exactly that. He made those claims and I called him out on it. Now he is trying to prove that what he said was true, yet it's taken him the full 7 days and seems to also be preparing excuses. I'd have a lot more respect for him if he is honest during the video he plans to publish but we'll have to wait and see. Above all else, are you not entertained? I am a gamer .. I like challenges and if Callum successfully completely the challenge I would 100% pay him. Even if he loses I will donate that money to help women and children in Ukraine and other places around the world, so someone will win

User: There’s nothing you just said I don’t agree with, however, making it a point to point out that he didn’t do something he said was capable within a certain amount of time when you yourself gave him a much larger span of time to work with is unfair and isn’t a pedestal to stand on. I tend to look at things as unbiased as possible and regardless of the side, I’ll point out inconsistencies. I do appreciate the transparency as that is most important in projects like this. Again, show, don’t tell and I’m glad you’re deciding to push that money into a charity regardless of the outcome.

Shane(S): I am not trying to stand on a pedestal at all. In fact, I find it really odd that a talented game dev, as Callum purports to be, would spend his time creating videos on other projects (yes ambitious projects) using misleading information. The other drama I kind of understood, there is motivation there for that group, however, when we published that dev vlog and he created the response video I got to see first hand what he was actually doing and I decided to call him out. It's extremely childish to say one dev is better than another, but Callum was publicly smashing our devs, who are freaking incredibly talented, and I stood up for them as they are part of my team and I know how talented they are. I will tell you now, I had no idea this first dev vlog was going to cause this much controversy. We actually didn't think much of it and just published it as a proof of concept. We have already developed much bigger tech we planned to show when our token launches. These dev vlogs were just supposed to give our community something to watch.

Callum supporter: lol you started the controversy. You could have just pulled up your big boy pants and ignored Callum.

Shane(S): ok - so when you have a YT'er creating misleading content about each and everything you release and we react - suddenly we're not mature? I look at it like the school bully throwing punch after punch during lunch time, we finally jabbed back and you guys cry it out as being unfair ?

Callum supporter: lol what? This aint a school yard bud. You're a CEO.

Shane(S): yes, and I stood up for my team, talented devs who I count as friends. Is that a problem? Do CEOs need to be submissive? if I were the CEO you're envisioning, this would not be happening right now

Callum supporter: CEOs need to be professional. Issuing a poorly worded challenge was not professional.

Shane(S): and how was it poorly worded?

Callum supporter: You've added extra rules after the challenge was issued. If the original rules did not cover the additional ones, it was not worded well enough.

Shane(S): Which rules did I add?

Callum supporter: 1) That he must work alone, at no point in the initial video did you state that. (in fact you said "That you, or anyone, could do this" Now i dont think that was saying he could use a team. But it oculd be interpreted that way. er go poorly worded.) 2) It must match the visual fidelity of earth 2. that one was also not a rule.

Shane(S): 1 - We all know he would not work alone, I was just pointing it out. I realise he would get help and I didn't call anything off because of this. I was just pointing out how additional devs meant additional hours of them trying to solve the same problem. 2 - I have not changed the written rules on the video I published. You can read them there clearly so I am not sure what you are referring to here?

Callum supporter: 1) he is working alone btw. And it should have been a rule if you wanted it enforced. 2) yes, ive read them. no where in the rules does it require earth 2 graphics

Shane(S): S: if you understood the rules you would know that it does. Either way, Callum said this was all very easy so he should not have an issue with it

If its supposed to require earth 2 graphics it does not communicate that. er go, poorly worded.

Shane(S): let's see how many of the items he successfully ticks off first in any case

Callum supporter: How you misinterpreted the 30 minutes, would be the first one. then not actually responding to any of the criticisms of the challenge either in the wording or proving that your team has actually done what they claim. but you always ignore any of the stuff against how the economy is a controlled closed system where anytime you could stop pay-outs in the same way Ponzis generate the significant portion their money

S: please see my first message above. It provides you with the background and answers this question you have. the second part of your accusation - just read it. So this is another thing the YouTubers have brainwashed people with. We have paid out over $15m to our Players (do you know how much work is involved in processing that type of money out to tens of thousands?). We have also publicly stated we are decentralizing. I released a video yesterday speaking candidly about all of this. Does it not logically make sense to you that if this were a scam and I had plans to shut everything down, I would have done this a very long time ago as opposed to .. well .. hiring more people, paying out millions, adding more features .. If this were a scam I would certainly not care at all about what the YouTubers publish or say in their videos, I would wear it. But that's not the case and much of the information they circulate is heavily one sided and they NEVER provide updates on things they were incorrect about. So not only do I have my team who feel understand attack, I have the E2 community as well and I decided to make a stance. Why would I do that if it were a scam? Why would I bring more attention to the project? Furthermore, each time these YouTubers create these videos, I have my younger kids, especially my youngest daughter, come to me in tears. I tell her not to watch them but they have devices and it's difficult to stop. Do you think, for one moment, that I would be running a scam when my children and family are all aware of what I am doing? It's beyond belief .. that's why these YT videos incorrectly (and without ground) accusing us of being a scam become a little annoying after a while. I know .. next it will be "well he's not a scammer, he's just unintentionally scamming .. " right ?

Callum supporter: lol "believe me i never lie" sure bud sure.

S: That's a pretty odd response to a fairly long explanation. I guess you are just here to troll

Callum supporter: He (YouTuber) is a talented programmer. But he isn't an artist.

User: Well sounds like he set himself up to fail, because the E2 programmers did both....

Callum supporter: Is there a proof of this?

Shane(S): I can confirm this is true

Callum supporter: one man's word is not proof

Shane(S): I realize you would not take my word for it but what is the end goal here? We cannot stop and prove every single point, especially minor points. I am telling you they are .. none of our artists were involved with that part. What we showed was a proof of concept prototype 2 of our lead devs (one full time one part time) worked on over a couple of months. No artists were involved

See if you had proof of damages (as you could likely track on the website), and proof that he was lying (that you claim you have), why not just shut him up permanently or are you worried about something

S: I realize this but honestly, there should be ways we can settle these things without involving lawyers. Yes, I have relationships with some of the biggest law firms in the world but I am hoping that Callum just realizes it was harder than he thought and simply eases up on these clickbait videos

However you could have handled things though a proper PR team, stopped it from becoming the drama that it is today. there are more ways of dealing with it then just lawyers

S: Coulda, woulda, shoulda .. I wanted to draw focus on this

Shane don’t let these keyboard warrior nerds keep talking they dumb

S: It's ok - I wanted to hear what they had to say and I am here a few more minutes to listen

Callum is planning on calling E2 out and asking for proof of the engine you claim to have Might wanna prepare a video showcasing this in advance

S: I'm already fully aware of this. You guys will see what happens ..

Isn't doing the challenge in Unreal cheating because everyone knows it's easy to do with Unreal versus Unity

S: no - he can use Unreal. I had no issue with that

He wont show his code but he wants ours! just make a real time gameplay vid. No morals from this guy

S: I guarantee you that we are not interested in even one line of Callum's code .. he does not need to release any source code to us

Okay, but just telling us 15 million in payouts to customers and that's it doesn't actually give anything close to the full picture, it's a fraction of what is needed to understand the entirely of the business model. Especially is this is one that deals in cash transactions flowing in from customer-to-customer sales and then to payouts vs what the company is making overall.

S: exactly - that is one example

I have little interest in Callum and all that. There are still many Ui design issues that desperately need finessing both on mobile and desktop.

S: we are working on those but there is also a plan to release our own official launcher, so we're trying not to do too much double work ( because Scams like to release more features)

Honestly, if he hits the guidelines, E2 should offer him a job. Everyone wins.

S: look. I respect Callum as a small indie dev (we need more of them) and I am sure he is pretty good at what he does, but a lot of this has been over his head.. I mean for one example he does not even understand the difference between streaming and loading. That's not even touching on the other parts he has publicly admitted to not fully understanding. If you don't understand something you can simply ask, yet he does not seem to want to do that and is more focused on forming his own assumptions that happen to be 'the most simple way' to do something. I mean why not make a video questioning our tech and asking if he can see it working as opposed to a 30 min rant about how it's all simple and that any developer could do this .. As I said, if he honestly reports his findings in the video he is planning to publish then I would certainly find him to be a lot more honest than I thought he was

The preview I saw of Callums video is the E2 buggy’s from the old video with Easter eggs rolling down a hill of terrain Looks like he’s going to try to humiliate the project than adhere to your rules

S: yes, if that is true then it sounds like he is trying to soften his failure with some kind of attempt at comedic satire

It's because Earth 2 isn't just about graphics.. is much more than that.. the most important thing here and more valuable is the whole decentralized Metaverse concept

S: I realize there has been this massive stigma associated with Earth 2 as being a scam due to all of the ongoing YT'er videos but if you look at what I am actually trying to do with Earth 2, you will see that Earth 2 is probably one of the biggest opportunities the world will ever get to creating a true metaverse for the people, gamers, netizens etc and I am focused on making that happen. Normally, companies like E2 that experience so much initial success get picked up by VCs early (as they tried to do with us) and from there it's all controlled .. look at all the metaverses out there - don't people see who is actually behind them and who owns it? Ironically, these YT'ers who attack us are attacking probably the biggest chance they have of a metaverse that is not heavily influenced by big corporations and rich, influential people... yet for some reason there is this ongoing focus to try and take us down. I guarantee, GUARANTEE, that if any other metaverse came along and received the temptations I received, almost 100% would take it .. so Earth 2 has this unique opportunity to be the odd one out

What do you say to the rumor that one of your employees shares inside information with Callum?

S: Where did you hear that?

Callum and josh‘s twitch stream from yesterday. tangent tavern if you want to re-watch

S: we have many employees .. but that does sound concerning. I have learned there are many people that cannot be trusted

I heard Callum saying that, it was like somebody in the time of the buggy video sent callum something about the graphics just to prove a point or how good they were.. something like that

S: yeah, I can guess who that may have been

Do your kids have access to your Twitter account?

S: lol no - why do you ask? They use YouTube a lot (as most younger kids / teenagers do). That's where they see things about me and get upset. I am not sure they realise I have a twitter account

Really? I can't believe the ceo of this big company would give so much attention publicly to a youtuber

S: I am a bit different .. I am a gamer too, I like challenges and I threw one at Callum

I get the whole "insecure 12 year old" vibes from your messages every now and then. Seems to be a recurring thing. Just letting you know that this is how you come across to some people when you post things like that

S: I don't think what I did reflects as an insecure 12 year old .. but hey, each to their own opinion


Marketplace heatmaps?

S: team is looking into this

Will droids be like NPCs, like mechanic NPCs that protect even when we're not available?

S: in some cases - yes

Can we have train tracks for moving cargo in E2?

S: you will see

Just wanted to let you know the upcoming bidding hub is exactly what we wanted

S: thank you. There is a lot more coming and that bidding hub is a test for something much larger later this year / early next year

Will tile sales from the Earth2 map (empty tiles) ever stop or be limited in some way? Or will all empty tiles be available for purchase in perpetuity?

S: you know I can't answer that right now. But you'll see

Will we be able to have official alliances between guilds/megacity, alliance inside of E2 or at least some sort of alert system when friends (none same guild members) are being attacked?

S: yes, I would hope so. I am pushing to build a solution that would accommodate for this

Any timeline on essence benefits for locked countries?

S: I want to have this sorted out before Essence starts trading but I can't provide you with an exact date sorry

Advertising has always been very interesting to me in how it will work inside E2. You mentioned it in the video, but how would a normal player get in contact with a company who may want to advertise on their tiles. And would there be an official contract written between the two parties? Is this something that would be years away?

S: As I said, I want to build a way to connect the two .. so I want to build a marketplace for that (once again, something beneficial for the Players)

Mapbox partnership still strong ?

S: yes, I had a meeting with some of their C-level yesterday. I received a report about some in the community wondering why we're not on the showcase etc. They are showing new projects. All is good with them

Is the next essence drop coming through upgraded jewel holders?

S: I can't say anything about it as it is not 100% finalized

Do you know what geofencing ads are

S: yes I do - and we are a geolocational metaverse .. of course these will apply as well. I know the CEO of a company that has developed interesting tech that will help us provide this service

After watching your latest video, I am still not entirely convinced about you being an actual gamer (you drop the references but then you seem to think your current 'jewel collecting' situation on the site is 'gameplay). All I can say, is that if you are into games as much as you are then you should know the ups and downs of the industry. Don't make the same mistakes some of those big companies have done in the past, thinking they could outsmart their audiences, it's never ended well for them. Always be genuine and transparent, that's really the best you can do in this space.

S: I am not sure what you mean here? I was an avid gamer (still would be if I had time). Regarding the Jewel reference. Of course it's not fully 3D interactive gameplay yet but it's still a form of gameplay and it's leading to bigger things. Crafting is a form of game play .. and I don't want that to be taken out of perspective but you can have games on websites and the things you're seeing form together will lead up to much more interesting gameplay in the future. If you can't see that the things I am working on now will form into multiple game experiences in the future then you'll just have to wait and see it all evolve

Sure, if that's how you want to reason it, you do you. To call it gameplay, especially when these jewels are an aspect meant to boost a feature not yet implemented into the system yet, just seems like a bit of a reach to me. Just my opinion though

S: I am referring to crafting of Jewels - which will be expanded in the future

Outside of E2, which game have you loved the most in your life?

S: well I had the opportunity to be a pro gamer for StarCraft. I played CounterStrike, Diablo, Ultima, X2, Abe's Oddysee was really fun .. I finished that without any cheat codes (on PS1). There are too many games to list .. over recent years I have played Fortnite and League with my kids (my son if very good).. I wish I had more time to play but creating E2 will give me an excuse to play I also organized the biggest gaming event in Australian history. I can talk about that in a video one day if anyone is interested (too much to write out here). Ultima IV on Sega .. still my favorite. Used to love MK too on all platforms

Some time many months ago (last year) we saw your discord profile showing you were playing league of legends for a couple of hours. i believed it was your kids but after you mentioned LoL in the video a couple of times now i think it was you

S: lol .. I think I remember that. It could have been my kids, they were trying to play together and one of their PCs had an issue at that time

Starcraft ... zerg, terra or human ?

S: ZERG ! I played all races but Zerg is by far the most enjoyable for me

Zerg… now you understand why the guy is all over the place all the time

S: and steam rolling lol

Man. No coffee, no beer, and now League!? You gotta train them up in Dota XD

S: DOTA was where it was at .. loved WC3

If you were to challenge another youtuber but this time in a 1 vs 1 League of Legends match, which champion would you go with?

S: Malzahar

I'd match you with kassadin. ez win 1v1

S: nono .. I can handle Kassadin .. damn annoying match up though

Update on and will it be integrated into E2?

S: pretty big news coming on that

Speaking of scripting: Have you changed your mind, or is "easy" scripting still allowed? (slotting, counting and the likes that @mihaj does, and bulk-buying frowned upon?

S: I can't comment on this sorry

If we don’t get merging of properties would it be possible to get some sort of ‘bonding’ ability where we can set touching smaller properties as one larger property without them merging, allowing us to build over property lines and possibly even slot/accumulate resources as one. There’s a lot of us who bought big areas in smaller chunks.

S: we are looking at gameplay here and strategy - trust me

Do you commit to not shave the beard/cut hair until Phase 3 goes live?

S: sure!

What was your first computer @Shane and why was it an AMiga?

S: Amiga 500 (not really mine, belonged to my uncle but he was never interested in computers and I spent my time using it). I didn't have very much growing up and begged my dad to buy that same PC years later so I could have my own PC (while others had much better models)

If Elon Musk wanted to fund the E2 social media to de-throne Twitter, would you allow it?

S: I would entertain it for sure. And we have a very powerful platform coming

If there is infrastructure in place to keep the game you are using running, then the NFT has value. if that goes away the NFT is useless. So you can decentralize the ownership of an item... but if the game it's used in is still centralized (as generally, a game has to be in order to do the things we expect of modern games) then it is irrelevant if the data for your items is decentralized

S: I agree with this and let's face it, most NFTs are exactly that, useless .. and I disagree with that. When I launched Earth 2 I always planned for tiles / land (whatever you want to call it) to have utility / things you can do with it, on it, from it etc.

I basically view DAOs as a glorified cooperative, with some blockchain whatever attached. I think the idea of cooperatively managed and worker owned companies is cool, for example. So in THEORY I don't really have a problem with DAOs, but in practice, the way they treat code on the blockchain as binding law for what the entity that that DAO is will do, and the fact that they can be abused by people botting votes to try and get the organization to do what they want gives them a lot of flaws I think. If you want to have some organization that is run in a less hierarchical manner than traditional corporations, legal structures do already exist to accommodate that.

S: I agree with this too and it's one of the reasons I want to create a multi-layered DAO. Everyone will see why over time but I have confirmed with our Web3 team whether we can achieve my vision and they have confirmed it's possible

Well, now that just begs the question, what exactly IS a multi-layered DAO? A DAO with smaller DAOs inside it or under it's control? How does that solve the problems raised with more typical DAO structure?

S: well, the way I would like to create the Earth 2 DAO will allow Players to have varying levels of control in different areas which would allow Players to 'be' in areas they feel their views have closer alignment with. It will allow people with similar ideologies / beliefs .. even clans / guilds, co-exist together. I think it will be quite interesting and over time we will add more levers for the DAO to control within E2 as a whole and then down the chain.

From people coming in with a gamer perspective? A lot of people will make decent money, but that wont stop the gamer people who want more detail before they open their wallets. Got many more months before that kind of criticism ends I predict.

S: my goal is not for gamers to open their wallets. I actually want to create interesting gameplay and I hope gamers (or people who enjoy playing games) come to Earth 2 free to play

You're right there's always two sides of the community. The gamers who want a game and Investors who are here to increase their portfolio.

S: and I am trying to build a platform that kind of brings all of that together. Thinking about it .. it would be easier for me to just make short videos talking about these ideas so people have a clearer understanding

Can you tell us when T1 Land will start spawning higher tiered jewels please. I know jewels aren't your thing, but its due since so long

S: our dev teams are working around the clock to release those last few features for Q1 (apart from the Essence algorithm restructure as mentioned before). After that I think they will assign some dev hours to that upgrade but as you can see, we have a very big Q2 coming up

I'm just patiently waiting, collecting my Essence and jewels

S: best thing to be doing - many might have wished they'd listened to me when I wrote that last year

If something happened to me, my wife would have no idea what to do with my 250k tiles, and my kids are too young. Are there plans for some sort of next of kin notification? How about a player mode for minors, where they can perform basic gameplay but without the NSFW stuff that's bound to pop up? It would also be handy to have a guardian function. Someone who can manage the account (slot jewels, collect Essence, appoint Ecosim / creator players etc), but cannot sell tiles etc

S: I am very aware of this but we have not had time to work out a solution. I think when we allow minting of tiles as NFTs later this year it will present other options to you.

Would you please look into making NPCs fascinating in E2, don't know but like to put in GPT4 in Earth2 for NPCs, trust me, people would go berserk and running to interact with NPCs

S: I have massive ideas for NPCs. It will come a little later on by they will be very different - trust me !

Is Earth2 also investing in some VR goggles project out there?

S: I am in contact with a few smaller projects who have interesting tech and who have NOT yet been scooped up by the bigger players

Pretty much the reason I refuse to buy anything Oculus makes despite the fact that I do want to dip my toes into VR someday

S: I don't own an oculus headset

Do you think we can build an office within this world that can bring in new people. An office that we can create meetings

S: yes

Are you considering launching essence a bit earlier than initially announced? Eg Q2?

S: it's scheduled for Q3. There are reasons I might launch earlier but please consider Q3 for now

I'm sure you'll be able to color your water towers to match

S: there will be different styles of buildings. Not only what you see in the dev vlogs. Those are just the initial versions

When are you planning to launch an app for earth2

S: I think Q3 for the social media platform

What's the EPL flagging/removal function and the new notification hub? Are they coming this week? It says Q1 on the draft

S: yes - we are pushing for those. Many reviews with QA is what I have received in my daily reports

When should I start thinking of moving out of my parents' place? When Essence drops?

S: I am not getting involved with what price Essence may trade at. I just know that over time we will keep building and utilize the tech we're creating to keep expanding Earth 2 and introduce new utility to Essence as that journey continues

The open 3D world that might come Q4 is not of the whole Earth right? Its just a starter place where ppl can hang and see how things will work, but not the final product.. am I right?

S: it is the first version of the entire planet Earth, to scale. 1:1 scale. It will be v1 and there will be more versions released. It won't be the full Phase 3 experience but it will demonstrate and allow Players to actually experience the tech we've built for the first time on a global scale

With E2 radio will we be able to purchase channels and run audio ads on the game or will they all be owned and ran by E2

S: I love the idea of audio ads .. and video ads will be supported as well. ahh funny thing on this. Before I launched E2 I actually created this AR thing from an idea I had where people could walk into an AR bubble and audio would play .. my head is full of too many ideas

If will be possible to use VR glasses and omnidirectional treadmill right at the start of the 3D world on Q4

S: ummm .. that might be pushing it lol

When can we expect a new community manager?

S: we want to ensure we get the right solution there. It may take some time

Would we be able to integrate NFTs inside the E2... we were doing polygon chain NFTs for tile arts and trading them inside of E2 with the hope that we could use them in the near future

S: As I wrote above, I am not super fond of how people are abusing NFTs .. especially the ones with no plans for Utility. I would love to offer ways for some of those NFTs to add utility for their NFT inside of E2 (in their own little bubble system). One of the ideas I have written down but no time to build it out just yet

What pc specs will be required? i tried to play DRONE, but my pc is to weak for that

S: I can't tell you that exactly but we obviously want to ensure most people with a mid range PC can play

Can any player created contents be transmitted throughout social media platform (

S: not initially. It will serve as a fully fledged social media platform though

Looking back until up to this point is there one regret you have with how E2 has progressed so far?

S: I listened too much to people who were close to me. I should have followed my own intent from the beginning

Will the holo builder be more user friendly? its so hard to make things there

S: it will be, but you can see what others have created too. Like any game element, sometimes things take a bit of time to master

Yea I feel Earth2 has gone in a better direction since #FacesChange. I feel it in the community

S: seems it was even noticeable from the outside too

Any update on the requirements to be labelled a Megacity?

S: there will be levels but we're not ready to release

Can we get a season pass like in the new games?

S: I am not sure on this one yet. Not really thought about it and it's not on the radar right now

From dad to dad, will there be a suitable version for children (e2kids) or is e2 for adults only?

S: I want to make sections available for the younger generation for sure. Especially areas where they can be creative. So yes, there will be areas like this. I have ideas for how this will work but not willing to share yet sorry

It could be nice if the content creators could have an open communication channel with you personally. Leys say 1 a week for 2 hours. We have a lot of ideas but its not ok we use the time for them and un the end its not something e2 would support.

S: that's an interesting idea but I am not sure when I can commit. Other companies wanting to meet with me and it's a 3 week wait right now

ok - I have to get going guys. Nice to catch up and I am just as eager as everyone else to see what Callum dishes up now that the full 7 days are just about up. Keep safe !

Shane leaves

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