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Earth 2 Vlog#1: Dev Vlog series goes live; New Leaderboards and more

Updated: Jun 27, 2022

First Dev Vlog video in new Series goes Live

Earth 2 is proud to kick off the first installment of our new developer vlog series where we will be providing periodic updates and insights into parts of key technical developments that segments of our engineering team have been focusing on and prototyping.

One of the most exciting development areas for Earth 2 is our advanced terrain rendering engine, which is relevant for our longer-term Phase 3 implementation plans and is a major focus of our 3D open world developmental roadmap. This engine will not only support real-time, photorealistic terrain and environment rendering on a large-scale but also accurately reflect our real world’s topology, locations and importantly our digital land grid system representing Player ownership of tiles from all over the world.

Earth 2 intends to deliver the first version (v1) of our own internally developed 1:1 scale 3D Earth in 2022 which will mark an accomplishment achieved from focusing on and solving the bigger issues related to creating a world size geolocational metaverse, first.

This v1 will officially become part of our Phase 2 scope to facilitate interactive game play, with some team members referring to it internally as Phase 2.5, and this dev vlog, displaying technology we developed late last year, provides a glimpse of the beginning while showing just how versatile and realistic even Phase2, v1 will be.

In progression of our vision for The People’s Metaverse, Earth 2 is concurrently working on improvements to aspects of the Earth 2 experience for our community by launching this new dev vlog series on YouTube.

It should be noted that these vlogs will be confined to progress on developments which we are comfortable with becoming public and for confidentiality reasons may not accurately reflect what our team is actively working on at the point in time the vlog is published.

This series endeavors to bring the community updates via vlogs and while some of these topics may reflect work-in-progress and open research (non-finished products), we’d still like to be transparent in sharing our approach and, where feasible, explain our progress and how we’ve chosen to address and implement many of the broader rendering, persistence and technical challenges that will ultimately enable various aspects of Earth 2’s metaverse to become a reality.

Like, comment and subscribe to the Earth 2 YouTube Channel to keep up to date with all future dev vlogs.

New Leaderboard Data and other Updates go Live

Leaderboards provide interesting data on Player activity occurring inside of Earth 2 and we intend to expand this data considerably over time. The most recent data release includes information about High-Quality Jewels, Holo-buildings, the Most Expensive Properties Sold/Purchased and last but not least, the amount of Essence collectively claimed over the past 24 hrs and the past 7 days (updates are still deploying and data will become available over the next few hours).

We have also added the ability to view data per country, per continent, per associated flag, per associated flag continent and in the case of High-Quality Jewels, per Player.

Occasionally, data we share may be relevant to future game play or strategies, as may be the case with the 24hr and 7 day Essence production Leaderboard. We are conscientious about Player privacy and have added an opt-in option for displaying a username on the High-Quality Jewels Leaderboard and it is our intention to make this option available on some future Leaderboard data releases as well.

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