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Shane: Made sacrifices to stick to player centric ideology

Shane (Earth 2 Founder) shares candid thoughts on part of the journey so far

Key Take-aways

  • Wanted to talk about some of the decisions I have made and wanted to elaborate on the player centric ideology we have undertaken

  • Big corporations are moving into the Metaverse space, but they will be largely motivated to increase their shareholder value versus maximizing player/user value

  • Why early deals with VCs and billionaires interested in our project didn't eventuate: When Earth 2 witnessed hyper-growth, we got exposed to this high end corporate world (potential investors in Earth 2) who wanted us to take the same route. I think I made massive a personal sacrifice to stick to the player centric ideology, rather have these entities have us do what they wanted us to do. Over long term though, players would have lost a lot of control and power that I want them to have.

  • We are currently centralized but decentralization is due to start this year as we move assets and land ownership on-chain

  • Land and location within Earth 2 will be important for different reasons since Earth 2 is a geo-location based Metaverse. While popular locations could be bought on account of high foot-traffic and because people could be curious what's around them, lesser popular locations could also be bought because of the eco-sim reasons to generate Essence and Resources. Almost everything in Earth 2 will require Essence and Resources to build. Resources will be released in Q2 this year.

  • Free to play gameplay could arrive later this year, and users wont be required to own land to experience Earth 2 and collaborate with other players.

  • User creativity and commerce important to us, where people can create assets out of their own creativity and trade with others. In traditional games while you can buy assets in-game, you cannot modify them or sell them to other players. We want players to be able to create and trade assets inside Earth 2, but importantly assets that have utility inside Earth 2. The first example of this is the holo-buildings (initial low-poly 3D objects, not the Phase-3 rendition) that users can currently create and will be tradeable in near future. While holo-buildings have utility in form of storage and retrospective benefits.

  • At present, Essence is producible via land ownership, but in near future there will be other ways for players to earn Essence. However, Essence predominantly finds its way into Earth 2 via harvesting on player owned land. Over time, players could have contractual arrangements with other players to manage their properties

  • We opted against Essence token pre-sale, which I thought may have worked against existing players

  • Droid editor coming soon, the droids will be user creator - a 3D asset, that will be able to operate within the Earth 2 3D world. Players will be able to construct droids from scratch, and will also be able to sell them to other players.

  • The Earth 2 Metaverse wants the player to come first. Brands in Earth 2 will need to play the game or work with the players. If brands want to build something or even advertise, they don't come to us but collaborate with players. We can of course build systems to connect players and brands.

  • Closing Remarks: Really proud about what we are building with Earth2, and excited about the features that are to come in near future.

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