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Earth 2 Vlog#2 looks at Earth 2 Building Tech

Updated: Jun 27, 2022

Press release by Earth2

Video by Earth2

Earth 2 is excited to share the second video of our new Dev Vlog series showcasing the first EcoSim building, the Water Processor, in its Phase 2 form.

Initial showcases will focus on buildings being visually represented in their Phase 2 model format pertinent to the Earth 2 EcoSim, but we can confirm, with much excitement, that over time our showcases will proceed to reveal other buildings such as houses, shops, sky scrapers, transportation stations, educational facilities, marketplaces, social hubs, vehicles and more.

Our technical team have been working on specialized, custom technology that will not only allow us to procedurally load and stream these buildings as 3D objects inside our massive 1:1 scale digital replication of the planet Earth, but importantly allow for this to be done at lightning speed and support significant Player customization.

These specialized 3D object will using our internally developed custom shader system that will provide Earth 2 Players with an incredible amount of surface customization on objects they own. Our solution not only accommodates for the coloration adjustment on numerous visual components but goes further by supporting the alteration of surface types such as metallic or dielectric material and even further by providing controls for surface shininess.

This solution will give our Players creative control over how each building is visually represented on their property and our custom developed technology will support tens of thousands of different buildings with each one having thousands of possible variations in appearance.

Earth 2 is building technology that will be applied not only to our customized 3D models but also to our open world terrain engine, demonstrating our heavy focus on developing a solution that will stream millions of 3D objects, resulting in an aesthetically consistent world that can uniquely support the streaming of this extensive variety of Player customized 3D objects.

We want our system to become the nucleus for connecting Players to an unimaginable number of experiences both inside and outside of Earth 2.

Thank you for reading and please stay tuned for further dev vlogs on other Phase 2 buildings including information about how they will be constructed, what they produce, what purpose they serve.

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