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Shane discord chat (13th Aug '22)

After a long hiatus, Shane made it to the Earth2 discord, as Essence rewards from the first batch of validations rolled in. Below are key take-aways and full chat transcript.

Key take-aways

  • Token launch is aimed this year but may or may not get get delayed or pushed to Q4. 'Strong reasons' cited to delay the token launch.

  • Earth 2 will be watching the Ethereum merger closely.

  • A property needs at least one Prime to produce the corresponding resource.

  • Country countdowns to remain in near future for now.

  • Claims are first pre-approved and approvals are then released in batches.

  • Claim rejections: Genuine mistakes may get warning rather rejection. Spam/Troll claims are the ones most likely to get rejected outright.

  • E2V1 could have cool functionality for EPLs

  • More details about holo-buildings and backdated storage will be released

  • Holo bazaar is coming soon, already live on test site (stage-2)

Full transcript

Shane(S): Game Activity Feed is LIT. just watching the approved claims roll in. Looks really cool

Hey Shane Q3 on your twitter bio is still Q3 2022?

S: I am definitely aiming to have it released this year. We have a couple of features just hitting the pipeline that will add more utility to Essence. The EcoSim is getting really close too. I mean, in addition to what's been happening in the market, internally it just makes sense for us to hold off that little bit longer, have more utility. We can release the new website, the whitepaper, the video footage, the social media app will be pretty much ready to go in Q4 too, all leading up to the end of year period. And we're pushing E2V1 really hard, I mean really hard. I realize you guys can't see what's going on internally, but irrespective of what's taking place in the market, there are strong reasons to wait for the token launch.

More utility is a really good idea. Or maybe even create some minigames

S: that's a cool idea, but we want to get E2V1 out before creating mini games. This is the big key for us. We have a few more things planned for the web page over the next couple of months, but that gameplay will transition over into E2V1 (or will be able to transition over in time)

Should we be collecting ether and holding off on clicking transform to build up a large amount of ether or clicking transform to essence daily

S: it's up to you. There will be a use for E-ther relating to life. I am not sure saving now would be a massive advantage, but I don't want to say either way in case you don't agree with me later.

Hope you are enjoying your weekend

S: thank you - it's almost 5am and I really need to sleep. I have a big family day ahead of me .. but I will try to answer a few questions here first. It's good to see everyone in here

Wen new candid thoughts (video)?

S: my schedule is just too crazy right now. I'd like to create some too but I literally can't find time to sleep. Then I make a video when I'm dead tired, get criticized for how I speak etc. I was making that effort before but right now I am just too busy. I look forward to making more though when time frees up a little.

Any thoughts on next month's Ethereum merger?

S: we're watching it closely. Should be interesting

Shane has no idea about crypto lol

S: I heard it can moon. Is that right? Though I feel that cryptoland project ruined the word "moon" for good

When will I get my E2 Egg NFT's... that's the real question

S: after we launch the token and being applying NFTs to various digital items inside E2. Around that time I mean

Everyone here is enamored with Essence they're receiving. I just want to know how they are approving claims this fast

S: they were vetted, pre-approved, assigned, (and about 3/4 other steps) then final approval and released

Scenario, would my Oil (HF) land produce oil with: (Y/N to each will tell us exactly how this system works)

a) no jewels

b) one single color black prime

c) one multicolor T3 catseye (no black prime slotted)

S: a) no - needs at least a prime Jewel (that primes the Mentar)

b) yes

c) I don't believe so. Need at least one prime

Give us a spoiler whilst you're here?

S: sorry, no spoiler planned .. or did I already give one?

Will you keep the countdown for the openings or will you change back to the random openings? To be honest I liked the random openings more. It's happened that I missed a few (especially during the night), but with countdown it leads to a lot of frustration if I am prepared and get the processing issue and get nothing. When I think about Saudi things will get even worse (a bit like Dubai) and an opening without countdown will be smooth and fairer. Please think about it

S: I realize there are some that want it random again, however, there are more reasons to keep it as countdowns for now.

They're pre-approved by the team then released in batches. That's the impression I got anyway.

S: Yes, batches

To be honest that should not really matter as a CEO if he has a good team around him to deliver

S: it takes time to build a good team. Have certainly learned this

Fantastic tech @Shane I like how you and E2 are all for innovation

S: it's a pretty cool system. Can be adapted for E2V1 too

When are we expecting to see denial, its all validation so far

S: there are a few things that need to happen before the rejections start .. but trust me, there are a few. For genuine mistakes I do want to give some Players one warning too. We have a lot of Players who speak English as a second language so I want to allow some room for understanding the first time round. But some claims are obvious spam, trolling .. those will be in trouble initially I'd say (100 claims cancelled?)

Why didn't you do a better job at resource mapping (rather ask users to validate). Did you always intend you "charge" $5 (for claims)

S: then we wouldn't be here. Things happen for a reason. We also refund the $5 for successful claims btw. This feature was not created to make us revenue, we're definitely losing profits on this, but it's about keeping a promise (yes, maybe running behind schedule), but still keeping a promise and it's allowed us to create an interesting system that can be used for other things in the future.

How long is the beard now

S: I'm not sure, I don't measure it. But I do tuck it into my shirt now so I guess it's quite long lol. My barber phoned me the other day asking when I would come in to see him, and I told him the last hair cut I had was with him. He thought that was over a year ago .. anyway, it's quite long I guess

$5 for automatically approved claims seems like quite the money grab

S: they're not automatically approved and successful claims are refunded. We're not making money on this

No, I just think it was too much to ask one team to do in that timeframe and the community (myself included) were impatiently asking for resources. So Shane gave them to us and this is what we have... Now we make the best of it

S: I'm glad you note we are giving the community what they wanted. Yes, I know it's a bit late

They need to make staking for verified users only with a 1 min cool down and a captcha. They're going before I can even open

S: I think as the reward % drops, people will be more careful. We're building other things right now so have limited time on too many updates

I have a question about our future E2 wallet. Shane are you planning to support a function of swapping crypto assets to E-Dollar ? Once essence is launched on an exchange, potential users will be actually joining into the E2 World. but hard to imagine credit cards are the only option to charge E-dollars. Would you support swapping system in our E2 wallet?

S: not initially

I hope now e2 team can focus on the important parts... which is the remaining 3 '22 eggs and the '21 eggs too

S: I believe an update is coming next week on this. Both issues. There was definitely a massive breakdown in communication internally our side on this

Hi, Shane. Do you have any update regarding EPL soon? EPL gangs are really thirsty for it

S: you will see some pretty cool functionality on E2V1. We also delayed any renewal costs until the functionality is in action

This system is really unfair for larger accts. Small investors can double or quadruple their power in the game while large investors can increase their power by maybe 1%

S: I am sure larger accounts will have some pretty massive advantages long term .. I mean you could almost control your own empires. Let's let the smaller accounts get some benefit this time around .. there will be more cases in the future where we have things aimed at benefiting smaller accounts too. Long term I think larger accounts will already have some pretty massive advantages

Update us on Earth2 card please. Cannot wait to flex my limited edition to the haters

S: it's just sitting there. We probably should release it

This CAT hand tool for selecting tiles freehand for resource claims could be very useful for users purchasing property. Also, a de-select tile function by holding CTRL and/or clicking on a +/- icon onscreen

S: yes it could, but we're probably using it more internal right now. We should have some cool things on E2V1 in the future. We will release a very basic version initially then build on it

Shane is there a way to check faster if I am surrounded by any claims?

S: I am not sure. I think claims turn up on the heat map every 24hrs? I could be wrong

Anything on the storage space for holo buildings? I've asked several times and you were going to check with the team. At what rate have they been stored in the background?

S: it's pretty complicated, I don't know enough to explain it here. Details will be released though and from what I understand all previous information released is relevant

Can you share the feedback from partners and companies after you demoed E2V1 ?

S: NDAs I'm sorry

Can you tell us why luminous jewels cost so much essence. But they don’t do anything? What will they be used for?

S: I am not the Jewel guy, but as you know, I'm not shy of tweaking things as development progresses.

Can we expect some better marketplace 'structure'? Even was better a year ago. Search options / parameters are very limited.

S: we have made a number of updates to the marketplace and will continue to do so

Can you give any insight into the delay of the holo building market? The top builders who had been planning for the release last month have been... a bit upset if not demoralized by it not being released. We've asked questions in social media but the questions haven't been responded to

S: did you check stage2?

Holo-building bazaar is coming soon!

For screenshots follow and see @E2News Twitter thread

(Shane leaves the chat) - sorry guys, it's really nice to catch up and see so many familiar faces. I do need to get a few hours sleep as I have a family day ahead of me. Nice to catch up and thanks again for the ongoing support. Keep safe and will chat again shoon!

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