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Shane's Candid Thoughts: Key take-aways

In his latest video, Shane Isaac (Founder, Earth 2) shared some important updates. Find the key take-aways below:

Essence Whitepaper Delayed

  • The whitepaper which was scheduled to be released in Q2'22 is delayed, and now will be released closer to the Essence launch, which according to Shane is being aimed in Q3 this year. Earth 2 was hoping to launch the Essence token in early Q3, however it has been pushed to late Q3 at the minimum.

  • Reasons outlined for the delay

    • Present uncertainty in crypto/web3/blockchain industry (reference to the on-going crypto winter). Earth 2 believes that timing the token release during a favorable macro environment is preferred.

    • Earth 2 wants to release the whitepaper in close proximity of the Essence launch. Shane has been advised by his advisors to not have too large a gap between the whitepaper release and the token launch, to ensure that potential investors do not have to be kept waiting for a long period post the whitepaper release.

  • Earth 2 highlights the positives of this delay in the form of an opportunity to build and get closer to launching E2V1, be able to add more utility features to Essence which include - upgrading Jewels (existing utility), upgrading Land Tiers, replicating Resources into raw materials for the EcoSim, power Buildings/Vehicles/Units and much more. Therefore, the more utility Essence can have near the point of launch the better.

E2.News comment: While it says late Q3, and even if it does spill into Q4, we don't view this as a negative as its important for Essence to launch in a stable market environment rather in times of high volatility, such as now.

Some points about the upcoming Whitepaper

  • Earth 2 team allocation:

    • Vesting period is 36 months.

    • Vesting period starts from the day of launch of the Essence token.

  • Non Custodial wallets:

    • Users will be able to create a wallet from inside Earth 2, which can be used to transact Essence back and forth between the wallet and Earth 2.

    • The wallets will be non-custodial, which means users will create and hold the private keys to the wallet, and will be solely responsible for the safety of those keys.

    • Earth 2 will have a detailed tutorial to help users learn how to operate non custodial wallets [E2.News has you covered as well :)]

    • Accounts will need to have 2FA activated and Earth 2 may also request accounts to be validated (for safety reasons) before users can transact Essence with their wallet.

  • Essence allocation:

Original allocation (draft paper)
  • Percentages will change a little in the whitepaper, different from what was mentioned in the Earth 2 draft paper (see graphic). The team allocation will likely be reduced, while the community will retain 51% or more.

  • More allocation for CEX listings.

E2.News comment: We are glad that Earth 2 chose the non-custodial path which allows better control and stays true to the decentralization principle. However it also means that Earth 2 will need to go out of its way to ensure that this doesn't become a hinderance to adoption by non savvy users. Ideally, we would have preferred both choices (custodial/non-custodial) being available to users, where a custodial wallet would have simplified things for new users in the initial period, and later as they get comfortable they could have been given a choice to migrate to a non-custodial wallet.

Roadmap Features and Timelines

E2 road-map for Q2 from draft paper
  • 13 updates including the one upcoming have been released in Q2, however Earth 2 will miss the other planned Q2 updates as depicted on the roadmap in the draft paper. This is because of delays due to various reasons.

  • First release of Resource validation to be live within days.

  • Holo-building trading to go live by mid-July.

  • Earth 2 credits cards are almost ready, but Earth 2 will release them only after they verify the stability of the update involving resource validation and holo-building trading.

Expanding the Holo-building feature

  • Holo-buildings originally conceived to help express player creativity in Phase-2, to help beautify and personalize the properties. Later, it also carried an EcoSim benefit of providing storage space and retrospective access to Resources.

  • The holo-building editor has been updated a few times incorporating feedback from users.

  • Earth 2 plans to further improve the holo-building editor user experience and utility as below:-

    • Detailed Error messages about building issues .

    • Precise controls to make modifications.

    • Layout group system - ability to treat multiple polygons as one (easy dragging and duplication).

    • Making it easier to select exact polygons. Improved polygon operations such as unify, difference, intersect, and match borders such that they understand current selection better.

  • Benefits for holo-buildings placed on Tier-1 properties such as enabling taller buildings.

  • More customization - Different materials, colors, textures, control over emissiveness and reflections.

  • Ability to download holo-building creations into a file format compatible with 3D printers!

  • While its not clear how holo-buildings will appear in Phase-3, however holo-buildings will at least live in their own filtered version. Earth 2 also wants to build games that will include holo-buildings in that layer

  • Ability for players to use holo-buildings or blueprints as accessories and items, and be able to holographically display their buildings by devices carried by their avatars. Be also able to display mini-models in their virtual personal spaces.

  • Ability to use holo-buildings as interactive 3D structures inside Earth 2 holo-decks

  • Further, Earth 2 will continue to add to the above list

D.R.O.N.E. updates

  • Earth 2 is planning to continue the development of the game, and also been sourcing a team to finish some of the remaining promises by the original devs.

  • The game will be continued to be developed as a standalone game, while there will be a separate identical project branded under Earth 2 towards the E2 PvP.

E2.News comment: This is a positive update for the Drone community since many of the current users of the game wanted an option to be able to play Drone outside Earth2.

Coming Soon

  • Country Release countdowns.

  • Mentar Gifting promotions.

The full video can be accessed here:

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20 jul 2022

Shane be looking more and more like a dwarf every day. Which makes sense cos he's greedy as fuck.

Me gusta

30 jun 2022

E2.News comment: While it says late Q3, and even if it does spill into Q4, we don't view this as a negative as its important for Essence to launch in a stable market environment rather in times of high volatility, such as now. I fully agree. I'd much rather see the Essence release when E2 has matured a little more. And especially not right now, as confidence in the market is so low, as the world readjusts to the world situation. It will give a good boost to player numbers, LIT, tile prices and the rest. But all those benefits will be reduced if Essence releases into a dead market. Just have to be patient, wait a little longer, and the reward will be…

Me gusta

29 jun 2022


Me gusta
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