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Tech Firm SparkGeo responsible for Resources + more news!

E2News Exclusive:

Hidden inside Earth 2's code is a reference to 'SparkGeo' - the company E2News now understands as Earth 2's secret partner firm for Resources. The Earth2 'Landfield Resource Model' shows SparkGeo as helping out with the distribution (and possibly validation) of Resources.

Found by user Ronald, the code also has a reference to 'High Frequency' resources which have been appearing on users' properties the past few weeks.

The existence of differing resource abundancies can also be found on the Stage2 site, where the letters 'HF' have now appeared next to resource confirmed properties. From user Open24hrs:

SparkGeo is also a Canadian firm (based in British Columbia), which aligns with Shane's previous mentions of such a company

Learn more about SparkGeo's tech here:

Article by Toba with help from Ronald

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