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The Great Earth 2 Essence Staking Race (and how to win it)

Updated: Aug 15, 2022

The resource validation staking started about 4 weeks back and users have backed resource validation claims with huge amount of Essence. Our estimates put this at anywhere between 6-9 million in staked Essence.

(If you don't know what Resource validation or Essence staking is about, first read this )

Everything is getting staked, and sometimes in the blink of an eye

While in the early days users had enough time to validate the proof submitted, the validations are going through within couple of seconds. While a 750 tile resource claim allows upto 75 users to stake (2250 Essence, 30 essence cap per user), a 100 tile and below claim allows just 10 users. These 10/10 claims are the hardest to catch by even seasoned stakers.

I have staked now over 50k Essence, and I thought I'd share some tricks for speed staking to those who may find this useful and want to grow their staking. Below tips will help you get in on the 10/10 claims as well.

Tips for Speed Staking

Tip:-1 Spotting the claim early

While this may appear obvious, this factor alone is 95% responsible for success. So how you can spot the claim early. By watching the feed? Yes but how to do so where it saves you valuable microseconds. Simple - either watch the feed on the same screen as staking or watch it on a separate device. For example you can watch the feed on your mobile and stake on your PC/Laptop

Tip:-2 Do not refresh or press F5

After spotting the claim, many users have to refresh the page in order to see the claim on the claims page. A better way is to just press the filters and the claim will appear without refreshing the page. This also helps you with avoiding the dreaded '403 error'.

Tip 3:- Use keyboard and mouse together

  • Use the mouse to click the 'Insight' button to access the claim. Click 'Stake Essence'

  • Then you can either hover mouse to access the text field to input the staking amount or you can simply use the keyboard key 'Tab' to access it.

  • Then enter the staking amount - to enter the max staking amount just press '3' two times and it automatically sets to '30' or the max permissible number

  • After you have entered the staking number, rather hovering the mouse again to press 'Stake Essence', simply press 'Enter' key

That's it! You are now equipped to be a speed staker!

Disclaimer:- Speed staking can be extremely risky as you are not taking any time to examine the evidence and proceeding straight to staking. If you end up backing wrong claims you could lose a lot of Essence in the process. So tread cautiously and its not for the faint hearted or risk averse stakers.

Tip 4:- Time-Zones

Staking is a lot easier in non-prime hours. Its no secret that certain hours in the day see less activity on Earth2. Submitting your own claims or choosing to stake in those hours could lead to better results

Happy staking Earth 2, may the ping be with you!

ZEU$ out.

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