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Shane Discord Chat (10th Feb)

Earth 2 Dev Chat Shane
Shane's new Discord profile picture

Today Shane hopped in to chat with E2 users just before the E2 announcement covering unlocking of countries and more.

Apparently, the trigger for Shane appearing in Discord was a small typo which earlier created confusion about whether some countries have already been unlocked, and he stayed around to share some more updates.

Find the full chat underneath the key take-aways.

Key Take-aways

  • Shane emphasizes that no particular user group has access to special or inside information

  • Tiles purchasable per person will be limited for unlocked countries

  • The idea is to have every tile produce some resource

  • Shane said he will look into the queries around jewels - the changes and the spawn rate

  • The way resources are gathered could change once we enter future phases of the game

  • While E2 will release its whitepaper its uncertain if any major details will be revealed wrt the roadmap as Earth2 wants to maintain some 'stealth'

  • Earth2 is unlikely to influence Essence's launch price as it will be traded on external exchanges

  • Essence likely to have a hard cap, however the decision is still pending. Additionally, as mentioned previously, there will be several avenues to burn Essence in-game.

Full transcript below

There was mention of 2 countries opening up in the E2-updates section. That was a fault and should not have been posted at all. They corrected the post. Now people start screaming people have inside information. It was just a simple human error

Shane (S) - Hey guys. This is correct. It was a human error on E2's behalf. I was told about it when at dinner for my daughter's birthday and had to cancel the dinner and rush back to my PC because I heard there was excessive arguing on here and some people being blamed for a leak. There were NO countries unlocked, we are going to make an announcement filling in EVERYONE with details before any countries are unlocked. There was a misunderstanding internally and we're trying to work out how those details were even listed in the update information. I prefer to release updates and monitor stability before making an announcement and there was no plan to release any countries today. Please do not accuse others of leaking information or accuse the South Koreans on insider knowledge, there is no insider details being shared with the South Korean Community and it is unfair to make that accusation. There will be an announcement made which will inform everyone on locked countries being unlocked and the details around how that will happen. I am also happy to say that we've implemented a solution that will restrict the number of tiles a person can purchase per X period of time when a locked country is unlocked to diversify ownership of those countries more evenly. So it was a human error on our behalf. My team has already had to hear my frustration for missing my daughter's dinner because of this and me asking for details on how it even happened in the first place. So please accept our apologies and wait for the announcement to explain further details

Shane are new countries opening or can I go to sleep?

S- please go to sleep. It was a human error. I must say people are so vigilant though .. even watching details on the Updates page

Hey Shane, great update and just a heads-up, ref codes when applied are case sensitive so I'm not sure if it's intended or it could be looked at

S- hey Shane, great update and just a heads-up, ref codes when applied are case sensitive so I'm not sure if it's intended or it could be looked at. That will be changed if they are. I have requested it

E2News - We had tweeted earlier that referral codes were indeed case-sensitive. We will have to wait to see if this is changed, and if changed which claimed ref code names get priority - the small-case or the caps or its random

How come on stage 2 site reunion is open huh explain

S- I will have to ask about that but it's not on production

This is super important, will every tile produce a resources or is it possible for a property not to yield any? Very important for us that are creating holo buildings. Thanks

S- ok - don't quote me on this but from what I understand every tile will have a type of resource. I need to check with game design again but I am sure that is the plan

When can we make sense of the jewels? users think they do not work anymore?

S- I am not sure what doesn't work?

Go back to dinner

S- it's already cancelled. We had to walk out because I thought I needed to get back to my PC and say something in here

Any insight you can give us about how close to the actual mines you have to be to receive the resources?

S- I can't give you insight on that but wait until we first release our data - then you will see if you need to claim or not

Hi, @Shane I have few questions:

1) why all these properties on the market in countries blocked have not been removed yet? are you waiting for countries to open?

2) why did you change jewel bonuses after months that people bought single tiles? didn't you know before if those bonuses were gonna impact too much on the in-game economy? so why wait so many months and let people investing in single tiles?

3) why on jewel bonus in the receipt doesn't fit with jewel bonus in the description? it's like people don't even read twice before introducing an update and makes everything lose credibility

4) why after months of ether "transform" button still doesn't work properly? all these small bugs make the team look like is not able to manage small things and make the project lose his credibility to create a real complex metaverse

S- I have taken a screenshot of this and sent directly to the relevant department. I will ensure they look into it

Feels bad man for Shane and his daughter rn

S- Is all good. I will pass on your kind messages to her and will tuck her in shortly. I promised here we will do the birthday cake tomorrow

How fluent you are in Korean Shane?

S- how do you know that?

Because you mentioned 대한미국 when releasing T2 tiles, which stands for Korea+the US

S- ahh I see .. yes well it was a pretty bad typo in the end.. I should have re-read the tweet

lol that was typo? so basically you meant 대한민국 (Korea) when posting on Twitter?

yes, I did

Everyone thought it was kind of typo cause no one expected you to speak korean, but it turned out the US and Korea became really expensive. i mean T2

S- that is ironic .. I wish it were intentional

I’m confused? I was wondering if there would be some “wiggle” room off the mine. Or do you have to be directly on top of the already dig spot.

S- there are hundreds of millions of data records we've sourced and implemented with our team. Please wait until they go live (announcement will come beforehand) and check to see whether your property falls into place first

Regarding resources, would we be able to get them through in-game as well? (i enjoy chopping trees in mmorpgs)

S- we're trying to build the engine and let people ride at the same time... so initially it means that the way resources are discovered and gathered now might be very different in the future when parts of P3 roll out. As with Essence, you can expect those who play early to have an easier time getting something but as the platform progresses it will become more difficult and involve more effort / planning / collaboration

Hey @Shane maybe in your daughter's birthday in 2025/26 we could gather all discord E2 family with your family inside Earth 2 Metaverse to celebrate her birthday! What do you think?!?!?

S- that would be cool

Can u say something about T2 jewels 2% (Jamaicans, sunrise, sunset) ... can we craft them later to new jewels or they are worthless now after 3% release ?

I honestly don't know the answer to this question. We have full time staff working in game design. I can't keep across everything but I do have confidence with their judgement and I am sure they do not want Jewels to become useless

Plz Shane take a few minute to have a look in property-art when you have 2 min to look at the awesome art we are doing with heatmap in earth 2

S- ok I will. I was in a meeting today where someone screen shared HB art and I was blown away .. I had not seen that .. was amazing

Also wanna ask for jewel spawn on T2 ... can we make a equal from T2 singles to T2 750er like T1 ... its very sad that i (and some others) bought 50x 750er T2 for around 5K$ and just get 3 gems a day ... some ppl bought 10K singles T2 for 1K and get 150 gems from them a day .. hope u can understand what i mean

S- I have taken a screenshot and sent to the relevant dept. Will follow up on this

Just want to say thank you for staying in chat even though it was only because of an emergency discussion

S- no problem. Thanks for understanding

Oh don't you dare bring up the plates of gold now

S- I still don't think anyone has solved this

I repeat for third time. All blockchain projects have a roadmap, and EARTH2?

S- I believe I have stated we are working on the release of a whitepaper and that will contain details on many things. All blockchain projects have a roadmap (not sure if that is 100% accurate) because they needed to sell their dream from day one to make it happen. We launched our dream and people just got it, and it went viral. Roadmaps are great and the WhitePaper will provide more details, but why would we also want to share upcoming plans with rivals who try to sabotage our project .. not to mention the copy cats. We are showing more progress, there are more things coming and it kind of makes sense to maintain some stealth with some of the plans we have coming up.

100% understand, keep those cards close to your vest and strike when the time is right!

S- exactly!

I've asked a few times, but any additional information on the storage capacity of holo buildings and when we will find out at what rate we are storing resources in them? 1000m3 is max capacity?

S- sorry ,I need to screenshot this and ask game design. I am not sure on the answer

Will T1 props gather more resources than T2?

S- from what I understand they will. I think it's listed on the as well

Does essence have a hard cap and burn essence through epls, upgrading jewels and upgrading tier 2 tiles to tier 1?

S- there will be many ways to burn Essence. We are working on it having a hard cap though there is still an internal argument for an inflationary model. We will likely go with a hard cap

Can we have an animation of NPCs mining resources like in Age of Empires, or any of the Strategy games we know

S- I would love this too

Can you tell us when you will announce results of yesterdays Egg hunt?

S- The CM team are working on it

Can you take your hat off please

S- ok changed it. Lol .. whoops (Shane changing his pfp). Only had one photo .. I don't take many photos

I re-watched to dev live stream from a year ago. Still love it when you tell Covid to “up yours”

S- I still think the same way

Happy birthday to your daughter. I’m so sorry you’re stuck here answering the same questions as always, people clearly care more about their personal gains instead of reading the situation. Everyone needs to spend their own time with family, it’s so important. Hope you’ll spend time with your daughter and hope she didn’t take this too bad

S- thanks very much for your message. Actually I should go and tuck her in now, hope she's not fallen to sleep

What sort of price range can we expect for Essence when it's launched on exchanges?

S- no idea - it will be traded outside of our control. We won't set a price, the market will decide

You can set supply .. so?

S- we can set the supply and cap but not the price ... it will be traded on external exchanges. We're just focused on rolling out the E2 Metaverse step by step and trying not to mess up along the way.

Resources ETA?

S- as mentioned in the announcement, we're looking to launch validation Q2. I am pushing for this to come earlier

As a suggestion, when you get these answers from the programmers and designers maybe just make sure @Liz is CC'd and she can communicate back to us more directly. She is always very good and active here and would save you from this swarm

S- I'll try to get answers back out there once I receive them

Activities and businesses in Earth 2 are becoming more and more real. Do you have a chance to visit Korea?

S- I was invited to some launch things in Spain in March (I think). When I get time I will start travelling again and will definitely drop into Korea - I love the food there!

If/when you drop in USA, I’ll be there

S- sounds good!

Are you able to tell us if resource validation is coming first, or resource detection?

S- we will show detection first - then players can decide whether they need to validate or not

Shane excuses himself and waves goodbye

ok - I really need to go now. Hope you all have a good day and please keep an eye out for the locked country announcement, it will have more details

Find the announcement which followed this - here
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