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Referral Code, Locked Countries & More

Custom Referral Codes for T1 Property Owners

For our EDC Tier 1 property owners, the promised custom referral code benefit has been implemented and is now live! To recap, the referral code benefit includes:

  • 7.5% credit to code owners and 7.5% discount to code users when purchasing new tiles from Earth 2

  • Code customisation function, with a maximum of 15 permissible characters

This was part of the EDC ( ) promise and we’re thrilled that our T1 property owners can uniquely use their customised referral codes to give and receive bigger discounts and credits to anyone using them!

Locked Countries to be Unlocked

In addition to the Referral Code update, Earth 2 is formally announcing its intention to begin unlocking “locked” countries imminently. This will come as exciting news for many members of the E2 community, particularly those who have been waiting to purchase land in these locked countries for quite some time.

All locked countries will be released with Tier 2 tiles, and will be available for purchase starting at the standard base rate of E$0.10 per tile. Releasing these locked countries has become possible due to the improvements made by our development team in regards to the location data inside the relevant problematic areas. Location data inside these areas is now accurately reflected and we’re pleased to finally enable Earth 2 Players to take up ownership in those previously locked countries.

It should be duly noted that our team has not forgotten about the Players who own T1 land in locked countries, and out of goodwill, we are working on ways to provide compensation for those Players and their affected T1 properties.

Additionally, we have decided to stagger the release for all 38 locked countries. There will be no official announcements on when a country will be released and the releases will occur over different time zones to ensure people from all parts of our world get a fair chance.

The biggest change with these releases is that there will now be daily restrictions on how many tiles a user can purchase for a set period of time after a country is officially released. This will not only prevent a small number of Players hoarding early purchases at the best prices but will add more diversity to the ownership of that country, including more diversity to future voting events which we feel very excited about.

With our recent announcement on Resources, we understand there will be many Players eyeing off EcoSim driven purchases when these new countries go live so our best advice is to stay vigilant and keep alert by listening to the community and monitoring chatter across social media.

Additional Updates

In relation to Essence, we have also added the E-ther heatmap view option. Players can now see where E-ther has been detected by Mentars on the map, all across the world! This feature is the first step toward some possible bigger changes where the concentration of E-ther detection rates may have communal influence over various gameplay mechanisms. It also continues to demonstrate our ability to capture data and display relevant metrics on a global map, something that will be expanded upon over time, with other data sources inside Earth 2.

Other updates include:

  • Latest mapbox map version integration

  • Updates to property Portfolio viewing

  • Updates to P2P Gifting feature

  • Continuation of improvements to the Holobuilding editor (with more coming)

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