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Shane answers questions on Twitter

Shane made a couple announcements on Twitter today following which he spent some time fielding questions from Earth 2 users. Below is the full coverage


1) Ability to submit Limestone claims will be halted later this week

E2.News comment: We suggest that if you have any pending claims please submit for validation sooner before this window closes. To be honest, we were surprised when Earth 2 allowed limestone claims given how abundantly the resource is found on Earth, including entire soil formations.

2) Some more changes can be expected, something Shane says is requested by the Earth 2 community

Apparently, Shane seems not too happy with some of the details of these concerned areas

Shane stayed back to interact and answer some questions

Egg-hunt update

This comes on the back of acknowledgement that there was some sort of communication break-down earlier with respect to the Egg hunt process

Jewels Update

On Holo-buildings

Also do check-out a very cool video of a holo-building creation below

And just to remind, Holo-Buildings will be tradeable in future

Resource Staking update

And finally, Golden Plates still remain elusive

It's good to see Shane taking a hands-on approach. However we feel its also important to not fall in the trap of micro-managing everything inside Earth2. Otherwise, he runs the risk of not being able to crate an empowered team which is very crucial for Earth 2 to scale up. Someday Earth 2 will have hundreds or even thousands features, and it will be very difficult for Shane to address everything. The answer probably lies in getting in the right people who share his vision and are aligned to these principles as these features are designed or updated.
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Aug 29, 2022

These tweets, along with the reference earlier in the week to the meeting with the software company founder suggest that someone is going to be out of a job pretty soon..

Aug 29, 2022
Replying to

Or at least a bit of a shake up, and some steering.

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