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Empty Eggs - Empty Promises

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Egg Hunt #1.5...

We all know about the first egg hunt: a video including 5 eggs that everyone had a chance to claim. Fun and exciting with some flaws, but it all worked out. What people may or may not know about, are the eggs that came after the egg hunt in 2021. The hunt started almost 500 days (about 1 and a half years) ago and ended 320 days (about 10 and a half months) ago. The eggs appeared in Shane’s tweets and announcements after this now deleted tweet:

“From now on Eggs could appear anywhere (but not on the map...yet!)

The last sentence of the tweet resonated with me, as I was unable to win any in the egg hunt video. From then on, I examined every picture or video produced by Earth2 or Shane. I found 3 eggs within 2 announcements and others were able to find 3 more eggs. They seemed to match the remaining eggs of the 2021 hunt, all having a monetary reward associated with them.

Real Easter Egg hunts involve eggs that can be found and opened to reveal a prize (candy, money, toys, etc.) Every once in a while, the egg will be empty due to someone forgetting to put a prize in them. Usually if you find an empty egg the “Easter Bunny” will still give you a prize. Earth2’s “Easter Bunny” is a little different. I have documented 6 empty eggs below

that should have a monetary reward, and E2’s bunny has not rewarded them.

Here are the 6 Eggs which still need a reward:

Click the arrow to view a detailed list with images and links

With half a dozen empty eggs, I can hear my virtual children asking “Is Earth2’s Easter Bunny real?” Well, it sure can be. Since May 7th, 2021, I have been attempting to track down this bunny. I have made 95 points of contact with CMs, Mods, Shane, and Support, and I have not even received a single Jelly Bean. No one can provide an update or even confirmation of the eggs

Conversation with Thomas (Earth 2’s previous community manager)

Shane's replies to my discord messages and tweets

I have received many other empty promises from the Earth2 team, and I am sure there are more that other users have received. This is just a portion of the mental gymnastics we have been through. All I would like is for the community to receive a definite answer, even if the answer is that these eggs do not exist within the actual Earth2 platform, and that no one will receive a prize. These eggs have been pending for almost 450 days without any sort of update.

I recommend that someone from the Earth2 team compiles a list of winners and announces them 2022 egg hunt style, with a challenge period. Since we waited this long, everyone should have their chance to claim their egg. The first lists are almost always inaccurate, which is why I feel a challenge period is necessary. When creating the lists, it should not take more than a few minutes for first place winners, and if there is runner ups it should not take more than a couple hours. I am not sure what is causing these ridiculously long delays but it can be resolved with a little bit of effort. Earth2, Shane, CM’s, and “egg guy” please provide us with an update. These eggs are well overdue and arguably the hardest eggs to find as they were subtly announced.

Also, I may have missed some eggs when compiling the list; I pulled the obvious ones from twitter. If these eggs are ever announced or rewarded, congratulations to Mudia, Will3r, Ferris, any possible runner ups, and winners of eggs I possibly missed.

Written by CallmeKiss


Do you think Earth 2 needs to acknowledge these eggs, or is it an overreaction?

  • Earth 2 needs to provide answers!

  • It was over a year ago... forget about it.

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