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Earth2 egg hunt runners-up get their credits prize

Many players have confirmed to that E$100 has been crediting to the accounts of the runners-up in the #Earth2egghunt. It wont be out of reason to assume that the main winners would also have got their credits, although we couldnt verify with the 5 main winners. One of the egg hunt runners-up winner (Earth2 META) posted a picture on twitter as well of his double win.

We'd like to remind that these credits cannot be withdrawn and have to be used in-game to purchase land.

In addition to the credits the winners are supposed to get an Egg NFT as well, which they can then display on their profiles. Further updates are awaited on how the Egg NFTs will be transferred to winners. There has been quite a bit of revalidation done post the original announcement of winners earlier, and many players got the chance to be added to the prize list after they proved they had indeed found (and posted) the eggs before the cut-off time mentioned by Earth2 for the various eggs

To recap, Earth 2 had organized its first ever Egg Hunt about 3 weeks backs in the form of their new in-game video in which we saw innumerable objects populate the terrain for the first time. The visual spectacle is worth taking a relook below

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