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Easter Egg Hunt Winners and Shane Discord Chat


Q: Are penny bids still on track to go live this week?

I do hope so, it is in our pipeline

Q: for epl I advise you to prevent the purchase of brand names, users risk lawsuits. and so you can then offer them directly to the brands

will work the same as any other platform .. if someone is crazy enough to secure a trademark they should expect it to be challenged and risk their outlay ..

Q: What do you have to say for those who keep saying that E2 have no money left everywhere, like e2theboss

umm .. if every user withdrew every E$ in Earth 2 tomorrow we could cover it many times over .. I say it's just fear mongering or people trying to pressure us by causing fear (but I am not aware of E2THEBOSS stating such things, we are working with him to get his withdrawal processed..)

Q: Shane what do you think of and vpark? The former is a spit copy of E2, the second is riding its wave.

I guess if you have people trying to copy you then it means you're onto something big ..

I am just focused on what we are doing and making sure we keep focused. Good luck to them if things get real because people have NO IDEA about all of the things which happen behind the scenes and all of the things we have accomplished behind closed doors. I am just focusing on what we are doing and making sure we're on the right path.


Shane announced the Easter Egg Hunt winners with some guidance on how the winners were chosen and how they will be notified of their winnings. He also shared some interesting statistics:

Very first Egg was found & correctly posted after:

Obsidian Night - 12 mins 11 secs

Flora Spring - 22 mins 26 secs

Conceal'd - 16 mins 27 secs

Ember Grim - 23 mins 11 secs

Light - 15 mins 32 secs

Final (51st) runner up Egg was correctly posted after:

Obsidian Night - 26 mins 21 secs

Flora Spring - 1 hr 25 mins 31 secs

Conceal'd - 31 mins 2 secs

Ember Grim - 1 hr 1 mins 29 secs

Light - 35 mins 44 secs

He closed the announcement with this:

We have some very exciting things we are working on internally at present and we plan to make an announcement about one particular development later this week. But for now, let's make this about the winners of the Egg Hunt and as a team, we congratulate each and every one of you! Well done!

General Comment After Announcement Made

hey guys - we were very transparent in the results so people can validate and review. If you feel you have a legitimate claim please ping @Thomas with your evidence and we will review that. That is the point we shared so much information in the post - please don't get sour just reach out with the evidence and we will review it

Q: Will the NFT’s be numbered by place? As in the 2nd place for Light egg gets Light Egg NFT 2/51 ?

we have not structured the details yet but most likely yes, if we can do that

Q: the money you guys bring in and this is the output phase 2 expectations is not looking great

sorry you didn't win joner .. but feel free to stay in here and roast us for a few more hours if it makes you feel any better

Q: Thanks for putting this on!! Any info you would be willing to share on "blueprints and building blocks?" Are these user created or something that you will distribute to the user base?

it's coming

Q: Congrats for success. It is probably not a good time. But... What is E2 team opinion on and another 3rd party markets? Is ok to use them?

they are not affiliated with us and from what I understand they are using our API within the restrictions we set (so it's like someone just monitoring the site constantly and reporting to other users). When we have time we will create our own official API but for now they do not seem to be breaking any rules in delivering data to users. I am not sure what else they do so cannot fully answer

Q: A lot of people have already branded their websites/companies with Earth2 ___ is this alright? This is a huge deal (and I know you are dealing with a lot of them) but I for one have gotten an LLC with Earth2 company name and I need to know whether to change it now before it is a bigger issue down the road

our team have not had time to look into this tbh. I cannot say for sure but my initial feeling would be if you're genuinely supporting us and not openly damaging our name or pretending to be us then I don't see us taking any type of serious legal action - I personally think most of it is really cool

Q: would it be okay to use the E2 logo on our Referral Code + QR T-Shirts????

using our logo is a bit different guys .. lol .. I am talking about using the words Earth 2 in URLs etc. It would really depend how the logo was used but I know we are going to look into this .. much the same way that Facebook and other well known tech brands allow their logo to be used

Q: Thank you for the response. We're being very careful not to use any logos without permission. We have signed agreements with all of the cities on our site. Would just love to have the E2 on the ref code shirts to help promote, but I 10000% understand, and will keep an eye out for updates

yes we will have plans for this and don't get me wrong - I love the fact people want to use our logo - I still remember one user getting an E2 tattoo on his leg around 6 weeks after we launched

Q: buildings looking dope, when can we get a look at other biomes or essence production ?

those buildings are seriously nothing compared to what the end product will look like .. the buildings used there are only a tease

Q: will E2 ever be decentralised

you will see .. there is a right time for everything

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