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The Greatest Egg Hunt Ever is Happening. Are You Ready?

This article is re-published with permission of the author, E2 Analyst. Read his Earth2 content by clicking this link: E2 Analyst Medium Page

Easter Egg Hunts are a fun holiday activity. The objective of this Easter activity is to simply find the hidden eggs. Now this Easter time, the egg hunt is going to happen in gigantic proportions, inside the most happening metaverse —

First, meet the eggs that are for grabs!

What is Earth2? is the newest addition to the metaverse universes. According to Washington Post, the next version of the Internet is often described as the Metaverse, a term born from science fiction, describing a shared, virtual space that’s persistently online and active, even without people logging in. A complete metaverse will have its own economy, complete with jobs, shopping areas, and media to consume.

Still, in the early development stages, Earth 2 is the most promising metaverses available with a strong terrain engine capable of reentering real-world-like graphics.

Egg Hunt

The egg hunt is the first big event that's happening on Earth2 universe. It is scheduled to happen on the 3rd of April (Easter Saturday). The exact time is yet to be confirmed.

A Video will be streamed on YouTube on April 3rd and at the end of the video, there will be final directions about how the hunt would work. The event will be time-sensitive so being around when video plays live will be very crucial.

How to report when you find an egg?

Reporting of eggs would be probably done via Discord, Facebook, and/or Twitter. The first person who reports about the position of the egg would be declared the winner.

Is the egg an NFT?

Yes, it would be delivered to winners as an NFT at a future date, meaning the item would be supported by a blockchain entry and users would be able to display the egg on their profile in the future.

What about the amount?

Users would be able to get the amount credited to the account, but would not be able to withdraw the amount. They have to spend the amount in the game (for buying tiles or can keep in account for future use)


Nothing happens in Earth2 without a countdown. So this time also there will be a countdown displayed on the home page. And at end of the countdown, a video will be streamed on YouTube.

Are the eggs valuable?

This is the first collectible item released by Earth2, which already is assigned a value of up to E3000 (E is an in-game currency equivalent to 1 dollar.) Since eggs are NFTs, the resale value of the item is going to be huge in later years. So it's better to participate and grab one!

Do I need to Buy Land/Spend Money to get the eggs?

No. Based on the answer from Shane (below), there is no need to buy the tiles to get the eggs. you might need an account created in Earth2 to be part of the Egg hunt!

That's all for now! I will update the post with more details once available. Follow the account on Medium (link at top of article) or bookmark it to get more details on E2.

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