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PvP on Earth 2 may come as early as November: Shane

Shane took to Twitter today to share his thoughts on the upcoming web based PvP in November, and how its being designed with an aim to add a lot of utility to not just Essence but also Jewels.

Shane has raised the expectations of the Earth 2 community as he claims, "The PvP model we're working on has been expanded over the past 2 weeks & will in fact form a light introduction to parts of the EcoSim & core ideologies of Earth 2".

We could sense his excitement jump off the page as he adds:-

"This is the first game design that I've been fully involved with since launching #Earth2 & while it might not be a masterpiece, I'm really excited to get it out there"

To achieve this Earth 2 has allocated significant resources and manpower to deliver the web based PvP on the Earth 2 platform by November. Shane was quick to add that since all spare resources are allocated to the PvP development there wont be too many announcements or feature updates over the next couple months.

Earth 2 is soon planning to launch the $ESNC (Essence) token and is keen to add as much utility to the token before its listing, and doesn't want mere speculation to drive its price. Shane elaborated further on this thinking:-

"Previously our plan needed #Essence to have an externally traded value before introducing more utility, however, with this PvP concept we've worked out a way to safely introduce utility without affecting the future plans of the EcoSim. This will be done in a way that we feel will add value to the token through added utility & purpose while mitigating against the potential risk of Players spending #Essence before an external value has been determined."

We can't wait!

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