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League Love

When I was 16, I completely dominated a local bowling league. My average was more than 20 points higher than anyone else and I had most of the records. I don’t say this to brag, I say it because that is what I think of when I think of leagues. The glory and triumph of my youth. Honestly, that was about all I was good at at the time. Fast forward 30 years later...

About a week into building my city I met a bunch of fierce and creative pirates. They asked me if I wanted to join a Quidditch federation. At first I was like, what the heck are you talking about? Of course I know what Quidditch is, but at the time I really didn’t know there were any leagues forming in the game. I was still trying to picture how Quidditch would work in E2 and how I would be involved. I was given the size of the field and the logo I needed to recreate in the center. Even making a design with flag tiles was new to me.

Oz actually started as one island, but when I was asked to join the Quidditch federation I had to find a new place to put the field. My island was already gridded out and it wouldn’t fit. I started to really love the idea of belonging to a league so much that I found a new islands to claim and made one a sports and magic island. I made a road grid and discussed building up to 10 sports leagues on the island.

I was then asked if I wanted to join another league. This was special league that involved creating a large piece of Tiki artwork with a group of people. Everyone would agree to keep the land as is and use it as a completion site similar to something like the hunger games. It is still in development but the tiki field is ready and again I was again in love with the idea. Cooperation between the creators is very attractive.

Soon after that I heard about the E2 Racing series based out of Star city. I discussed with a few people how big the track would need to be and how many tiles were required. I did see an example of a track in Hippoland. I remember thinking I could not afford it and I didn’t have space for it. Fortunately, I met a couple of great guys who told me they were interested in building a race track. Again, I didn’t seem to have the space. So after hours of planning I decided to connect the track between 2 islands. I am excited to see how it becomes a reality.

It’s safe to say I am now in love with leagues. I am personally starting another type of racing league and a new sports league right now. The ideas are off the wall but I just gotta keep going with it. I suggest joining a league for the sense of community and as a great way to promote your city. If you have a league idea, I'm happy to hear it.

Featured City #4 - Star City

Located Aquouass Briech, Tanger-Tétouan-Al Hoceïma, Morocco

I learned about Star City because they created the E2 racing series I just discussed.

The quote below is taken from the about section in the Star City’s discord. I suggest all cities have a solid about section in their discord.

“Star City is about building a city of interest for both the E2 investors and the E2 players. The city will be striking and entertaining. With opportunities for monetization for its land owners. It will also have plenty of entertainment for its visitors. Star City has a well thought out approach to it, and it aims to be the home of E2 entertainment!” - Star City

They have created a lot of promotional material including a 3d model of future plans. Seeing 3d models gets me excited. They are well organized and they clearly describe their plan of action. Like I said, starting a huge racing league that involves all the other big cities is a great move and they did that.

Go check out Star City!

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