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Tile Snipers

I spend most of the day involved in Earth2 in some way. This column’s purpose is to share my personal experiences as I create a city and learn about everything happening around me.

Today I got really upset and here is why.

When I started my city I found a decent-sized island with very few people on it. I remember looking at many islands in Fiji. When I started, the tiles were $.65. Other countries were as low as $.31 I sometimes wish I started with the cheapest price because we keep expanding and building and now the tiles are $.89. I feel like I am now limited and I need to work fast.

I made a fairly detailed grid with rules that anything in the center must be a 3x3 block. This way we can run small alleys in between the rows. As we progressed we had people building against the grid. Every time I found myself spending more and more money to fix the mistakes. Because if people saw the mistakes they would think it’s ok. There are technically many placeholder lots just so people know where to buy land.

I spend a lot of time on discord lately but the official E2 discord is a bit much. It’s like talking to a bunch of drunk people at a party whom you have never met before. That's not always a bad thing, just saying it feels like that.

I normally don’t promote my link in the general chat but someone asked me for it. I asked if anyone knew of any looking to build a stadium because we have a sports island. I posted the link. About 10 minutes later when I checked out my island and I noticed these little North Korean flags scattered all over. Each one was placed intentionally to block the completion of a building. Not only did they do it on the main island, but they also did it on all 5. I was furious.

What do you think I did? I did what any other crazy person would do. I started a new account, set it to North Korea, and built around him to correct the perimeter. I have no interest in that space or what he does with his, I just don't want others doing it too. And I know he is just trying to suck money out of people. The thing is there is clearly a one tile section on the island, aka Munchkinland. If he wanted just a tile space, that’s a hot spot.

This is not the first time a one-tile sniper appeared. The last time it happened I actually hunted down the person and they were not interested in selling at all. It just feels like some people want to stunt progress or just be a pain in the butt. I would really love to never give the satisfaction of giving these people money for their spot. We will see.

Featured City #3 - Nirvana

Located in the Isle of Man

This is a brand new city that I found out about last night. I was watching youtube videos launched that day and I discovered the Nirvana video. It was a secret project, now it isn’t. There are 2 reasons this interested me enough to make it my pick today.

The first reason, one of the co-creators of the city is a huge youtube star in the Philippines by the name of Dwaine Woolley. He has over a million Youtube subscribers and is making Earth 2 content now. The tile price at the time of the video was $.56 cents. Less than 2 days later, it’s a little over $63 cents.

The second reason is the location of this island is right between a very popular and highly-priced UK and Ireland. The creators said they are aiming to make Nirvana the biggest cultural city on earth2. I recommend getting in on this city right now. I see it blowing up and expanding across the whole northern tip of the island. Have fun!

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