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Day 1 - The Beginning

This is my very first article and the start of something I know will be an amazing experience. When I try incredibly hard to explain explain what Earth2 is to people, I usually fail. I myself dismissed the concept at first and it cost me. Now I am a true believer. So the goal is to educate and prove why Earth2 is he future. Together we can do it.

I heard about Earth2 around Christmas time. I was so busy launching a new board game and I basically forgot about it. A month later I was browsing tiktok and caught a video about it. I decided to research Earth2. There wasn’t much out there, but what I did find was enough to sell me on it. The first thing I did was to buy some tiles in a few mega cities. Then I went crazy and bought plots of land on over 50 islands in different countries. I have a fascination with islands, I’m at the beach on a big island right now.

After a couple weeks of the addiction kicking in, I decided to start a city. I was torn between a few ideas. Oz actually started as Survivor Island and is located in Fiji where Survivor is filmed. I play in lots of ORGS (online reality games). It’s like playing Survivor in real life through the computer. If you haven’t heard of such a thing, I strongly recommend it. Check out “The Org Hub” on facebook.

I started to recruit people to build in Oz with still keeping it a secret. I didn’t even know how to use discord. Within a span of a month I have learned so many new things, did a ton of research and met so many amazing people. I have to say that this community is truly fantastic. It is why I agreed to write this column. Now, I am all in.

Featured City #1 - Gorilla City

Located in Tanzania

This was the very first city I bought land in. Thanks to Matt Lorion and his E2 videos on youtube. He does a great job at teaching at promoting. The city is very well structured and organized because he has videos explaining and instructing. This would be a good idea for each city. Along with a mission statement explaining the city plans. This city, I will let you explore more on your own.

- WizardOz

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