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Easter Eggs... and Hippos?

I spent about 12 hours on earth2 today and I didn’t do the one job I had to do, paint a couple walls. I think most of you know exactly how I feel, Earth2 is becoming the world I live in and everything else is a distraction. I just love the new things I discover and the new people I meet.

Several hours were spent exploring megacities on youtube. I found about 10 cities I have never heard of. Then, of course, I had to check them out. I get so excited about every project I see. Part of my column every day will be introducing a new city to you, so I really need to do my research.

I’m sure by now everyone knows about the easter eggs. It was already the topic of many articles and videos. I have a few thoughts. My first thought was that they would make an egg flag with each egg on it and go buy tiles with each one. First person to bid on it gets it, and they are then credited that amount. Maybe they have the capabilities to allow you to get it by just clicking a claim button and it’s yours?

Some people speculate you will need to take a screenshot or send an email of your find. I highly doubt that, more work for admin. Is it possible there are only 20 eggs and they are scattered throughout the world mostly in dead areas? If one popped up in my city, I would see it. I picture them putting the white egg in Antarctica in absolute isolation. I imagine the color of the egg matching the terrain they are hiding in. I do wonder if there will be more than 20 and if they will put them in crowded areas? Maybe reward people that might have spent a lot already and know their cities. We will soon find out.

I have been trying for weeks to get one of my oldest and dearest friends to get on earth2. It has been a struggle. It’s impossible for me to convince my brother to join and he has been in my friend's ear. Well, today he bought his very first 9 tile square block. Success! But he didn’t put money into his account he just bought it directly. I keep sending him video links so he gets addicted.

The reason I bring this up is to discuss my final thoughts on Easter eggs. If you have kids, put them to work. My friends had 3 kids running around as we were chatting. Show them how to check the map and offer them a nice reward if they find an egg. Come on, it’s free money and they will have fun, win, win.

Featured City #2 - Hippoland

Located in Bokpyin, Tanintharyi, Myanmar

I found Hippoland a few days in. When I discovered it, the very first thing I thought was, this guy is committed. His profile is also a hippo, he is the hippoman from Hippoland. It was a fairly empty island except for thousands of tiles of roads and beach plots. I remember him saying he was more concerned about design than a rush of buyers. I can clearly see that. He focused on layout first. If you build it, they will come.

His idea for a 1 tile arena was the inspiration for munchkin land in Oz and the 1 tile island project I’m involved with. He made a designated area and offered anyone who bought in his city a free spot. I loved this idea. The two of us have a lot in common, so that’s why I’m making him #2. Please go check out hippoland and show the hippoman some love.

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