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How Multiple Realities Will Make Us Rich

This is the final part of the Earth2 Envisioned Series.

Imagining as an endless array of alternate realities which you can jump between and participate in. In such a world, the only thing that doesn’t change is your property’s existence and geographical ownership (Meaning if a prehistoric dinosaur Bubble Reality places a volcano on your property, your property in that reality will maintain its geographical location on top of the modified landscape and not buried under it.)

Any person or organization would be able to establish a local Bubble Reality in THE AUTO and build a game world of their own anywhere on Earth2. A Bubble Reality would define its zone of action and when established, automatically subject all tiles within this area to its game in the Bubble. Tile owners would have no jurisdiction over the content of their tiles in a Bubble Reality.

This would give the game designers freedom of movement to develop whatever amazing game on your property as they like - in that Bubble. It would never affect the content of your property in THE AUTO. For every Bubble Reality established on a property, the property owner would be secured a Bubble Reality Tax, which could be generated from the income from players participating in that game.

"Augmented Reality" by turkletom is licensed with CC BY 2.0.

Imagine if 100 different Bubble Realities were established on your property, the kind of income you could generate, while you simultaneously still would sit on the same property - your island in THE AUTO - and sip on your orange juice. This could make for endless opportunities for income for anyone owning any property in the world of Earth 2 as any location is never reserved only for one game or reality.

With a finite amount of tiles and sites, as multiple alternate realities would keep coming to life at the mercy of its hundreds of millions of users, enabled and possibly administered by advanced blockchain networks, tiles would only gain value as more and more worlds/realities would utilize them. I imagine users could pay for each world/game they joined and funds managed by blockchain would automatically be distributed to all tile owners in these worlds.

With this setup - a LINKED reality, and an AUTONOMOUS reality hosting local BUBBLE realities - Earth 2 would truly consolidate its world-wide digital power becoming relevant to all aspects of society, all the while fulfilling its incredible potential of realizing the Ready Player One experience for endless worlds of creation, exploration and gameplay.

"Ready Player One" by Steve @ the alligator farm is licensed with CC BY-SA 2.0.

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