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Bubble Realities

This is part 5 of 6 of the Earth2 Envisioned series

While there are many advantages in having alternate realities on ("E2"),a major one would be the ability to customize an environment for a specific gameplay and that several worlds could do that - simultaneously. Local realities would unlock E2’s true potential to become a gameworld development platform while THE LINK and all it’s business and THE AUTO with all it’s Earth2 life would remain unaltered and unchanged by these local alterations.

Local realities would introduce endless possibilities as each new game would not be confined to available spaces in E2 and gameplay not be limited to mundane earth-environments alone. Every sci-fi story Hollywood has to offer could basically become a reality in E2 with local alternate realities. A Bubble Reality would be an autonomous altered version of a specified land in E2 confined and governed on its own terms by it’s creators to host a specific storyline, movie or game. This could be done by the big game developers and Hollywood. It could also be E2 communities and pioneers alike. Nonetheless, being able to set up a local reality for a new game or movie would enable local terraforming of its location, altering the site’s DNA in that Bubble to accommodate a specific world design without having to alter the actual site in THE AUTO. This is big!

"Bubble" by zacktionman is licensed with CC BY-NC 2.0.

Without the option of Bubble Realities, I don’t see how big players would want to integrate their blockbuster games into E2. They need to terraform a location to fit their fantasy narrative (So do we all!). And, they would need to be able to build a game without all the bureaucracy of having to deal with all the local users owning the land for their games. With this option, on the contrary, I predict that E2 would simply take over and BECOME the platform for all entertainment. Period. The virtual would become the new internet with endless possibilities of engagement and immersion.

Imagine local alternative realities to be playing out simultaneously around the globe all at once. I see THE LINK being the only reality used for both virtual and augmented reality in sync with THE REAL for complete integration with the real world. On top of that, hundreds of local realities around the globe would play out in different locations as Bubble Realities where users completely submerge themselves into different, altered worlds and storylines. Let’s use Rome as an example again. Here local Bubble Realities could play out in the form of an ancient Roman Empire reality, a renaissance Assassin's Creed reality or a Ferrari racer world reality to name a few. All existing simultaneously and users being able to simply jump between them as they please.

"Neon On Ferrari" by Jon Matthies is licensed with CC BY-NC-ND 2.0.

Going back to the Maldives, that means you can now go and sit down on your private Island and enjoy a glass of juice while you swipe between different realities your property is a part of. I can enjoy one reality of me being the only guy in the world in this soothing crystal clear lagoon as I imagined when I first bought my island. You hear birds chirping and the water calmly splashing against the white sand shores. Then I can reach out my hand and swipe in the air and instantly jump reality. I swipe once and now my property happens to be in the middle of an intergalactic space war Bubble with spaceships flying around. Then I swipe again and a dragon flies by now being part of a different fantasy reality as mystical mountains rise all around me. The possibilities are truly endless with Bubble Realities.

The most exciting aspect of this is how everyone could make big money from this. I will talk about that in my next and final post in this series.

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