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Earth2 and the 7 Dwarves

I have been trying to come up with an perspective on Dubai that is a little different than my fellow writers. I feel like I have to talk about it, even though we are all excited for it to be over. There has been so much hype. There is even a bot in one of the discords that yells at you if you use the word Dubai in the chat. Pretty funny.

I found myself spending hours researching UAE. I watched several very informative videos and learned about all seven Emirates. I was a high school geography teacher for years but I never knew much about the Emirates. I recommend watching travel videos of the UAE as it's pretty interesting.

However this article is not going to be about the Emirates. It will be about how I compare Earth2 players to the seven dwarves when it comes to strategy for buying tiles in the UAE. I know everyone says Dubai but it’s just one city there. Which I believe will be a total chaos explosion. - Snow White, a beautiful princess who in the end will rule all the land. All of us here know that’s true. Now I will tell you what types of players represent each Dwarf.

Bashful - This player is a bit shy and overwhelmed by Dubai and all the hype. They don’t really worry about it much. They might give it a shot but it will most likely be an unplanned random attempt to get a small piece.

Doc - This player is the strategist. Then have spent weeks researching and planning. Most likely they will be using multiple accounts in multiple areas to maximize their chances.

Dopey - This player doesn’t even know what the UAE is and what is happening there. They might buy a few tiles at one point and are not really active.

Grumpy - This player is anti-Dubai and the UAE for whatever reason. Maybe they are so tired of hearing about it, they wish it would just burn to the ground or disappear. They have no interest in participating in any of the fun.

Happy - This player loves and everything about it. All their thoughts are positive and they will be happy to get any land in the UAE at a bargain price. They won’t think about it as missing out if they don’t get class One. They will consider just getting cheap land a success.

Sleepy - This player will totally miss the boat. A few days after Dubai launches they will be the ones asking if it had happened yet. You know there will be a few.

Sneezy - This player is a mess. They go into the UAE launch with no real plan except to make millions of dollars. They will keep trying and failing every time. They will wonder why buying 750 tiles in the most populated parts of Dubai isn’t going through. They will probably be left in the end with no tiles and snot on their face. The price will then be too high for them to buy or care anymore.

I hope you enjoyed being compared to dwarves in the game. Please tell me in the comments below which one you are? I know what I am.

May the odds be ever in your favor!

Featured City #5 - Hope City

Located in Vavaʻu, Tonga

I came across Hope City a few days ago. It’s run by Alex Hope. His mission is to bring HOPE to every citizen and for Hope City to be the leading city of humanitarian organizations. I always support doing good for a community, so that’s why I chose this city for my choice today.

This city is definitely inspired by religion, there is a giant crucifix in the city center. It might not be for everyone, but if this is something you are looking for, here you are. Below is taken from the discord.

“The idea of creating this city was based on Bible principles and values; we personally believe Christ is more than religion and he receives everyone to make a real transformation in our lives giving us real HOPE. What is giving you hope? Be sure to share with us! If you are going through anxiety, depression, fear, or any need, you are not alone, we are in this together!” - Hope City Discord

Go check out Hope City!

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