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Earth 2 Vlog#8: Key take-aways

This is the final Vlog in the first series of Vlogs by Earth 2. It covers several things such as:-

  • Comparison of tile sizes from the Earth 2 website and E2V1 (the digital Earth we are creating)

  • Displaying various locations on map or satellite view and directly comparing to the same locations inside E2V1

  • Introduction of 2 more Layer 1 EcoSim buildings

  • Introduction of 5 more residential and commercial buildings

  • Showcasing the above buildings in a larger city environment

  • Displaying inter-building road system

  • Showcasing a number of new vehicles, ships, droids and more

  • Introduction to "E-ther is Life"

Key take-aways of the Vlog captured below:-


  • Each Earth 2 land tile is of same size irrespective of where the tile is on the globe. Each tile in Earth2's 3D representation of the Earth measures 19.08 meters x 19.08 meters.

  • E2V1 render exactly matches 1:1 with real world locations and Earth 2 has focused on precision.

  • The map and satellite overlays will help compare how the same real world location looks in comparison to what players have built at the same location inside Earth 2.


EcoSim building: Petrifier

  • The Petrifier is a Layer-1 building of the Cements Branch. It occupies 2x1 tile foot-print.

  • Requirements to build:-

    • Blueprints: To be researched via Research lab.

    • Previously Woven resources: Limestone, Sand and Fresh Water.

  • What it produces: Concrete - a key building block of Cements branch using Limestone, Sand and Fresh Water.

EcoSim building: Steel Mill

  • The Steel Mill is a Layer-1 building, and marks the beginning of the Steels Branch. It occupies 2x1 tile foot-print.

  • Requirements to build:-

    • Blueprints: To be researched via Research lab.

    • Previously Woven resources: Iron Ore, Wood and Industrial Water.

  • What it produces: Rolled Steel - a core building block of the Steels branch using Iron Ore, Wood and Industrial Water.

All the above EcoSim buildings, once researched, follow the standard process of construction - being placed as a holo-building and requiring the construction droids to commence construction. Like in all cases, the construction droids must have access to the relevant building blocks and materials in order to complete the construction.


Residential and commercial building options

  • A medium sized residential building (here shown as spread over 4 tiles), can support small gardens, parking spaces and more.

  • Ideal to set-up virtual personal space for the occupier which other players could visit.

  • Can be tailored to reproduce civilians such as sycophants, proteges or votaries depending on property affiliate factions.

  • Larger residential buildings could provide more utility.

  • They could support more internal space usable by the owner for personal use, to house more faction civilians, or even to lease out to other players.

  • Some buildings will support multi-purpose zones.

  • Their utility could go beyond personal spaces or housing civilians, such as to train or educate civilians or avatars to learn new skills.

  • Larger residential buildings will have specialized purposes supporting player's goals and strategies.

  • Each building will be customizable and support the ability to display advertising billboards.

  • Players will be able to own and build these buildings.

  • This will be possible by participating in the EcoSim where they can - buy, sell, transport, manage, intercept and perform similar activities, which will allow them to acquire key game assets and currencies. These provide them means to own an build themselves.

  • Players, if they wish to, will be able to sell properties along with the buildings they have constructed over time.

  • Players looking to play the EcoSim and earn inside Earth 2 will require personal virtual spaces for their avatars to reside.

  • These players can lease spaces from building owners or otherwise choose to lease spaces based on an EcoSim contract with other players, who can provide these virtual spaces in return for services. Once those services are completed by the leasing player, that player may conduct their own business to earn more within the EcoSim.

  • Players will be able to earn Essence, Resources, Building blocks and similar digital items.


Inter-building road system & construction support

  • The actual size of tiles (19mx19m), allows Earth 2 enough space to develop the inter-building road system, even in heavily purchased areas.

  • This additional space can be viewed as a community area for infrastructure that supports transportation and access.

  • As cities grow, new types of road infrastructure and traffic systems will be available.

  • In a later vlog, Earth 2 will demonstrate construction of buildings on a non-flat terrain such as mountains or hilly areas.

  • Population settlements outside cities, such as low population density rural areas will be enabled as well. They can be connected with city centers using 'hover-roads'

  • More than one building will be able to occupy parts of the same tile. Multiple options will be available when placing certain groups of buildings.

  • Players can merge their structures into different layouts for varying benefits such as saving tile space when constructing buildings together in a group. For example - Two medium sized houses could be placed over 6 tiles rather than use 8 tiles, since individually each medium sized house otherwise occupies a footprint of 4 tiles as seen previously

  • City scenes are dynamic - lighting, shadows and reflections are calculated and updated in real time and can represent day or night, and will support various weather conditions in future


Ether is Life, Essence is Power

  • Ether will have the ability to create and support life on Earth 2.

  • Most living things on Earth 2 will have some form of connection to Ether.

  • For example, Ether would allow a player to begin their civilian workforce. Ether will also support other biological life forms planned for future release inside Earth 2.

  • However, players who create more life than they can house or support will run the risk of having their civilians lured and converted to serve other players.

Vlog#8 marks the end of the first vlog series by Earth 2 consisting of Vlogs 1 through 8 (you can find key take-aways of them all on E2 News).
There should be a gap expected before the next vlog series and the next significant footage is expected closer to the release of the Essence token.

Vlog#8 full video here

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