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Earth 2 Vlog#5 : Key take-aways

Earth 2 has just released its 5th Vlog covering the 'Research Lab', some more details on transportation and the EcoSim. We look at some key take-aways

  • The Research Lab

    • Earth 2 introduced its third EcoSim building which requires 1x1 tile space to be placed on.

    • The Research Lab sits just after the Mentar in the Tech tree and therefore is a very basic EcoSim building and is required to research blueprints for the construction of other basic EcoSim buildings.

    • Creates contour survey report for each researched blueprint it generates. This report in addition to the researched blueprint is required to construct EcoSim buildings on the property the Research Lab is located on.

    • Research Lab blueprints will be acquirable by players when first-tier EcoSim buildings are released. The Mentar will be a pre-requisite to acquiring the blueprint for the Research Lab.

    • Just like the other Phase-2 EcoSim buildings, the Research Lab is to be activated as a holo-building including the need to command the construction droids to use previously woven resources to complete the construction of the Research Lab.

  • Merging Properties

    • Earth 2 is exploring ways to allow users to merge properties of the same land Tier. Until such time the size of the original property will determine how many EcoSim buildings it can support.

  • Transportation

    • Many EcoSim buildings will be able to process raw materials into building blocks which in-turn can be used to create final products inside Earth 2. Each EcoSim building can only store a limited amount of building blocks while the excess production needs to be moved to local storage or transported away to be traded at a different location

    • There will be different types of vehicles for transportation. For example, smaller vehicles could be more economical to transport smaller cargo on shorter trips, while larger vehicles are more suited for larger cargo and to transport over medium to longer trips

    • While some vehicles can be multi-purpose vehicles, many will be suited for specific purposes or cargo types

    • Vehicles will have various attributes such as - acceleration, top speed, reachability, cargo weight ratio, etc. Such attributes will feed into the strategic considerations required by players taking part in the EcoSim.

The Water Processor, Lignator and the Research Lab

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Jun 26, 2023

So, where do we stand with merging 2+ adjacent similar tier properties?


May 18, 2022

it sounded like we have to research EcoSim blueprints for every property we plan on using the same building on.

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