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Earth 2 Vlog#6: Key take-aways

This Vlog talks about Residential and Commercial buildings, utilizing handpicked building types and demonstrates how a user may potentially customize them. It also talks about additional utility for Residential/ Commercial buildings beyond the obvious.

Key take-aways

  • Earth 2 plans to release several building models with different art types to support player expression, affiliation and creativity.

  • Earth 2 has implemented Interior mapping which could help render building interiors at scale at a reduced cost. This technology is used by many other applications such as Forza Horizon, Spiderman, Sim City 5, Assassins Creed to name a few.

  • Most commercial and residential buildings will be constructed using building blocks manufactured by player operated EcoSim buildings.

  • Players will need building blocks, materials and the blue-print of the building at the plot location where they wish to construct. Following this, they will need to place a holo-building at the construction site, and take the help of correct type of construction droids to finish the construction.

  • A residential building could serve as a personal space for players in the Earth 2 Metaverse. They could customize this virtual environment to their desire, and could also store, host, interact and display various digital goods that belong to them.

  • Earth 2 aims to develop more utility for buildings, developing use-cases for them beyond their typical use. For example, a residential building could take part in the EcoSim by allowing the buildings to produce sycophants (potentially a basic game unit) which will be needed to operate EcoSim buildings, drive transportation, navigate ships, battle and so forth.

  • Commercial buildings primarily could link real-world commercial experiences for Earth 2 players, but their in-game utility could further extend to training or educating sycophants to determine their career pathways, towards improving their efficiency and usefulness across the EcoSim.

  • Sycophants will be released as an additional dynamic to the EcoSim after the initial release, testing and balancing.

  • Different types of commercial and residential buildings will require players to achieve different levels of research technology. As players progress, they could unlock more advanced blueprints, construction droids and structures.

  • Different level of structures will be able to do different things. For example, a low-tier structure maybe able to host a small and simple billboard, while larger and more advanced buildings could host larger/ advanced billboards.

  • Players with billboards on their buildings will be able to control the type of ads/ messages shown on their building or their extensive network should they own multiple buildings. If a player doesn't want to customize ads/ messages they will have the option of permitting generics ads/ messages subject to supply/ demand.

  • Building types and technology tier levels will not be limited to influencing billboard numbers/ sizes, it will also deliver other types of utility to their owners.

"The Earth 2 EcoSim will become a real-time, logistical, player-driven economic simulation creating a unique interesting and dynamic trading environment, that spans across a 1:1 scale digital replication of planet Earth. The players will determine what/where/how to trade and their prices. This is expected to result in an exciting, engaging and unpredictable economic simulated environment; also involving the potential for conflict"

Further, its possible that Earth 2 may never release a tech-tree and instead choose to release details in a series of Vlogs such as the current ones. Or they may let the players discover and learn for themselves, or rely on the researched content released by Earth 2 content creators - so stay tuned to E2.News

Full Earth 2 Vlog#6 here:

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