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Shane discusses Earth 2 Phases, introduces Phase 2.5

The Founder & CEO of Earth 2 released a new video earlier today via his personal YouTube handle. Shane discussed what various phases of Earth 2 entail, and how faster progress has enabled Earth 2 to bring in 3D gameplay earlier than originally planned.


Phase-1: Release of the Earth 2 MVP, allowing players to own and trade geo-locational virtual land tiles corresponding to real world locations. This phase also saw some player creativity in the form of tile-art and heat-map art.


Phase-2 (current phase): Release of the EcoSim and related features to build the economic foundation for Earth 2 gameplay. Features released till date include - Mentars (base level eco-sim building), Ether (detected by Mentars, produced off land), Essence (transformed from Ether, soon to be listed as a crypto token), EPL (provides a short address[URL] to properties), Jewels (boosts Resources and Essence, tradeable on Bazaar) and Holo-buildings (customizable 3D structures, help store Resources, blueprints soon tradeable on Bazaar). Resources (yet to be released) will be required to build almost anything inside Earth 2.


Phase 2.5: Initially much of Phase-3 was planned as 2D, while 3D gameplay was planned to be launched only nearer to Phase-3. However, due to the progress made by the Phase-2 team, Earth 2 is planning to introduce some 3D gameplay in Phase-2 itself via E2V1 (first version of 3D Earth 2). This is now called as Phase 2.5 (Phase-2 with 3D gameplay), allowing users to experience early visualization of the Earth 2 Metaverse.


Phase-3: Full blown 3D Earth 2 Metaverse. However, this is some time away and will be built over the next few years.

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