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Earth 2 Vlog#4: Meet the Lignator and the Hovercar!

Updated: Jun 27, 2022

Earth 2 released its dev Vlog#4 earlier today, and introduced another EcoSim building called the 'Lignator', along with other important EcoSim updates. Find key take-aways below -

Key take-aways from Vlog#4:

  • The Lignator building:

    • Phase-2 building with a footprint of 2x1 tiles

    • Purpose: To create 'Construction Wood' building blocks - using wood and fresh water as input resources

    • 'Construction Wood' will be a key requirement to build almost any other EcoSim building, and thus will be required early in the Earth 2 Tech-tree

    • Needs to be researched in the Research Lab, and can be placed as a holo-building

    • Will need some resources, which the droids can use to build the Lignator

  • More EcoSim Vlogs to follow with important info: Over time Earth 2 will keep releasing such vlogs to show how the corresponding EcoSim buildings will look like in 3D, and their purpose within the EcoSim.

  • Accelerating into 3D: The EcoSim buildings shown till now and in near future are still Phase-2 buildings. Earlier Phase-2 was intended to be released in 2D, however Earth2 intends to introduce 3D gameplay much faster, and these structures will be available inside E2V1 (First version of the 3D Earth 2). This means that 3D gameplay will be available throughout phase 2.

  • Geo-location mapping of Resources:

    • For example, land located directly above a known real-world mine will generate that particular resource at a higher rate than compared to other tiles that do not have the direct geo-locational link to that particular resource.

    • While the Earth 2 EcoSim will start with the currently listed 8 resources , more will be added in future and with similar geo-location linkages.

    • Every player owned tile will have access to at least 1 resource, which can be copied and replicated into raw materials to be further used to create building blocks via eco-sim buildings

  • Building blocks:

    • They are processed raw materials, therefore connected to the EcoSim. For example, the Lignator introduced in this Vlog processes wood+freshwater into 'Construction Wood' building block.

    • In some cases building blocks need to be researched, and as the EcoSim enters higher tiers the building blocks will become more diversified, specialized and complex

    • Players will be able to transport and trade building blocks, using various transportation systems. This Vlog introduces the 'Hovercar'!

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