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Shane: Whitepaper in Q2 (Full Dev Chat)

Shane today posted yet another #hiring tweet. Earth 2 is looking to add developers to its team and has been hunting for a while in the backdrop of the web3 dev shortage. Shane even asked users to share the job listing in their social circle in case it catches anyone's eye.

Shane also feels that its important to keep the new hires away from public attention, at least in the initial days

Post the tweets, Shane hopped on in the E2 discord to chat with the users. Key take-aways and full transcript is below

Key Take-aways

  • T1 land will spawn higher tier Jewels

  • First to upgrade to T1 from T2 will get it cheaper, as the cost rises gradually

  • Smallest EcoSim building will occupy 1 tile

  • E2 may use a size system to qualify a 'megacity'

  • E2 may still be holding back and is preparing itself for the user scale-up in future

  • Shane clarifies he earlier meant 'expansive' not 'expensive' when describing his vision for Essence

  • The plan for Jewels goes beyond being used on Mentars alone

  • A portion of used essence may go back into the supply

  • T1 sill remain strong and will produce more Ether/ Essence

  • Game design working on a complicated 'transportation system' to move things between properties

Full Transcript

Shane jumps in responding to a thread about user comments on the job listing Shane posted on twitter earlier today

Okay guys. Is it just me or does the tweet seem desperate

Shane(S)- we do use other methods. Not sure why it means I can't put a tweet out there after having an awesome 2.5hr meeting with 5 of my internal team heads .. I just felt like posting it. Does not mean we aren't pursuing other avenues.

Hey it is "next time you're in chat" do you have an answer on Tier 1 Land spawning higher tiered Jewels?

S- it's coming from what I am told. T1 will spawn higher level jewels. I can't tell you exactly when, devs are under the pump

Shane how do you feel about the direction E2 is heading compared to last year? Do you feel things are going more smoothly or are you overwhelmed by business

S- Overwhelmed but much smoother and we have a really good team culture starting to grow with recent changes we've made and continue to make

Could you possibly get us some more answers about upgraded crafted Jewels and brilliant jewels soon? Some of us have spent all our essence doing this…and would like to know if it was a bad play or not.

S- I can never say if something was a bad play or not. Everyone is playing a game that is in development .. that is the blessing and curse of E2. We didn't disappear and say "see you in 4 years" .. we decided to keep running and upgrade the engine offering opportunity to those who want to be part of the ride. You could look at it as "well, if they disappeared and came back with a game 4 years later I would have had nothing". I can't say if it's good or bad, I think everything we're giving is just good right now

2 questions: 1) was fixed price in Aruba made with a specific purpose? 2) E2 will be in multi languages in future? Thankyou very much E2 is amazing

S- 1 - I don't know enough details 2 - yes, we're working on that

Does the jobs@earth2 email also take open applications?

S- yes any application. The team will review them all

Will EcoSim buildings occupy a "physical" space in terms of tiles, so a property can only contain a finite number and some properties may even be too small to accommodate certain types of buildings?

S- the smallest EcoSim building will take up 1 tile. You'll start to see visuals on these buildings with details on the tech soon

Also very curious about Upgrading for locked countries. If a country had no tier 1, what will the upgrade cost be?

S- I cannot guarantee the answer but I would say it means the first to upgrade would get it cheap .. and then the price will gradually rise as more upgrade

Should i create a second account to buy more land at the new openings?

S- if you think I'm going anywhere near that question .. I'd prefer to pick up a rattle snake

I wonder if could enable a button on settings to donate the LIT

S- that would be really good but we don't have the legal ability to do that. It will come in future game play though .. you'll have your change and thank you for the kind thinking / heart

Some have speculated the upgrades would be free. That would cause crazy buying if that was true.

S- that's why it's speculation

Any discussion on what parameters will define a “Megacity”?

S- not yet - but we are working on a size system

When vlog this week?

S- this week

Would the concept of "teleportation to a property" be the EPL or are there also in-game aspects of moving people or goods through E2? If so, is it confirmed that the 750-tile properties will automatically have this transport or will they still have an advantage in implementing it as hinted in the past?

S- EPLs will allow players to transport directly to that property. We're working on complicated (VERY FREAKING COMPLICATED) transportation systems for transportation of 'things'. It will make the game play very interesting / challenging and open up a number of possibilities. We want players to collaborate for mutual gain. Larger properties will definitely have a bigger advantage from the EcoSim perspective .. but you get what you pay for

Is the number of users growing as expected or do you think earth2 should do something to attract new users?

S- we don't want users to spike too much right now. We know when, where and how that will happen

Is essence used for jewel upgrading burned? some ppl say/hope it is stored in the jewel, others say it is recycled.

S- sorry, I cannot answer this question. I wouldn't speculate too much on this though

What's your favorite type of train and why is it eye trains?

S- is this a trick question? I actually grew up around trains .. my great-grandfather was a driver of the Flying Scotsman and he passed that love of trains onto my grandfather (his son). Interesting you ask that question but still not sure whether it's some kind of trick question or not

Is the egg hunt a way of stopping hypergrowth?

S- maybe! lol

Expensive or expansive?

S- expANsive! You guys are thinking with your wallets there !

If I plant a resource in a certain area in E1, can I ask for it to be validated in E2

S- haha .. that would have to make the news?

Have you ever discussed milking jewels? Basically means that there will be some way to get the essence out of a jewel.

S- there are a lot of plans for Jewels .. they won't just stop as being used on Mentars

Will there be scholarships in E2?

S- Similar kind of things and will probably expand to some things which are much larger I would imagine

Please...a hint on plates of gold....pleaseeeee!

S- nobody solved that yet .. no hint sorry, prize is quite considerable

Is there anything you could say about the new bidding system? Is it game-changer in bidding? Or is it just a small change?

S- I'd say it's a significant update and it will pave the way for something much bigger we have coming (hopefully) by the end of the year)

In order for someone to solve it has to get in touch with someone like you or a CM or what

S- well if they knew the answer they would know what to do

How many months of delay the Ukraine conflict will add to the resources release?

S- ok - I need to clear this up. There was NO delay to development (or very minimal), the video I made was not making an excuse for delays at all! It was more about a team morale thing so we could all get on the same page and know we are building something that will help the future of E1. Our team are still working like mad

Last question: will ether be used for something else or just to be converted into essence?

S- well funny you say that . .and I can't give you a direct answer .. but I know internally we have been likening it to 'the force' .. has come from some very creative minds we have

Your videos are more important than It seems. We are a community and you are our leader. Those videos power us to keep going. Please don't stop making videos

S- thank you very much. I really do not feel confident making those videos and I know people will ridicule me .. but then I think I am just making for those that want to listen and I shouldn't alter my intention based on those that would seek to mock me, rather speak out for those that want to listen

One more question. When essence is used does it go back out of circulating supply?

S- I do want a portion to go back into supply - you'll see how it all works when we release the tokenomics system. I created the foundation for it and have had multiple tokenomics pros say they actually love it .. we'll see

Have you guys decided on an officially date for Whitepaper? Understandable it can change, but what have u estimated?

S- aim for Q2 .. we want to do it right and there are many moving pieces. Trust me, I just want to get Essence live and trading so we can put full focus back to building things (or I can)

Does that mean everyone has a bit of it in them and we can claim it from users via pvp?

S- you'll have to wait and see

As we E2 will move tiles into NFTs will you add 2fa option also for property sales? As some properties become more valuable I would like to protect it on the highest level with my jubikey. I think E2 needs the highest security possible same as Binance and Co. 2fa for property sales would make it impossible to highjack the sessions cookie

S- good point - I will ensure our team have that recorded as a future feature. Just thinking about this but .. if you have 2FA enabled and someone is selling your property .. that means your 2FA has already be breached

As the value of digital assets in e2 rises, would it be possible for us to double/triple protect our accounts with multiple layers such as with sms otp/email authorization + mobile authenticator ?

I have put in this request for added security on accounts that want it

Resources complete pack will be release in Q2? is it possible to see something already in Q1? maybe only which resources are produced in our tiles, just to orientate the business

S- that will come in Q2 just before we allow Player resource validation

Today the site is very slow, and maintenance occurs many times

S- yes, there are some things going on in the background. Should be a little better now

Will jewels become NFTs? and does the time stamp date do anything for the jewels?

S- sorry I can't answer that right now

Will we be able to extract essence from jewels later on

S- in a way they do because they give you increase % on your E-ther / Essence production over time (or they will)

I bought a lot of tier 2 tiles. Are there Essence airdrops for tier 2 tiles?

S- I can't confirm that

I'm sorry. I can't speak English perfectly because I'm Korean perfectly. T1 tiles compensate users who have been with E2 for a long time, creating a difference from t2 tiles. Since then, some users know e2 a little later and enter the market with more t2 tiles. For example, t1 tiles like me are small and t2 tiles are many... It's hard to keep up with that gap and I think I'll lose strength as a new e2 user in the future. What do you think?

S- no problem and I understand. I respect you for being bilingual. T1 will remain strong. You will see in the tokenomics sheet. T1 will produce more E-ther / Essence (and if my proposed plan makes it through that will be always)

Shane how will the new system to claim essence work if we still haven't the game

S- that's why we need updates beforehand .

Have you ever thought of closing the sale of land from the map and reopening purchases in limited periods of the year? In this way our land would increase considerably in value

S- you'll see what's coming

Yeah I'm curious as to when 3D game is launched cause I feel like having a token before a game might be weird.

S- some projects launched their token 4 years before a game was playable

Any hints on avatars or non player intelligence?

S- none that I can give but it has to be cool

When will you make the transactions page a csv file for tax + remove the locked countries from marketplace

S- already requested that

I don't want a fight But Is drone server ever going to get any news there have been 3 months of quietness for the anyone "of the devs"

S- we will update them with some news once it's confirmed. Honestly we have so many internal projects in motion at the same time there is just a lot happening. DRONE is very important to us but we need to release some other updates first

How important are water tiles? i mean there's only so little land and so much water

S- we want players to build on water too

Is it worth megacity owners/community members adding their own roads to megacities or will they not be required?

S- I kind of answered this above. It's a very complicated thing but we're working on some very interesting solutions. Because we've already sold millions of tiles we need to come up with game design that retrospectively fits sometimes .. like building a second earth was not already hard enough

Last time you announced an extensive marketplace update at the end of the year. but would it be possible for a dev to add a few more filters on the existing one and remove banned users/countries in the short term. that should take a developer an hour or two as it's not a big effort and would help us all a lot before the end of the year.

S- Have already requested this feature today

As far as resources (player made assets/resources, not in-game resources) go, will players be able to upload their own creations into E2 in the future, for assets like Avatars, vehicles, buildings, etc? Similar to Second Life?

S- we talk about this a lot internally .. we want some form of aesthetic cohesion that doesn't present chaos so I wouldn't confirm we'd be doing that, what second life does, just yet. What I can say is that our solution will be beautiful, work at scale, be customizable (heavily) and include a large variety of different types of digital assets. I would also say that player created content will be able to enter e2 in different ways .. so let's leave it at that for now please

The raw material extracted in a certain property will be immediately available to be used in any of our other properties or there are times / methods / costs of a logistic type?

S- we are working on transportation systems .. won't necessarily be that easy

Thank you for talking with us today. You answered so many great questions. Keep up the good work.

S- I actually dropped in to say "I should be able to post a job advert on my twitter if I want to" and I got caught up lol I normally answer just about every question I receive, imagine how much is going on behind the scenes for me to be able to do that ? Blows my mind sometimes

I have to get going now. Nice to see you all and hope you all have a good day. Keep safe and thanks for the chat

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