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Shane Video Summary & Dev Chat!

Shane's Video

(summary below)


- Earth 2 & Shane are donating to the Ukrainian effort.

- Earth 2 will help Earth 1 become a better place.

- Making sure that player built cities will be visible from space.

- New team of Concept Artists

- Dev Vlog coming in the next few days

- Bidding, Notifications, Holobuilding and leaderboard updates coming.

- New Essence generation algorithms being deployed.

- Essence will become more difficult to generate.

- 'Fractions' of Essence - players can see progress of essence accumulation on properties.

- Essence rewards system and Megacity list coming in Q2.

- 'Community Gallery' page coming this year.

- Essence to become one of the most 'expansive, detailed utility tokens in history'

- Team is expanding rapidly, with a lot going on behind the scenes.

Dev Chat

Question: I think they needed this video to acknowledge the situation in Ukraine and to support publicly their employees there

Shane: exactly

Question: I still don't get it, the reason for delay was Ukrainian devs in conflict. In the TDLR you said they hired new devs. So what happened to the Ukrainian ones?

Shane: Ok - so to clarify the video footage of the dev vlog has been ready since early November 2021 (or even Oct). Voice over was done early December. We don't always release things as soon as it's ready. The situation in Ukraine was not an excuse because we didn't have the video ready, that is disgusting .. We had planned to post the video after the draft whitepaper went public and then war broke out 2 days after that happened .. so I certainly didn't want to push out positive updates when our team members are caught up in conflict and because of this, we fast tracked a pledge for future plans we had for Earth 2 to help Earth 1, acknowledged our team members caught up in conflict and made sure they are ok, released this video and we will hopefully feel good continuing on from here

Question: Love it! Let us sell your shirts and we can get even more donations to the conflict zones (heart)

Shane: Dan must have forgotten to respond to you. I gave the ok. I will ping him now

Question: @Shane When e2 official merchandise ? You are teasing us with those t-shirts.

Shane: Motis will have some soon I think lol .. and I will see what I can do to get some ready for public too I guess

Question: Shane I like your vlogs keep doing them

Shane: thank you - I was not sure whether people would like it or not .. I'm not a very good speaker .. I am more the creative type (who is not so good at public speaking) but under the circumstances I felt the need to make this video personally

Question: @Shane Anything you can say to the people who spent all there essence crafting upgraded jewels? Shane: I cannot really say too much on that. But what is spent can surely be earned again with some effort

Question: It’s very difficult to do a single take 12 minute video! Nice work and great updates

Shane: yeah that was pretty crazy - I need to hire a video editor I think. I don't have one right now so the solution was to do it non-stop lol

Question: i never cared about impressions or what people might say or think. i only care about actions and facts. thank you for the videos!

Shane: thank you

Question: Will AR still play a major role in E2?

Shane: yes, we are working on concepts but first we'd really like to finish the first version of our 3D world so we can kick off real time game play

Question: @Shane what's fraction of essence?

Shane: so Players can see the progress of Essence accumulate on the properties (i.e smaller properties can also accumulate Essence over time as opposed to the previous spawn rate algorithm )

Question: @Shane shane a new user why would he pay more for a class 1? is it not worth taking more class 2 or 3 properties more discounted? Do classes 1 produce more resources?

Shane: there are benefits for the classes. From a game design perspective we need to ensure those benefits are not crazily over powered .. but we're working on things that will set them apart. Additionally, to date, higher classes have already received much higher LIT

Question: @Shane will t2 land ever have essence air drop ? I mean the new players joining ought to have some encouragement. I might be wrong, but I would appreciate your views on this.

Shane: you know I can't answer that

Question: @Shane do you see E2 as a supplement platform in peoples lives, or a legitimate, full time working environment?

Shane: I think as Essence becomes more valuable (fingers crossed) we will see a lot of people spend a lot of time on the E2 platform. I personally have some interesting ideas on keeping people active in the real world too and by doing so take part in E2

Question: @Shane I have an idea. Please read this. How about already creating an E2 app with the possibility to do a treasure hunt in cities with AR enigmas, quizzes and so on. Imagine the cultural, recreative and exciting potential for tourists, students, travelers, pupils, schools, and families.

Shane: well, we're kind of building something that might let the community even create things like that

Question: @Shane shane the app will be external to Earth2 or will the "core" be implemented for the Earth2 AR?

Shane: we are working on significant updates to that tech - I'd like the AR to be linked

Question: @Shane anything you could share about droids?

Shane: Droids help people

Shane: I'd love to stay and chat guys but I promised to spend some time with my family on Sunday (and it's almost 5am now .. they will be waiting for me to wake up) so I need to grab some sleep now

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