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Shane: Building a Metaverse owned by players (Dev Chat)

After Earth2 posted an erroneous list of the Egg-hunt winners Shane stepped in the Earth 2 discord to calm the users and also share some updates.

Find key take-aways and full transcript of the chat below:

Courtesy : Earth2.Cards

Key Take-aways

  • E2 erroneously has used a wrong list for the Egg-hunt winners for some of the eggs and the correct list has been updated as received from ex-CM Liz.

  • Shane open to E2 community supplying a list for better validation of the Egg-hunt winners in future.

  • Challenges for the Egg-hunt should be sent at

  • Dev Vlog coming soon, potentially by next week

  • No new countries unlocking until next week at least

  • Megacities maybe visible from space! (whatever that means, but sounds cool)

  • It seems E2 hasn't yet found replacement to the CMs (both CMs- Liz and K-Dizz had quit last week)

  • Big update to landing page coming

  • Unlocked countries that didn't have C1 yet may provide users the option to upgrade T2 to C1 and depending how early they upgrade till the quota lasts for C1

  • T2 -> T1 upgrade will come sometime in 2022 and will utilize Essence

  • Shane: Building a Metaverse owned by the players

Full Transcript:

Shane(S): I heard there was some backlash in here. I just published the list I was provided with and that was the list provided to our Sydney office. I have too many things to handle, I am not involved with deciding who won which egg. I know that we just published the last list we received from Liz but that may have been the wrong list. We're waiting for Liz to confirm

User: I think the system where people are supposed to apply is not really easy to manage. I have worked with social media for some years now and while the exposure is cool with the # and all, it will be extremely hard to go through and get a correct time for all posts since algorithm play a part and won’t show a correct feed for the people who check for the winners. I suggest another way.

S: I agree. It was only supposed to be for a little fun to include a challenge in announcements. Seeing people upset is certainly not the intended result. I will consider this and maybe postpone Egg Hunts until we have them hidden inside our 3D world where if you find it and claim it, it will automatically be added to your account

S: sorry, I have been chatting with Liz and the team member in the Sydney office to find out exactly what went wrong from both sides. Seems there was a misunderstanding and Liz did send the list but it was mistaken for another list. The Sydney team are working on updating the list now. I literally missed a meeting for this .. as you could appreciate Liz and Kieran are no longer official CMs and until we have the official new CM onboarded there will be some transitional issues.

Please have them look at the egg 3 and 4 list as it is way off of reality.

S: people can challenge - that is the process we made for this Egg Hunt so Players can challenge the results. We have already received numerous emails of challenges for Egg3 and Egg4 and we have them all in one place to review. The Sydney team will review those as they come in

Agree, I just think someone should look into how the initial list can be so far off of what myself and other users are able to quickly find.

S: we published what we received. It would be really cool if a few members in the community could create an initial list - I would be happy to use that too as a first list but that depends on whether you guys want to dedicate some time to doing this. If you can collaborate with a few willing community members and supply a list that would be amazing. We could use that list and compare with our internal list which would hopefully result in a more accurate list and less upset people

I did the challenge directly in the Twitter post, not on discord. Do you think I will be considered?

S: please email the challenge to so the team can review in one place

Will they reply on the mails ? so we know if they received the challenge ?

S: if it doesn't bounce back it's been received

I am so impressed with the progress you have made and continue to make. Keep up the good work! Don't let the haters get to you.

S: thank you. We are going to start the dev vlog videos again and publish more regularly. I find these videos very interesting, hope everyone else does too when they're published

Any hint on when the next video will be out?

S: over the next 7 days it will be published. I just need to release another video first about E2's pledge to build a system that will help E1

Hiring in any industry now is hard. They are calling it the great resignation

S: it is incredibly difficult

Any hints on when other new countries are opening because it is very hard to keep looking at the locked countries every second.

S: won't be another until next week I think.

We really need some gameplay and updates to reignite the fire under E2. I feel like it's become stagnant. Hope we get some good updates soon.

S: we have a lot of gameplay coming but we need our foundation first .. we have provided a road map people can review. We have a few more features to release this year and the Resource Validation period as we build toward releasing our 3D world, then we can ramp up with a lot more game play

Your setting up 6 months of people arguing about where resources are... most of us just want to see any resources generate anywhere

S: I disagree. Many Players researched and bought land where they thought resources exist on E1. If we just place resources anywhere then there would be thousands of upset players. We're honoring our promise and creating a system that gives the Player the opportunity to report and for others to validate with rewards. I don't see what is wrong with us honoring this promise

When will T1 land spawn better jewels than T2 land. YOU said that long time ago and it's still not happening. It was supposed to happen within a week. Fourth time i ask this now.

S: I will ask the dev team about this. I was under the impression it had been resolved. I remember asking them multiple times

I'm saying this is total mismanagement by disregarding the work of your CMs. I'm sure the users will be more than happy to help. But right now you are trying to outsources the egg hunt task to us users. What's really happening in the company ? Don't we have talented individuals to sort a simple egg hunt result ? I'm WORRIED. If you were really bothered and open to suggestions from users, then " folders" " LIT calculator" and other requested features would have been implemented by now.

S: I am not trying to. Someone suggested it and I welcomed the suggestion. Why twist my words? and we have talented individuals working on much bigger problems such as streaming a digital 3D world based on real world data and is the same size as the real world. Perfectly matching tile locations, being able to see megacities from space .. you know .. all that type of stuff

Megacities from space ?

yes - this is not easy

Just use google earth

S: watch our first dev vlog video coming out over the next week. We talk about why we can't just use google earth or satellite images

So many people worried about some free eggs that are intended as a fun game to interact with... lets focus on the more important things and let Shane do his work so we can see a whitepaper soon!! @Shane keep up the good work buddy. Of course mistakes happen and people who were supposed to get an egg can be upset, but no reason for people to panic like we are seeing now

S: thank you. I cancelled a meeting and jumped in here to try and calm people down. The egg hunt really is just something to add a challenge to announcements

One last question, other than buggy and drone what vehicles can we look forward to ?

S: flying cars, spaceships etc..

Pirate ships?

S: you could actually create a pirate ship with the Droid Editor

3D graphics, crypto, or eco sim ... progress on any of those is all that matters

S: yes, and 2022 is bringing you all of that. Just let us focus on doing our thing. We're solving complicated problems and we want all 3 to be as perfect as possible

Any words about the new social media platform? will it overcome Discord? can't wait

S: not sure that it will replace our existing socials immediately but over time new features will bring new options

Shane any update on the new CMs ?

S: we're not ready to announce anything yet

E2 website is not a reliable source of information

S: that's why we're working on a big update to the landing page

If you could release every thing you are working on right now how close would we be to a playable game

S: if everything we are working on now then yes, we'd have a playable game. These things take time but. We're trying not to rush things

Though your competitors had several years to make a product before dealing with the public do you guys feel the pressure with our constant engagement?

S: of course we do! If you compare us with other smaller scale metaverse projects (that have been extremely successful - i.e Sandbox, Decentraland etc). We're actually making faster progress but we're being hounded publicly for it .. it's a lot of stress

Do you know what the criteria for Megacity verification will be yet please?

S: at first it will be simply by submission and our team will validate

I guess what most people want to know is would class tiles still be obtainable or it is limited to just what we have presently at the moment?

S: we are still working on that part so I cannot answer yet. T1, T2 etc are worked out. We just need to figure out what to do with Classes in T1

Its highly likely that countries that didn't have c1 yet will be c1 when upgraded from c2

S: yes, this is what we're leaning toward

eta on property upgrades? (t2->t1). in 2022? or later

S: 2022 for sure. It will be one of the utilities for Essence

Will it be based on which property was bought first in the country, or based on which property gets upgraded first. this could cause a rush for t2 upgrades in these countries

S: upgraded first if there are any Class benefits (IF - I am not promising yet)

Oh so you mean its possible upgrading a t2 to a t1 it doesnt carry the benefits of classes 1-5? like what you referred in the past base tile. maybe this could be base t1 land? bellow classes but above t2? (trying to make clear sorry)

S: I can't confirm yet. We are leaning toward a class still but I can't confirm one way or the other right now

Please fix the profile error and reward the Essence damage!!!!!!

S: I am not sure what this is but our team release fixes every 2 weeks or so

Will there ever be a point where there is free tiles for people that do not want to pay to play. but to enjoy the other stuff people have built?

S: the standard player can enjoy experiences. Other players that want to play to earn will have ways of owning things inside of E2 through their play to earn

Facebook's ad revenue has been limited because of Apple's custom ad restrictions. So Facebook is making a meta. Does Earth 2 run on iOS or Android? Or is it itself an operating system like a meta? I wonder if there is a workaround for limiting the ad tracking feature

S: we will have our own 3D planet the size of this Earth

How much are you putting into the liquidity pool when we are on a DEX (uniswap) because its an ERC 20 coin

S: we are not confirming these details yet I'm sorry

Shane opinion on owning pets in E2

S: I would want one .. we'll have Droids first

Through Facebook we can see the advertising campaigns on Facebook. They are almost always the same ... could you advertise holo-buildings, megacities, jewels, essence and attract new users?

S: yes, we do plan to update the ads in the near future

Maybe I missed your answer, but what about promised essence compensation for countries opened and then locked?

S: this is something we want to calculate correctly. Please bear with us

Is the game going to be limited to just planet earth and will be be able to do anything in the upper atmosphere or even space?

S: no and yes

Have we currently reached 500k accounts on E2 ? more or less?

S: More

Are you worried about how Microsoft and meta might come out with there own version of the metaverse. or do you think they are watching how sandbox ,decentralized land and earth2 plays out before they try to make their own ?
S: if I spent my time worrying about these things we wouldn't be building our own thing. Those big corporations are going to do what they are going to do. I want to create a metaverse that is owned by the players and I don't think they will ever (or can ever) go for that option .. so I'm happy with what our end goal is and going to continue focusing on product

Why is there a limit of 750 tiles (for new openings) but not a limit on the number of "second" accounts?

S: to be honest, we couldn't block second accounts due to tile art creators. We will work out a long term solution for it but I at least wanted to provide you with a reason why

2 accounts each - or ability to change flags on specific owned tiles!?

S: right - but we didn't have time to work in that feature as we had other things to build / fix

Shane excuses himself to call it a night

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