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Progress Update on Resources

Dear Earth 2 Players,

We hope all is well. Many of our Players have been waiting patiently for Resources to become detectable on Earth 2 and we would like to provide an update on its progress. This update will include details on how the location of Resources will be determined and an indication on what to expect in the lead up to Resources going live.

Resources will become a key part of our EcoSim, which is a critical component of the entire Earth 2 Metaverse and how it functions at an operational level. Trade is a big word which encompasses many things and just like in the real world where most things revolve around trade, so will the EcoSim, and Resources are going to play a massive part in setting the foundations of what we feel will grow into a system of global digital trade with supply, demand and prices being determined by secondary markets. We believe that over time this will ultimately create additional extrinsic value to creations and digitals assets inside, or even associated with, Earth 2.

The basis of our Metaverse is the use of real-world geolocations which provide a familiar link between the virtual and physical reality. Accurately creating this link between the two realities is a highly involved process and something we feel strongly about getting right. Anyone could simply drop random resources onto a map and say ‘voila’, but we have taken our time to meticulously gather and compile extensive real world physical data of resource locations from multiple trusted data sources and programmatically process that data into the virtual land on Earth 2 at a global scale.

But what about if the Earth 2 Resource data doesn’t show the Resources I think I have on my land?

Interaction and collaboration with our Earth 2 Player Community is extremely important to us and as we move toward the decentralisation of Earth 2, we are constantly looking at ways to involve the community in decisions and processes that are important to creating the foundations of what Earth 2 is and what it will become. Therefore, we are presently building a method for our community to manually claim the presence of Resources on their properties should it be missed inside the initial Earth 2 Resource data set.

The purpose of this feature is motivation toward the pursuit of truth and less so for the pursuit of personal gain, however, there will be rewards for Players who accurately report or validate manual claims when the time comes.

Many Earth 2 features released to date are in fact building blocks, or stepping stones, toward bigger features we plan to release in the future that play part of a bigger picture and Earth 2 Player Resource Validation (E2PRV) is one such example.

If Earth 2 Resource data misses a resource a Player feels they have on their property, E2PRV will serve an initial purpose of allowing Players to report the absence of that resource and give other Players the opportunity to validate whether the report is accurate or not. Players who report correctly will receive that resource on their property and Players who validate a correct report will be rewarded with a bonus, yet to be announced, but it will most probably include Essence.

The E2PRV will be limited to a certain period of time, most likely three months, after which Earth 2’s core Resource locations on owned land will be set. Land Owners who wish to report a Resource they believe is on their property will need to supply proof of its existence, as well as pay a “Protective Fee” for each claim and validation made during this period. This will help validators assess their own position and whether they should support your claim or not. The fee will be refunded in full when a claim is successful and exists for the purpose of eliminating unnecessary spam claims so that legitimate claims can be fast-tracked and verified quickly.

A mapping interface for this feature will allow the community to manage and monitor claims in progress (including those rejected and approved) across the globe. Successful claims will be published on that interface and colour-coded according to the type of Resource. Users will also have the ability to vote on open claims if there is particular interest in a certain location or type of Resource. While this will not automatically authenticate the claim, it will help our team to focus efforts on claims that are of higher priority.

Once completed successfully, our plan is to expand E2PVR into other staking, validation and voting systems driven by the community. We are also excited to announce that it is our long term goal to decentralise key Resources from Earth 2 as individual tokens or NFTs, adding a whole new layer of gameplay and Player determined pricing, supply and demand. As with Essence, there will be an extended period in which Resources will operate centralised inside of Earth 2, providing us with important data to determine and refine the metrics.

We are now in the process of final data checks and the integration of this global Resource data has, so far, been a major procedural and technical undertaking and something that we are working through as effectively as possible. We are looking forward to seeing you reporting and validating Resources on your land by Q2, 2022!

The purpose of this announcement is to provide an update to the Earth 2 Community. Further details and exact processes will be released before the E2PRV goes live.

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