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The Rewind - Week Ending April 9th

"REWIND" by nubui is licensed with CC BY-SA 2.0.

The week started off with the Easter Egg Hunt on Saturday and while it was a generally favorable reaction there were some mixed reviews as some users complained about initial poor video quality and the method of which found eggs were to be reported.

There were some exciting things to be found in the video including buildings emerging from the ground. At the end of the video, it was stated that buildings would be customizable by users. Shane and Nathaniel both took to Discord after the Hunt and shared some thoughts and answered questions - Read the transcript announced their Osterfest winner and it was none other than a person most are familiar with as she's #1 on the leaderboard for - Predict. See her tile art and read more about Osterfest.

There were two main "dramas" so to speak in the Earth 2 community this week. The first was Premium Marketplace services and whether they were good or bad for the game. Opinions vary wildly on this, but we address the subject in this article: Premium Marketplace Services: Good or Bad?

Not so much drama, although others would argue that it perhaps is, E2THEBOSS received a partial payout that had many questioning - why only a partial payment? Read about the payment: E2THEBOSS Gets Paid

While there was no official Shane announcement after the Hunt concluded, he did tweet out a bit of an announcement:

So looks like Essence and EPL very SHOON!!

We looked into the possibility of the official EPL being the .me extension - read more about that here: Earth2 Official EPL Potentially Leaked

Last, but certainly not least, was the emergence of a big-time player on the Earth 2 Marketplace as someone going by the name The Real Joker made some jaw-dropping purchases. We conducted a brief interview with the cartoon villain turned virtual real estate mogul that we'll have posted first thing Saturday morning so make sure to tune into that. To find out more though, read "Do I Really Look Like a Guy With a Plan?" and listen to the My Name is Human Podcast "Buying the Arkham Asylum"

That's the Rewind for this week. We'll catch you on the flip side!

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