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E2THEBOSS GETS PAID! (but only partially)

He once stood atop the leaderboards before deciding to sell all his properties and get out. He's known as E2THEBOSS, and the slightly controversial figure has been waiting a six-figure payout for nearly two months.

Just moments ago, he confirmed to that he has received a payout, not of the full amount requested, but instead for $36,000. According to E2THEBOSS, the remainder will be sent in the near future.

The withdrawal was done with the recently revamped credit card withdrawal system and while E2THEBOSS is happy to have received the funds, he still has questions as to why they didn't send all of it.

"Why not just send the whole amount?"

That's a good question. A good question indeed.

"Lots Of Money" by infomatique is licensed with CC BY-SA 2.0.

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