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E2.News Osterfest Winner Announced

E2.News hopes you all had some great time with your families celebrating Easter. And we wish everyone all the best as the #Earth2EggHunt results get announced in the next few days by E2 team.

Meanwhile, we had some great fun at our end too in seeing some great entries for the Easter Carnival - Osterfest (Earth2’s first Carnival) – presented by E2.News

The most popular entry was that of – Predict. As if she needed more tiles! Congratulations! She wins a free stall at the Osterfest (you can of course buy your own stall (tile) at the link shared later in this article). There were some other popular entries too by – Cerulean Ice, Catin Borderlands, and Lorenzo.

Easter Egg Art in Omega City by Predict Omega city discord (

But wait, we had Thomas jump in the fun too when he announced the below:

Some of the egg-work submitted is shown below, of which Thomas had the honor of picking one for his profile pic. He picked the 3rd one – the Thegg sent in by Seike. True to his word Thomas has already updated his profile pic.

We hope all had fun and we thank everyone whoever participated in Osterfest and the Thegg. is committed to bring the fun side and we plan to do several such activities, join our official discord to keep updated.

Pomerode in Brazil, is where they celebrate the Osterfest - arguably one of the most ‘stylish’ ways to celebrate the Easter, and is home to TWO Guinness World records w.r.t. Easter celebrations.

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