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The Rewind - Week Ending April 2nd

The Rewind is going to be a weekly article from here on out recapping the big events and highlighting some of our more prominent articles.

"REWIND" by nubui is licensed with CC BY-SA 2.0. deal with customer service agency 5CA announced. We first brought this news to readers late last week and Earth2 founder Shane Isaac made it official yesterday with an announcement on the main Discord server. The key point about the arrangement was this:

"5CA will manage the Zendesk, Knowledge Base and front-line support with a team that will be able to scale as rapidly as Earth 2’s customer base does. The goal is to create a future-proof support environment that includes community and payment support in the near future too. "

Soon after it was announced that the Easter Egg hunt would be delayed to this weekend because the site was working on the credit card withdrawal system. It was only a day later when announced that it was live and Shane would confirm that a few minutes later. While there are still some hiccups with the system (read about the system in depth at the Shane Isaac Discord Chat), it has been successful for a number of people and is a huge step in the right direction for the start up.

"1960s Advertising - Magazine Ad - Monroe (USA)" by ChowKaiDeng is licensed with CC BY-NC 2.0.

The Easter Egg Hunt countdown officially launched yesterday with the Earth 2 team announcing that there would be released on the Earth2 YouTube channel and that it would get underway late Saturday afternoon (USA time). On the notes for the upcoming show, it was stated that there will be a teaser what tiles might look like in Phase 3 and that you would need a Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter account to participate (thankfully no Discord).

The final instructions for the Egg Hunt will display at the end of the video.

Some other interesting tidbits from the week:

-- Ads and promos almost here - with a benefit to Earth2 users.

-- The Osterfest was announced with prizes for the best decorated eggs.

-- thehazyone asked the question "Does Earth2 Need Villains"

Also Earth2 Meta joined the boys on the My Name is Human podcast for a long talk about the economics of the game and how it might play out. They also featured an into song from Earth2's own Oliver Jones. Give it a listen now to see how amazing it is!

That's it for this week's Rewind. We'll be back here next week with more up-to-date Earth 2 news.

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