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Easter Eggs Delayed. Credit Card Withdrawals Soon.

As usual, founder Shane Isaac kept his word and made an announcement this week. To some chagrin, however, it wasn't all good news as he shared that the much awaited Easter Egg hunt would be delayed until the following weekend (not so ironically Easter weekend).

The reason for the delay, according to Shane, was the intense focus the Earth2 team had on getting credit card withdrawals up and running.

"Our plans were to launch the first Earth 2 Easter Egg hunt this weekend 'in style' by way of a new Earth 2 video but we are still heavily focused on delivering CC withdrawals and had we launched the hunt this weekend it would not have received our full attention."

Some more details were released about the upcoming hunt:

-- it will start with the release of a video with a "aimed" release date of April 3rd.

-- the video will be premiered on YouTube (live) with directions at the end of the video about the remaining critical rules of the hunt and how it will work. The reason for doing it this way is to ensure everyone has the opportunity to receive the information at the same time.

-- the event is "very" time sensitive, so those watching the video live will have an advantage.

-- the method for determining the winners will be via a social media platform (yet to be determined)

-- the E$ received from finding an Easter Egg must be spent on purchasing land or upcoming virtual items that will be coming to Earth 2

-- in the future, winners will be able to display the Egg on their profile page and also be given an NFT version of the Egg.

A couple key points to be taken away from that. The obvious one is the fact that the winners will be given an NFT version of the Egg. While there will be no immediate value for the Egg (it's separate from the actual Egg itself), the obvious value if takes off will be immense and worth much more than the actual Egg itself. The second thing is the sly reference of "upcoming virtual items" that will be coming. Speculation is sure to start on what these items will be. Post in the comments below if you have any thoughts.

As for the credit card withdrawal, this is what Shane had to say:

CC withdrawals are our top priority at present as once this core feature goes live we would like to officially dedicate the whole following week to processing as many CC withdrawal requests as possible in order to speed up some backlog for users waiting so patiently. We are working hard to deliver CC payouts live ASAP (hopefully this weekend) and we cannot wait to make that announcement!

"Credit Cards" by Sean MacEntee is licensed with CC BY 2.0.

Many in the Discord chat after the announcement applauded the decision to make this a priority as it is certainly one of the biggest issues casting a black cloud of the future of Time will tell if this turns the cloud into a bright, sunny day.

While you wait for the official Easter Egg Hunt, read the details and check out the E2.News Osterfest Celebration.

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