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South Korean Gov investing in Earth 2?

It has been revealed today that the South Korean Government, as part of their Metaverse investment, may be putting money into Earth 2 (or other similar platforms).

As listed on an official document, they show Earth 2 as an example of a 'digital asset, virtual space and trading' platform alongside Decentraland and The Sandbox. (Translated via Google Translate - apologies for formatting errors)

Find the PDF here:

Deputy Prime Minister Hong Nam-ki said, "This year, we will invest 556 billion South Korean won (~$500 million) in finance to foster the Metaverse."

According to the official press release, South Korea will be working with 220 metaverse companies to create a “metaverse academy” and later produce 40,000 trained metaverse professionals by 2026 to take lead in the given domain. This could include Earth 2.

Multiple other large content creators and news providers have recently produced videos on Earth 2 such as and Korea Business News. The latter published a full interview, referencing some often overlooked aspects of Earth 2. We highly suggest you watch it.

Many thanks to @GAMEXHOSTILE for providing valuable information and screenshots.

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