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Earth 2 Whitepaper Summary

Updated: Jul 1

Earth 2 released its much awaited Whitepaper today. While it's a 33 page document we have summarized below the most important parts and focus areas

Ambition, Goal & Status:-

  • 1:1 scale 3D Digital replica of Earth

  • Long term approach and focus on sustainability

  • 100% self sufficient with no external funding

  • E2V1 will be the first version of a playable, multiplayer 3D world, featuring multiple biomes, (250 biomes will be initially supported). Biomes are large regions based on climate patterns, vegetation, wildlife, and soil types.

  • E2V1 will be first released on PC, however long-term goals include AR and support for VR

Current Stats of the Platform

Land - The ultimate asset:-

Earth 2 recognizes land as the origination of most utility inside the platform. Thus below mechanics will govern land on Earth 2

  • Supply cap of 250 million T1 and T2 tiles

  • 225 million being directly purchasable as new land and 25 million T2 tile positions reserved for T3 upgrades.

  • There will be an unlimited supply for T3 tiles so new Players can always build in new areas and have an opportunity to attract uncollected E-ther.

  •  Read about Land Tiers HERE

The EcoSim:-

  • Starts with land but ends with everything else - advanced buildings or various items.

  • Land can detect Resource occurrence units which can be converted to produce raw materials to be used for producing building blocks and advanced technology.

  • Work and resources will be required as core components to produce an item to give it initial value.

  • Thus on Earth 2, almost every item will have either been discovered, crafted or a byproduct of the EcoSim.

  • All of these items will be tradeable between Players for either E$ (pegged USD) or Essence.


  • Ether is generated by land inside Earth 2, detected by a Mentar built on that land by the user (Mentar is free to build via Mentar Quest)

  • Ether is claimable for 24 hours post which it becomes unstable or raidable by other users.

  • Unlike the presently allowed Ether storage, in future, players will need to transform ether within a set time limit, which will be defined at some point in Future.

  • The Base spawn rate is that of T2 land spawn rate. All multipliers will reference this basic spawn rate.


  • An ERC-20 utility token on the Ethereum blockchain.

  • Essence will be required to power almost everything inside the Earth 2 platform (buildings, cydroids, vehicles, cities, devices, etc.)

  • Mentioned use cases of Essence:-

    • Used to power objects, which equates to 'direct staking'

    • Staking Essence to generate Raw Materials to build and trade items

    • Supercharge Production: Supercharging will burn 50% of Essence employed in such activity.

  • Essence in future may also be used directly to trade items (similar to E$)

  • Adaptive value:- Essence value will be externally determined and hence the cost of certain activities inside the platform will therefore vary in Essence terms basis its external value.


  • Tier 1 Jewels will be capped at150,000,000.

  • Jewel detection and collection on Player owned properties will be capped at 125,000,000 and the remaining 25,000,000 being discoverable or earnable inside E2V1.

  • Higher Tier Jewels can be crafted

  • Main use case of Jewels is:- Slotting on land to boost Ether, Slotting Cydroids to unlock raiding boosts, Role in Resource Replication and Discovery and within the general EcoSim.

Land Upgrades:-

  • Land on Earth 2 is divided in 3 Tiers - Tier 1 through Tier 3 (read about Land Tiers HERE)

  • Players can upgrade Land tiers using Essence or a combination of Essence and various Energies (Red, Blue, Yellow, Green)

  • Amount of Essence/ Energy required will be dynamic depending on the New Land Price ('NLP' in that country/region) and external traded value of Essence

  • Special Campaign:- First 25,000 thousand T2 to T1 tile upgrades in each of the 5 methods (Essence alone, Essence + Red Energy, Essence + Yellow Energy, Essence + Blue energy and Essence + Green energy) in each country will receive a permanent boosted base E-ther spawn for what will be a Tier 1 Special property (5x more than a normal T2 property, slightly higher than a normal T1 w/o EDC, but still significantly lesser than a T1 + EDC property)

  • Land Upgrades will dynamically impact NLP, since the NLP is determined by an algorithm that takes into account the outstanding tiles in that particular land tier in a specific country (T1/T2)/ region (T3).

  • 50% of essence used towards land upgrades will be permanently burnt while other 50% will go to Earth 2 Treasury.


  • Cydroids can only be built on Tier 1 & Tier 2 land, while Tier 3 land can host them. Cydroids on a particular property are then said to be 'tethered' to it, which means they will work for that particular property.

  • Each Gen 1 Cydroid costs 2.5 Essence to build and 5 Essence (recoupable on depower) to power

  • Only 5 million Gen 1 Cydroids will be allowed to be built.

  • Gen 1 Cydroids can raid ether from inactive properties.

  • Each Cydroid has a prospecting jewel which can be fused into it, which grants it prospecting abilities i.e. resource gathering abilities for the EcoSim.


  • Civilians help automate tasks such as raiding.

  • There are currently 3 types of civilians - E-ther Reckoner (dispenses ether), the Cydroid Technician (charges Cydroids) and the Raid Commander (sends raids).

  • Each of these are capped at 500,000 max supply.

  • Civilians require Red Energy (RE) to sustain themselves. Red energy is obtained via conflict-type activities such as executing successful raids on other Player’s properties.

  • First gen civilians need 1 RE per week to sustain.

  • Civilians get faster at their tasks as they level up by gaining XP. 0.01 dispensed ether = 1 XP. this XP is evenly distributed among each civilian on the said property where ether is dispensed brought back by tethered Cydroids.

E2V1 Mini-Games:-

  • Earth 2 is testing a few minigames with the intention to release them once E2V1 (3D world) comes.

  • Earth 2 recently demonstrated its multiplayer system, and the ability to hold multiple avatars concurrently within a shared environment.

  • Mini-games will have a lobby system in which Players can enter via close proximity to a Mentar then search and wait for mini-games to start. Upon initiation the avatar will teleport to that location and the game will commence.

  • Land owners gradually will be able to build their own mini-games with varying mechanics as they get introduced by the Earth 2 team.


  • Advertisements can be served to players waiting for mini-games in the lobby.

  • To broadcast ads, users will need to craft broadcasting devices from the Resources (using Occurrence Units)

  • Broadcasting devices require Essence to power them. Once powered, additional essence will be needed at a determined ratio (depending on its level of efficiency) to deliver ads. Essence is only consumed based on the fiat value profit being made on the ad delivered.

  • Broadcasting Devices levels of efficiency will depend on the Discovery Tier level of the Resource Occurrence Units used to craft the device. The higher the Discovery Tier level the more efficient it is at broadcasting and the less Essence required to power the device and deliver the ads.

  • As with land upgrades, 50% of Essence used for broadcasting will be permanently burnt while 50% will go to the treasury

Essence Tokenomics

  • Essence will become a utility ERC-20 token on the Layer-1 Ethereum blockchain.

  • Supply Cap:- 1 billion

  • Essence Treasury:-

    • Essence Treasury provides Earth 2 funds in form of Essence to fund the project.

    • Each time a token is mined a smaller amount spawns in treasury.

    • Essence burn activities like land upgrades or broadcasting also send some Essence to the Treasury.

  • Halving events (Disinflationary):-

    • When essence supply (Mined + unlocked) reaches 500 million, 750 million and 875 million tokens. At each halving event, the E-ther spawn rate, or minable E-ther, for each respective land tier type will reduce by 50%.

  • Ether to Essence transform ratio will remain at 6.5%.

  • Deflationary:- Via burn mechanisms - e,g:- land upgrades, broadcasting system, etc.

Token listing and flow:-

  • Players will require to connect their Metamask wallet to their Earth 2 account.

  • To connect their wallet, users will have to have 2FA enabled on their E2 accounts.

  • To move Essence to Metamask users will have to confirm their 2FA code

  • Token out-flow:-

    • To begin, all Essence tokens will be stored in the default wallet for the ecosystem. Essence in this default wallet can be used in-platform without any gas transfer fees. For security, this will be a multi-sig wallet.

    • Players will be able to request transfer from this default wallet to Metamask wallets.

    • This request will be batched and reviewed by our accounting team to ensure the Player withdrawing the tokens has acquired them legitimately and to perform other security spot checks in the best interest of the Earth 2 Players and platform.

    • This request will be batched and reviewed by our accounting team to ensure the Player withdrawing the tokens has acquired them legitimately and to perform other security spot checks in the best interest of the Earth 2 Players and platform.

    • Attempting to process illegitimate withdrawal transactions run the risk of an account freeze.

  • Token in-flow

    • Players can simply send the tokens from the wallet they have successfully connected to their Earth 2 account to the main default wallet for the ecosystem

  • Exchange:- UniSwap DEX

  • Timing:- Late April/ May

  • Liquidity Pool:- None (intended to build sustainability)

  • Listing Supply:- ~300 million (200 million users + 100 million Earth 2 treasury)

Token allocation:- 65% mined from land (including raided), 25% Treasury (funds used by Earth 2 towards development, marketing, future liquidity pools, paying advisors/team/MODs), and 10% P2E/ Rewards (staking opportunities, Yellow energy Rewards, Air Drops, Sponsorships, and other activities)

Roadmap:- PRESENT - TILL NOW:-


The FULL Whitepaper can be downloaded HERE

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