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Earth 2 launches Yellow Energy rewards for Content Creators

A quiet release of a new feature, which is pending an announcement, has generated a sense of excitement among the Earth 2 platform users. Yellow Energy (YE), is the latest addition within the expanding set of in-platform resource tokens on the Earth 2 Metaverse. It follows the Red Energy (RE), which was released a few months earlier, although both are a bit different. While Red Energy can be gained by any user via raiding (a particular gameplay mechanism on Earth2), Yellow Energy is reserved for content creators. Both Yellow Energy and Red Energy may have some common utility with respect to land upgrades.


Shane Isaac, CEO Earth2, has often talked about his plan to build a mechanism within Earth 2 which rewards content creators as a form of appreciation for the time and effort put in to create meaningful content that engages and helps the Earth2 community. Yellow Energy is the manifestation of this reward system, where content creators can earn this resource by submitting the original content pieces that they have posted (or when they post in future) on various public platforms. As per Shane, there may be opportunities to redeem Yellow energy for Essence.

How it works & Staking 3.0

To earn Yellow energy content creators need to create a submission with a link referencing their content and a short description. Other users can choose to back these claims by staking Essence. The submissions then need to pass a validation by Earth 2 team to determine if the submission confirms to the requirements (see below picture).

The content submissions section can be found in the Main Dropdown Menu

For each successful submission the content creators will be awarded some Yellow Energy. Each successful submission adds to the Yellow Energy experience points. As these experience points add up higher Titles are unlocked - higher the title the higher the multiplier applied for the experience points, which allow even more Yellow energy gain per successful submission.

The users who back a successful Yellow Energy submission receive an essence reward (unknown yet) plus their original staked essence is returned. Failed submissions incur a 20% deduction on the staked essence. The successful submission reward will vary depending on how the submitted content compares to the review criteria as determined by the Earth 2 team, including variables such as effort, reach, and the quality of content itself.

There are also some guiding comments from Shane which should be paid attention to by users planning to stake before the Yellow energy article is released by Earth 2.

YE may be useful for land upgrades as well!

Content creators could plan their submission well

Older content pieces from long ago are fine as well and may qualify

Submitting simple retweets or comments are best avoided. YE is intended for actual content creators

E2News advises users to exercise caution while staking on these claims, and more so since the quantum of the reward is not yet known. We suggest waiting for the official article as well.

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